Chapter 1356: He is the Future

During Tang Wulin's battle against the Qilin Douluo, Yali had constantly been on standby, ready to swoop in should Tang Wulin have required her healing abilities.

She was already prepared to intervene when the Five-elemental Divine Arrow had almost pierced through Tang Wulin's head, but everything had happened far too abruptly, and Tang Wulin had also reacted very quickly, so she didn't get a chance to intervene.

During the rest of that battle, Yali had been thoroughly impressed. Her lover had been the most powerful being on the entire continent, and she had been with him for longer than everyone else, so she was very familiar with powerful beings who stood at the pinnacle of the world.

In Tang Wulin, she could see the shadow of Yun Ming. In his youth, Yun Ming had also been constantly improving as Tang Wulin had, and always made breakthroughs against all odds and expectations. He climbed up the ranks over and over again until he finally stood at the pinnacle of the Soul Master world, and became the guiding force of Shrek Academy. The current Tang Wulin reminded her a lot of the Yun Ming of the past. He was always able to do what was impossible to others.

He had forged a resounding reputation for himself during this Trial of Five Gods, and it was undoubtedly the case that he was going to receive a lot of attention from all of the major powers on the three continents.

Currently, the federation was in a very precarious situation. The Spirit Pagoda was colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult, the Tang Sect was being oppressed, Shrek Academy had been destroyed, and the Dove Faction was being dominated by the Eagle Faction. War was imminent, and at a time like this, it was more important than ever for someone from Shrek Academy to step up.

The Heartless Douluo was tied to the Blood God Legion, so he was unable to return. As for the Amorous Douluo, he was more suited to the role of an advisor, and he had always played such a role when he was with the Heartless Douluo. Furthermore, both of them shared the same problem that plagued Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, and that was their age.

All of them were Limit Douluos of the older generation, and among all known Limit Douluos, the youngest one was Tang Wulin's opponent from the day before, Qilin Douluo Tong Yu. All of the other Limit Douluos were over 100 years of age; even if they were to step up, how long would they be around for? It was very difficult to see the future of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy in any of them.

The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were still in a very perilous situation. At a time like this, these two major powers would only be able to make a resurgence if the younger generation could develop to fill the shoes of their predecessors.

Hence, when the Heartless Douluo discovered that Tang Wulin had been blessed by the plane, he immediately gave Tang Wulin his unreserved support. Among the younger generation, there was no better candidate than him to take up the mantle. As for the powerful beings of the older generation like them, their duty was to support and protect Tang Wulin with everything they had. No matter how bad of a state the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were currently in, they still had three Limit Douluos among their ranks. In terms of high-end offensive power, they weren't inferior even to the Spirit Pagoda and Holy Spirit Cult combined.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin hadn't disappointed them, either. Ever since he had become the Tang Sect Master, he had developed at a rapid rate, as had his friends. Once they grew to fulfill their full potential, the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy would definitely be able to make a resurgence.

No one knew what the situation was like in the Holy Spirit Cult, but at the very least, there was no one in the younger generation of the Spirit Pagoda who could compare with Tang Wulin.

During this recent period of time, Yali had constantly been with Tang Wulin, and she had witnessed how hard he had worked in his cultivation, as well as how he had taken care of the issues that had arisen before him. He had never disappointed her; even after the death of his parents, he had been able to recover very quickly and prioritize the bigger picture, and that was truly remarkable for someone of his age.

Of course, she was unaware that Tang Wulin's foster parents hadn't actually passed away.

Following these three consecutive victories, Tang Wulin was beginning to remind Yali more and more of Yun Ming. He was already beginning to glow, and someday, he was going to become the next Atlas Douluo to support both the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. 

After making his way into the resting area, Tang Wulin immediately sat down. Even though he had already done his best to rest and recover the night before, the third match had been an extremely grueling and taxing one for him. On top of that, he had to help with reviving the Qilin Douluo, so even with his physical constitution, he had felt rather weary when he had woken up earlier in the morning.

Yali strode over to him before placing her right hand gently onto his back, and a layer of gentle white light instantly enveloped his entire body.

Tang Wulin felt as if he had been basked in a warm pool, and his soul power was rapidly recovering as if he had consumed some type of regenerative spirit item. All of the powers within his body were being organized and, and most importantly, he had entered a half-asleep state that was very conducive to spiritual recovery.

It truly was fantastic to have the Holy Spirit Douluo by his side! 

Dai Yun'er had arrived at the sports stadium very early in the morning, and she was seated in a very discreet and secluded corner. She couldn't help but purse her lips at the sight of the bold banners that Tang Wulin's fangirls had written up for him, but at the same time, she became even more determined to implement her original plan.

You're so handsome, Wulin; even I'm becoming your fangirl! I'm not going to let you go. You delivered yourself right to my doorstep, so there's no chance I'm letting you get away, hmph! 

Dai Yun'er's eyes began to glow at the thought of her plan. When the time came, even her father wouldn't be able to blame her.

All she was praying for now was that Tang Wulin could continue to keep up his current miraculous streak. The more power he displayed, the less resistant Dai Tianling would be to her plan. She didn't care about anything else; all she wanted was to be with him.

You have to win this weapons match, Brother Wulin! 

That's right, the fourth match of the Trial of Five Gods was the battle of weapons. The rules were as simple as ever; both sides could use their soul power and physical powers, but all soul skills and soul spirits were strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, the only weapons that could be used were those outside of the combatant's martial souls, and the inception of this type of battle that had stemmed back from ancient times, prior to the invention of soul tools.

There were many types of Soul Masters, and they were split up into two different major categories: Battle Soul Masters and Tool Soul Masters. As the name suggested, Battle Soul Masters honed all of their abilities for the purpose of battle. Most of them had martial souls that were suited to battle, and possessed powerful offensive soul skills.

In contrast, Tool Soul Masters were more suited to complementing others, but that didn't mean that they didn't want to be able to battle as well.

Their martial souls were ill-suited for battle; examples of this were food system Soul Masters and support system Soul Masters. Hence, if they wanted to battle, then they had to rely on external help, which was where weapons came in.

Generally, it wasn't common for support system Soul Masters to use weapons to battle, but it was still a viable option. 

In fact, this was a major factor behind the initial rise of the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect was able to produce hidden weapons that could bestow offensive power upon support system Soul Masters and even ordinary people. Conversely, the decline of the Tang Sect around 10,000 years ago was a result of the emergence of soul tools, which had replaced its hidden weapons.

Thankfully, the Spirit Ice Douluo and his friends had reconstructed the Tang Sect and integrated soul tools with the Tang Sect's hidden weapons, thereby giving rise to the resurgence of the Tang Sect.

The battle of weapons was one of the less important matches of the Trial of Five Gods, but this was still the Trial of Five Gods, after all. Who was going to represent the Star Luo Empire, and what kind of weapon was he going to use?

Tang Wulin actually had a great deal of confidence in this match as he possessed a pair of divine weapons. His Golden Dragon Spear and Dragonslaying Saber were undoubtedly going to be invaluable assets during this battle, and he also had the spear techniques bestowed upon him by his father, as well as his immense reserves of strength and soul power to rely on.

As such, this was actually the match that Tang Wulin had the most confidence in among all of the matches of the Trial of Five Gods.

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