Chapter 1363: Godmother

Chu Tiange shook his head in response. "I should be the one apologizing to you. His Majesty insisted that I use the Vajra Bracelet, so I had no choice. If the opportunity arises in the future, I would love to face your spear techniques again. I'm honored to have been defeated by the Divine Atlas Spear today. I always wished that I could become powerful enough to challenge the Divine Atlas Spear one day, but after the Atlas Douluo became the undisputed most powerful Soul Master in the world, I knew that I would no longer get the chance to fulfill that wish. Who would've thought that I'd get to face the Divine Atlas Spear under these circumstances? I really must thank you for this opportunity."

Tang Wulin smiled in response. "You're far too kind; I would also love to face your sword techniques again should the opportunity arise."

It would definitely be immensely beneficial for him to be able to spar with such an exceptional master swordsman. As was the case with both Chu Tiange and Huang Zhengyang, Tang Wulin really hoped that he could make them regular sparring partners of his.

He had won another battle, which extended his streak to four consecutive victories; he couldn't help but wonder what Dai Tianling thought about this.

The final match was going to be held the next day, and he was going to face the most powerful being in the Star Luo Empire.

The outcome was no longer important; he had already won more than enough glory for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. What was most important to him now was to enjoy the process of competing.

With that in mind, a faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he was filled with anticipation toward the upcoming match.

Following Chu Tiange's departure, the Holy Spirit Douluo approached Tang Wulin before giving him a gentle hug. "Thank you."

Tang Wulin sighed, "I should be the one thanking you, Your Majesty, Without the pavilion master's sacrifice, I wouldn't even be standing here."

Yali wiped away her tears as she gently shook her head. "Even if he had another chance to do everything again, he would definitely still make the same choice, and I still wouldn't be able to save him. I knew that if I had called out to him, perhaps I would've been able to influence his decision, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. In Shrek Academy, the teachers can die, but the students must live on; that is the most important rule of the academy. The teachers will protect the students with their lives at all times because you are the future of Shrek Academy and the entire continent."

Tears instantly welled up in Tang Wulin's eyes upon hearing this.

Indeed, even in the face of the terrifying disaster brought about by the Godslayer missile, so many students from both the inner court and outer court had survived, but almost all of the teachers had perished.

The Holy Spirit Douluo wasn't just speaking empty words; they were backed up by reality!

Tang Wulin took a deep breath before replying in an earnest voice, "Your Majesty, we'll be sure to continue the legacy of Shrek Academy; we'll also protect all of the academy's future students with our lives and ensure that the radiance of Shrek Academy is never snuffed out."

Yali gently laid a hand on Tang Wulin's cheek. "Don't call me Your Majesty; call me Aunt Yali. Yun Ming and I never had a child, and we saw Na'er as our daughter, but she's since disappeared. In the instant that you raised the Divine Atlas Spear and displayed its glory to the world again, I already saw you as my child."

A sense of warmth suddenly welled up in Tang Wulin's heart. "No, I don't want to call you Aunt Yali. My parents are no longer around; will you be my godmother?"

Yali faltered slightly upon hearing this before tears began to flow down her face again.

This wasn't because she was very emotionally brittle and fragile; it was just that she was already struggling to control her emotions after seeing the Divine Atlas Spear, and Tang Wulin's words had tipped her over the edge again.

She and Yun Ming had both been very fond of Na'er, and due to the fact that she was unable to bear children, they had expressed the desire to adopt Na'er as their daughter on multiple occasions. However, Na'er turned them down in a euphemistic manner each time, and she and Yun Ming naturally couldn't force the issue.

Not having a child had always pained Yali greatly, and she had always been racked by guilt over her inability to bear a child for Yun Ming. As such, Tang Wulin's words had truly touched the deepest part of her soul.

Tang Wulin took two steps backward before falling to his knees before Yali, then kowtowed to her thrice in succession.


Yali's emotions instantly spilled over, and she strode forward and enveloped Tang Wulin in a tight hug as she sobbed into his shoulder.

Ever since Yun Ming had passed away, she had been nothing more than a soulless husk. If it weren't for her desire to witness the revival of Shrek Academy, she would've already followed Yun Ming to the other side.

She hadn't been repressing her emotions; her heart had died with Yun Ming, so she couldn't even muster up any emotions. It wasn't that she didn't want to cry; she was simply unable to.

She was still alive, but she was nothing more than a dead husk.

Tang Wulin's cry of mother had dragged her back from the depths of her despair and injected hope into her life once again, so how could she control her emotions?

The Holy Spirit Douluo wasn't the only one with tears streaming down her face; there was a gorgeous figure outside who was also sobbing silently into her own hand.

She really wanted to call Yali mother as well, but she couldn't.

Gu Yuena was doing everything in her power to repress her sobs as she quickly rushed away. She didn't dare to remain here any longer as she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to control her own emotions. The pain in her heart was no less grueling than that of Yali. Tang Wulin stood in Yali's tight embrace, and tears also began to flow down his face as he listened to Yali's emotional sobs.

He could always sense that Yali had been dead on the inside, and he didn't know how to reawaken the vitality that had been suppressed within her.

Just now, he had been overcome by emotions and spoken his heart, and he was very glad that he had done so. The fact that Yali was able to cry meant that her vitality and emotions had finally returned! What could be better news than that?

As Yali sobbed into Tang Wulin's shoulder, her aura began to transform. The dead knot in her heart had been untied, and her emotions, soul power, and spiritual power were all fluctuating violently.

A series of images began to appear around her, depicting her story with Yun Ming. There were scenes of them as a young couple walking hand-in-hand, there were images of them exploring the entire Douluo Star, and there were images depicting them soaring over the ocean.

The surrounding area suddenly dimmed, and Tang Wulin was surprised to discover that he seemed to have arrived in a holy white world.

Countless clear angelic voices joined together in a holy choir around him, and he felt as if his soul were being cleansed.

The images around them began to expand, and holy fluctuations surged through the air, instantly eradicating all of his exhaustion and negative emotions.

The angelic voices became clearer and clearer, and the surrounding white world began to expand. Tang Wulin felt as if he were standing in the heavens while all of the life forms in the world below were looking up at them.

A holy angel that was identical to Yali descended from above. The angel spread open her eight wings and gently flapped them, sending one holy halo after another proliferating outward in all directions.

In that instant, everything was cleansed and elevated, and it was a completely indescribable yet touching sensation.

It was as if a shimmering golden gate that led to another world had appeared in the sky. 

Yali gently flapped her eight wings, and her eyes were filled with warmth and compassion. The eight wings folded around Tang Wulin, and amid the holy energy that had enveloped his body, Tang Wulin could hear her voice. "I'll protect you for the rest of my life, my child. Brother Ming, do you see this? We have a child now!"

She slowly raised her right hand before gently tapping her index finger on Tang Wulin's forehead. Tang Wulin immediately felt as if his mind had erupted into a frenzy, and his enormous reserve of spiritual power was instantly cleansed. The residual effects left behind by his blood dragon transformation instantly vanished, and he felt as if his bones, meridians, dragon core, and soul core had all been cleansed.

This was an extremely comfortable sensation. His soul power hadn't been enhanced, but he could clearly sense that he was somehow different from before.

Unbeknownst to him, this was a Divine Blessing that Yali had bestowed upon him.

The most important effect of the Divine Blessing was its ability to enhance one's aptitude and learning ability. On top of that, Divine Blessing also had a guardian special effect, which was essentially the equivalent of bestowing upon Tang Wulin a second life.

Divine Blessing was something that Yali could only use once in her life, and it could only be activated when she was in her current state.

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