Chapter 1349: The Qilin Douluo's Story (1)

Everyone was struck by a sense of shock, followed by befuddlement. Even if the Qilin Douluo had committed an extremely heinous crime, he was still a Limit Douluo! As long as he was willing to serve the empire, all would be forgiven. However, not only did he not turn to the empire for amnesty, he lost this match in the Trial of Five Gods and seemed to be about to lose his life as well.

This had indeed been an extremely spectacular battle, but those in attendance who were at the Titled Douluo level or above could all see that Tang Wulin was still quite a way off from reaching the top. If Tong Yu really were a Limit Douluo and had battled with his powers as a Limit Douluo, there was no way that Tang Wulin would've been a match for him.

However, he had only chosen to display his powers as a Limit Douluo now that he was on the brink of death; why had he done this? 

Everyone was completely perplexed. No one knew what could've happened to him to have led to the decision to throw away this match, as well as his own life.

At this point, Tong Yu was already in a very bad condition. His entire face had turned crimson, and all of the scales on his body were tinged with a destructive aura. However, he paid no heed to this at all, and the images arising from his mental manifestation began to change.

One of the images suddenly expanded, and was made visible to everyone in the sports stadium, as well as all of the Star Luo Empire citizens sitting in front of their soul television screens. 

The image depicted a little boy and a little girl.

The little girl only appeared to be around seven or eight years of age, but she was already quite a beauty. She wore a pink floral dress and was dancing over a lush meadow. The little boy stood beside her and watched her in silence. Even though he was also very young, there was a gentle look in his eyes that belied his age.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that there were some faint similarities between the contours of the little boy and Tong Yu's faces.

The dancing little girl stopped before waving a hand toward the little boy, upon which the latter immediately rushed over and handed her a towel, then also pulled out some food and water for her out of his backpack.

Tong Yu's deep voice rang out to narrate the unfolding scenes. "A very long time ago, a little boy fell in love with a little girl. Both of them were from ordinary families, and the little girl had always been very beautiful and elegant. Perhaps it was predetermined by fate, but the little boy fell in love with her at first sight."

Everyone knew that he was telling his own story. If a normal person were telling their own life story, there most likely wouldn't be many people who were willing to listen. However, this was a story being told by a Limit Douluo who was on the brink of death on the grand stage of the Trial of Five Gods. Under these circumstances, over 40% of the entire Star Luo Empire was listening to his story.

Regardless of whether someone detested him or knew nothing about him, they were all listening to his story.

"The little girl was adored by everyone around her, and to his credit, the little boy was quite brave; he expressed his feelings to her very early on, and he told her that he would love and cherish her for the rest of his life. At the time, the little girl had proudly told him that when she grew up, she was going to marry a hero, the most powerful one in the entire world. Hence, the little boy set that as his target and promised her that he would do his best."

Such a story was very commonplace, and perhaps everyone had experienced similar childhoods. However, it was a completely different feeling to be hearing it from a Limit Douluo.

"From that day forth, the little boy became completely devoted to the little girl. If she wanted something, he would do everything in his power to get it for her, even if it meant that he had to steal and lie. In order to be able to pick her up for school every day, he would wake up over an hour earlier than he'd otherwise have to and run to her house. Their parents were aware of this, but they didn't think much of it, thinking that this was nothing more than a fleeting crush for a pair of children who didn't know any better. However, no one knew just how much he loved her. In his eyes, she was his goddess. At the time, the girl was eight, and the boy was nine."

The image gradually transitioned, revealing the little boy seated on his bed with a determined look on his face.

"After awakening his martial soul, the little boy constantly worked extremely hard in his cultivation. However, he was quickly made aware of the fact that his martial soul was a dog-type martial soul, and that he only possessed rank 2 innate soul power. There was no future for him. However, he was very resilient because he was constantly striving toward his goal of becoming the most powerful hero in the world. One he reached those dizzying heights, he would be able to marry the girl of his dreams."

The image transformed again, and both the little boy and the little girl had grown up a little. The little boy seemed to be a little introverted, while the little girl had become even more beautiful. She was surrounded by many other kids of her age, while the little boy stood further away and watched over her in silence.

"Wherever she went, the little girl was always the center of attention, and the little boy was content with just being able to see her every day. The little girl continued to order him around like a servant, and there were many other kids who referred to him as her dog, but he didn't care; he was happy as long as she was happy. When she was in a good mood, she would call him up to play with her, and when she was in a foul mood, she would beat him and verbally abuse him to vent her emotions. However, the little boy never got mad at her. At the time, the little boy's family wasn't very wealthy. He would always buy the cheapest food for himself to eat and save up the rest of his money to buy the little girl the things that she wanted."

In the image, the little boy was quite thin with a rather unhealthy pallor to his skin, and he was even slightly shorter than the little girl. One was like a vibrant jewel, while the other was like a lusterless discarded jewelry box.

The image transitioned to the gates of an academy. The little girl rushed into the academy in an excited manner, followed by the little boy, who was wearing clothes that were slightly worn and tattered.

"Through his unrelenting efforts, the little boy finally made it into the academy that the little girl wanted to attend. However, he was only accepted as a working student, so he was only permitted to attend the academy by completing a large array of manual labor jobs every day. Even so, he felt like he was one step closer to his goal. Time slowly passed by, and soon, both the little boy and the little girl had reached puberty. The little girl was more beautiful than ever, while the little boy was still just as mundane, and to his shock and horror, he discovered that many pursuers had begun to appear around the little girl."

In the image, both of them had reached around 15 to 16 years of age. The little girl was surrounded by a group of tall and handsome boys, while the little boy was standing not far away, carrying her bag with his fists tightly clenched.

Tong Yu stood with a faint smile on his face as he spoke, seemingly having completely immersed himself into his memories. Virtually the entire Star Luo Empire was listening to his story, and even Dai Tianling made no effort to stop him.

This was the wish of a Limit Douluo, and it was perhaps even his final wish; he had to be allowed to finish his story no matter what.

"In order to prove his power, the little boy challenged the little pursuers in private. He didn't care how many injuries he sustained from those fights, and during that time, he earned himself the nickname of 'mad dog'. However, his heart was broken when the little girl suddenly told him one day that she hated him as he had made her lose all of her friends, that no one wanted to play with her because of him. The little boy told her that all he wanted to do was to protect her. He begged her not to cut him out of her life, and from that day forth, the little boy became even more withdrawn. He worked harder and harder in his cultivation, but his aptitude was still too lackluster in the end. As the two grew up, the little girl's powers far outstripped his, and he was gradually being left behind by his peers."

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