Chapter 1357: Taken Care of?

Of course, all confidence was relative; no matter how confident Tang Wulin, he didn't dare to say that he would definitely be able to defeat his opponent for today. 

With the three consecutive victories he had already chalked up, the Star Luo Empire was definitely going to bring out the most powerful opponent to cut his streak short in this fourth match.

Dai Yun'er cast her gaze toward the rostrum and wondered to herself who was going to be representing the empire in this match. Even as the princess, this information was unavailable to her.

Apparently, Dai Tianling had stayed up very late the night before to discuss this matter with En Ci.

In any case, she was confident that Tang Wulin would win. At this point, her confidence in Tang Wulin was virtually blind and absolute. She was sure that Tang Wulin would be able to overcome any obstacle that stood in his way.

Dai Tianling only arrived at the sports stadium when there were only 10 minutes left until the commencement of the match, and this was the latest that he had arrived for any of the four matches.

He had indeed stayed up very late the night before, and it was truly because the empire couldn't afford to lose anymore. No one could've foreseen that the empire would lose three consecutive matches, and the powers displayed by Tang Wulin had astonished everyone, but even so, he shouldn't have been able to win three consecutive matches!

Zhang Geyang and Tong Yu's defeats could be attributed to extraordinary circumstances, but Huang Zhengyang had lost the first mecha battle purely because he didn't know enough about Tang Wulin and had underestimated him. At the time, Dai Tianling had chosen Huang Zhengyang as opposed to some other mecha pilot with greater combat prowess as he didn't want to embarrass the Tang Sect by crushing Tang Wulin.

However, the empire was now the one that was being thoroughly embarrassed instead, and as the one who had instigated this entire event, Dai Tianling was truly regretting his decision.

As such, he had to ensure that the empire won this match and recovered some of its dignity no matter what. He wasn't concerned about the final battle armor battle. There was no chance that Tang Wulin would be able to defeat En Ci, and even though there was no glory in sending out a Limit Douluo to defeat Tang Wulin, he had no choice.

En Ci was a Limit Douluo and a four-word battle armor master, which meant that he stood at the pinnacle of this world among a very exclusive group of powerful beings. No matter how powerful Tang Wulin was, there was still a massive gulf between them.

He was going to make sure that Tang Wulin was crushed in the final two matches!

Thinking back to the decision that he had made the night before, a faint smile appeared on Dai Tianling's face. Of course, this was a rather sinister smile. Even he felt himself to be a little sly and underhanded, but he had no other choice.

Of course, he didn't actually resent Tang Wulin. Instead, as the Trial of Five Gods progressed, he was becoming fonder and fonder of Tang Wulin. The news that Tong Yu had been saved had allowed him to heave a huge sigh of relief. That was a Limit Douluo, after all!

When he had seen Tong Yu's mental manifestation, his jaw had almost dropped straight onto the ground!

If the Star Luo Empire could have another Limit Douluo, then the overall power of the entire empire would be enhanced significantly.

Aside from its advanced technology, the other fearsome aspect about the Douluo Federation was its sheer number of Limit Douluos. In the federal parliament, Spirit Pagoda, and the military, there were at least five or six Limit Douluos. Not all of them would heed orders from the federation, but the federation definitely held an absolute advantage over the Star Luo Empire in this regard. If the Douluo Federation were to send out their Limit Douluos in a decapitation strike, it would be extremely difficult for the Star Luo Empire to stop them.

Of course, there was an unspoken rule among Limit Douluos that prevented them from directly participating in battles and killing ordinary people unless the situation absolutely demanded it. Otherwise, the world would've been thrown into disarray long ago. Even so, Limit Douluos were still extremely formidable and influential beings, and with an additional Limit Douluo among their ranks, the Star Luo Empire would be bolstered significantly.

