Chapter 1352: Five-elemental Qilin Bead

"His teacher came. It was his teacher who saved him, but he was deprived of his suit of three-word battle armor and lived a life of imprisonment in the academy. In reality, he didn't want to continue living as there was no point for him. However, he gradually came to realize that he still had two wishes that he had yet to fulfill. He still recalled that the little girl had said that her future lover was going to stand at the pinnacle of this entire world. Even though she was already dead, he had to reach that pinnacle to prove that she had made the wrong choice.

"Hence, he began to cultivate with all his might from that day forth, and he finally reached that level after over 20 years. Today, he stands here before all of you. He had hoped to serve the empire with his powers, but he's unable to fulfill that wish as there's something more important that he must do, which is repent. I don't know if that child is watching this match; you should be well into adulthood at this point. Yes, I killed your mother; I apologize to you and repent with my life. I hope that my death can put your heart at ease.

"In order to repent, I'll also be leaving to you the essence that I've been cultivating all my life in the hope that it can assuage some of your pain. I don't expect you to forgive me; all I want to tell you is to discard the hatred in your heart and pursue the light."

Tong Yu expelled a ball of five-colored light out of his mouth as he spoke. This was a dazzling five-colored bead, and it flew directly toward En Ci as a streak of red light.

En Ci raised his hand to accept the bead, but he did so with a very strained expression. This was Tong Yu's Five-elemental Qilin Bead, and it was the manifestation of all of the vital essence that Tong Yu had accumulated during his cultivation to the Limit Douluo level.

It was exactly because he had manifested this Five-elemental Qilin Bead that he had displayed powers far below his normal standard, and failed to defend himself against Tang Wulin's final attack in the end.

"I'm sorry, Teacher. I'm doing this today to tell everyone the truth. The academy hasn't protected me unfairly, and I can't allow the reputation of the academy to be tarnished because of me. After 27 years, I've finally had a chance to repent for my crime and restore the academy's reputation. I no longer owe anyone anything in this world."

After that, Tong Yu sat down onto the ground with his legs crossed, and the destructive light emanating from his body faded along with his aura.

During the third match of the Trial of Five Gods, Tang Wulin had won, while his opponent, Tong Yu, had perished. The entire empire was in shock.


If this were a best-of-five trial, then Tang Wulin would've already secured an unassailable lead. Even though it was required of Tang Wulin to win all five matches to truly secure victory in the Trial of Five Gods, in the hearts of all of the Tang Sect disciples, their sect master had already won.

So what even if the Star Luo Empire were to win the final two matches?

It was just that everyone was too stunned to cheer for the outcome following the conclusion of this third match. It was downright unimaginable for a Limit Douluo to have such a tragic story and to leave this world in such a fashion.

It seemed that the heavens were fair, after all. The heavens had bestowed upon the Qilin Douluo incredible aptitude in the form of a martial soul mutation, but struck him down with so much misfortune at the same time.

His life had turned out this way due to the heavy psychological blows he had received during his development, but at the same time, society was also to blame. That night, Dai Tianling immediately implemented a series of laws to minimize the instances of ordeals similar to the one that Tong Yu's mother had suffered.

On top of that, he made Tong Yu the postmortem honorary master of the Imperial Holy Hall, and also granted him amnesty for the crime he had committed.

His death was enough to repent for his crime, and at the same time, he had cleared the name of Monster Academy.

The death of a Limit Douluo was mourned by the entire empire, and the atmosphere of excitement in the Trial of Five Gods had been replaced by one of oppression and grief.

At the Star Luo Empire Tang Sect headquarters.

At this point, night had already fallen, and stars littered the entire sky. Tang Wulin strode through a door and into a corridor. Rays of starlight were shining in through the window, and there were many people already waiting in the corridor.

The most prominent figure among them was none other than the Holy Dragon Douluo, the principal of Monster Academy, Limit Douluo En Ci.

As soon as Tang Wulin emerged, En Ci immediately rushed toward him in an urgent manner. "What's the situation?"

"He's in a stable condition. He possesses extraordinary life force, and I was able to cleanse all of the destructive power within his body; the rest will be up to him. He only managed to survive as he's a Limit Douluo. Otherwise, even a true deity most likely wouldn't be able to save him."

En Ci heaved a long sigh of relief before appraising Tang Wulin with a complex look in his eyes. "Thank you. I didn't think that something like this would happen; who could've anticipated that he would resort to such extreme measures?"

Tang Wulin replied, "If we want to truly cure him, I think we need to heal his psychological scars; I think we need to find the child of the woman that he once loved. If we don't do that, he'll most likely just end up creating another Qilin Bead. Her Majesty, the Holy Spirit Douluo, told me that if he were to do that again, even she wouldn't be able to save him. In reality, his Qilin Bead is useless to the average person anyway; it contains his vital essence, which will immediately kill the person who tries to absorb it."

A wry smile appeared on En Ci's face. "He really is a stubborn child. I've already sent out some people to track down the son of that woman, but apparently, the entire family immigrated to the Douluo Continent, so it won't be easy to find them. Come to think of it, I'm partially to blame for this as well. I knew the truth behind this, and I was afraid that Tong Yu would resort to extreme measures, so I exerted pressure on that family and essentially forced them to leave the Star Luo Continent. 

"In reality, there were many more factors at play under the surface that led to that tragedy. The girl had lashed out against Tong Yu's mother at the time because her husband had recently died in an accident, and she was in a very emotionally unstable state. The people who had saved Tong Yu's mother after the incident had been sent by her as well, so she still had some kindness in her heart in the end. She had made a terrible mistake, but she shouldn't have had to lose her life for it."

A wry smile also appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Most things are far more complex than they appear at first glance. In any case, I'm sure the Qilin Douluo will have learned a lesson from this and won't be as fixated on his past. I think you should tell him all of these things. As a Limit Douluo who's been through so much, there shouldn't be anything that he can't handle."

En Ci nodded in response. "If he can survive this ordeal, then I'll be sure to tell him. Thank you very much for your generosity, Sect Master Tang. To be honest, our empire is going a little too far with this Trial of Five Gods. Would you like the fourth match to be delayed for a day? After all, I'm sure this battle has been quite taxing for you as well."

Tang Wulin shook his head with a smile. "That's alright, this will be a valuable experience for me; I'm very much looking forward to facing you in the final match. It would be a great honor for me to be able to face a Limit Douluo like you in an all-out battle. I don't fear defeat; I only wish to improve myself through these battles."

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