Chapter 1351: The Qilin Douluo's Story (3)

"It had been over 10 years since he had last been home, and he really missed his mother. His father had passed away when he was still very young, so his mother had been his only parent. Only when he embarked on the journey back home was his heart filled with guilt toward his mother. Back when he had become this monster, his mother had scolded him after learning that he had ingested insecticide to kill himself, and her words may have been harsh, but they came from a good place! However, he was unable to see through the hatred that had clouded his heart at the time, and abandoned her for over 10 years.

"He was a failure of a son, and he sorely regretted what he had done. He vowed to give his mother a good life when he returned. After displaying his power to the little girl, he was going to take his mother back to the academy, where she could live out the rest of her life in comfort. Finally, he returned home, and he was feeling very nervous. He didn't know if his mother would still be able to recognize him, or whether she would be willing to forgive him. However, when he saw his mother again, his blood immediately ran cold.

"His mother was living in an extremely dilapidated room on a squalid little bed. What was even more alarming was that she was missing both of her legs and seemed to be on the brink of death."

Tong Yu had begun sobbing uncontrollably at this point.

"When the little boy saw his mother again, she was already blind and nothing more than skin and bones. She had clung onto this torturous state for three whole years, and the only thing that kept her alive was the final ray of hope that her son would return to her. She wanted to touch her son's face and hear his voice one final time before she passed on. Mother, do you know how much remorse I felt at that moment? If I could go back in time, I would dedicate my entire life to no one but you. You are the one I owe the most in this world!"

Tong Yu fell to his knees as he spoke before kowtowing with all his might toward a certain direction.

Tang Wulin was unable to hold back his tears any longer. He couldn't help but recall the passing of his foster parents, and tears streamed down his face. He turned away and didn't dare to look at Tong Yu any longer, in fear that he would be unable to control his own emotions.

Among the audience, a very large proportion of them had already been swayed by his grief.

A child was always most reliant on their mother in the early stages of their development, but that reliance would fade as they aged, and they would gradually begin to consider their mother's feelings less and less. However, a mother would always love her child, regardless of whether that love and consideration was reciprocated.

As they listened to Tong Yu's story, everyone was reminded of their own mother, and tears had welled up even in the eyes of Dai Tianling.

"The mother was ecstatic that her son had returned, but she could no longer see what he looked like. The little boy asked her what had happened to her legs and eyes, to which the mother replied in an indifferent manner that she had gone blind from excessive crying, while her legs had been broken by someone. However, none of that was important to her in contrast with the return of her son. The little boy asked her who it was that had broken her legs, but she refused to tell him. Her only hope was that he would always remain by her side and never leave again.

"The little boy agreed with tears streaming down his face, but his mother's condition was even worse than he had imagined. His return had satisfied his mother's final wish, and three days later, she relinquished the stubborn grasp she had maintained on her life. In that instant, the little boy had a complete mental breakdown. Never did he think that he would be returning just to see his mother one final time. During the final three days of her life, his mother had told him that she had never been disgusted by him; she had scolded him to try and snap him out of what was clearly an unhealthily obsessive fixation.

"After burying his mother, the little boy wanted to follow after her. He stayed in her room for an entire month, and after that month, he gradually returned to his senses. He suddenly recalled his mother's broken legs. The cause of her death was none other than those broken legs. They had taken away her ability to walk, thereby leading to the gradual deterioration of her health. She had told him that someone had broken her legs, which meant that someone was directly responsible for her death.

"Thus, he began to investigate who the culprit was. After gathering all the leads and evidence, he was faced with an incredible reality: the person who had broken his mother's legs was none other than the little girl, whom he'd once loved with all his heart and was willing to give up everything for. Following his disappearance, his mother had gone to the little girl repeatedly in the hope that she would know where the little boy had gone. The little girl humiliated her and shooed her away over and over again, but she continued to return.

"Finally, the little girl grew sick of her, and brutally broke her legs before leaving her in the wilderness to fend for herself. If it weren't for the fact that she had been discovered and saved by a few kind-hearted individuals who just so happened to be passing by, she would've already been dead long ago. Never did the little boy think that his mother would've fallen to such a cruel fate. It was no wonder that she didn't want to tell her son the culprit; she didn't want the little boy to think that he had caused his own mother's death!

"Without his initial fixation on the little girl, none of this would've happened. If he had never left, perhaps this tragedy would've never taken place. At the height of his pain and despair, the little boy's heart was filled with hatred. He tracked down the little girl, who had married into an affluent family at this point. She was already married and had a son who was about seven or eight years old. When she saw the little boy again, she was still as cold as ever. She told him to piss off so that he wouldn't scare her son.

"The little boy interrogated her about why she had hurt his mother, only for her to respond with a cold sneer by saying that she had thought his mother had already died long ago. She said that his mother was just like him, a dog who would never leave her alone, and that she had broken her legs so that she wouldn't be able to continue nagging her. In the face of the person who had murdered his mother, the little boy was finally unable to hold back any longer. He displayed his Hyper Douluo level powers to her; never did he think that he would be displaying his powers to the little girl for revenge.

"The little girl's son looked on as the little boy broke her legs, then asked her whether she regretted what she had done. In response, she told him that she didn't. Even though the little boy had become extremely powerful, he was still a hideous mad dog. The little boy left. He didn't kill her as she hadn't killed his mother, either. However, the heavens seemed to have frowned down upon her, and she died from excessive blood loss before anyone could save her. Her son had witnessed the entire ordeal."

That's right, that was the truth, one that was completely unexpected to everyone. Those who had denounced Tong Yu as a remorseless brazen criminal all felt as if lumps had appeared in their throats.

If they had been in Tong Yu's shoes, would they have been able to hold back?

Tong Yu took a deep breath before continuing, "In the end, the little boy handed himself in. He didn't want to bring shame to his academy and to his teacher. He no longer had any reason for living, and he no longer cared if he lived or died. He didn't want to explain anything, and his heart was filled with remorse, both for the mother he had lost, and for the mother that he had deprived someone else of. In the eyes of that child, he was also a heinous man who had killed his mother. All he wanted was to die. At the very least, that would allow him to escape the agony in his heart."

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