As such, after the Tang Sect had saved Tong Yu, he immediately made the decision to grant Tong Yu amnesty and remove all of the restrictions placed on him, particularly the deprivation of his battle armor. After that, he was going to do everything in his power to get a suit of four-word battle armor created for Tong Yu so he could truly become one of the powerful beings who stood at the pinnacle of this world. If that plan could come into fruition, the overall power of the Star Luo Empire would definitely be significantly enhanced, and he wouldn't have to worry about anything with two Limit Douluos protecting him.

On top of that, Tong Yu was a lot younger than En Ci. With the life force of a Limit Douluo, he would be able to support the empire for at least half a century.

The final result of the Trial of Five Gods was going to be three to two in Tang Wulin's favor. He didn't want to accept this outcome, but at this point, he had no choice. There was no alternative for the empire but to agree to the Tang Sect's conditions, but at the very least, if Tang Wulin couldn't secure the victory in the Trial of Five Gods, the empire would be able to save some money. After that, he would have to think of some ways to appease the Tang Sect and improve the relationship between sect and empire.

This Tang Wulin truly had an immeasurable future ahead of him! If only Tang Wulin really were his son-in-law.

With that in mind, Dai Yun'er's proposal suddenly sprang into his mind again, and his mood was immediately soured. Why was Tang Wulin such a stubborn brat?

At this point, there was not a single empty seat to be seen in the sports stadiums, and everyone was spiritedly discussing the upcoming match.

Every single match of the Trial of Five Gods thus far had been extremely spectacular, and even more importantly, the outrageously handsome Sect Master Tang had won three consecutive matches against all odds. He was beating an entire empire on his own! Who wouldn't want a chance to see a heroic figure like him in action?

The Tang Sect had always kept a relatively low profile. Even though they held a very lofty status in the Star Luo Empire and was vastly renowned among the general public, very little was known about its sect master. In fact, very few even knew who the former sect master prior to Tang Wulin was.

In contrast, this new Tang Sect Master has chosen to appear before the Star Luo Empire in such an emphatic fashion. In the eyes of the general public, this was an effort that was being made by the Tang Sect Master to forge stronger relations with the empire. The Tang Sect was an ally to the Star Luo Empire, and the Star Luo Empire had also always viewed the Tang Sect as an important collaborative partner. As such, Tang Wulin's perceived efforts to further strengthen the relationship between sect and empire only served to further enhance his popularity among the general public.

En Ci arrived slightly later than Dai Tianling.

Dai Tianling turned to En Ci with a smile, and asked, "Has everything been taken care of, Teacher?" He was in very high spirits as the empire now had an additional Limit Douluo.

"Rest assured, Your Majesty; everything has been taken care of."

Dai Tianling turned to the Smiling Douluo, who had arrived earlier than both him and En Ci, and said, "There's no need for you to ask Teacher about Tang Wulin's chances in this match; I can tell you that it's next to impossible for him to win. If I had to give a number, then I'd say that we have an approximate 95% chance of winning this match."

The Smiling Douluo raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. "You sound very confident, Your Majesty." He couldn't help but wonder what gave Dai Tianling so much confidence. He clearly recalled that prior to the first match of the Trial of Five Gods, Tang Wulin had told him that the weapons match was the one that he was most confident in.

Based on what he had learned about Tang Wulin during these past few days, he knew that this young sect master of theirs definitely wouldn't make baseless statements like this.

Dai Tianling smiled, and said, "I am indeed quite confident. Your sect master has already won three matches. There were some extraordinary circumstances involved, particularly in yesterday's match, but the fact of the matter is that he's secured three consecutive victories. Even if he loses the final two matches, we're still willing to accept the terms proposed by the Tang Sect, but a 10% price reduction will have to be provided."

The Smiling Douluo was quite elated to hear this. Even though the price had gone down, the collaboration was finally in the bag. In reality, the Tang Sect's bottom line was far lower than this. By saying this, Dai Tianling was agreeing to comply with the Tang Sect's condition, which would prevent them from using the provided weapons in battle unless the situation demanded it.

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