Chapter 1348: Mental Manifestation!

The light from the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier and the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre began to wane almost at the exact same moment, indicating that the energy being released by both sides was beginning to subside. 

Everyone had their limit, even Limit Douluos. The Five-elemental Divine Arrow had pierced through the Dragon Emperor's shoulder, but having been weakened by the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, it hadn't managed to deal much damage to Tang Wulin. With Tang Wulin's self-regenerative ability, this match was far from over.

Were they still evenly matched?

At this point, Tang Wulin was already in a position where he couldn't lose, and the Smiling Douluo heaved an internal sigh of relief upon seeing this.

At the same time, he was filled with admiration toward this young sect master. Never did he think that Tang Wulin would still have such a powerful trump card hidden up his sleeve at this point in the battle; it was truly an incredible sight.

Just as everyone thought that both sides would run out of power, thereby leading to the battle reaching its endgame, an alarming turn of events suddenly unfolded.

Tong Yu raised his head, and in that instant, Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that the bright and piercing light in his eyes had suddenly dimmed. On top of that, they were filled with emotions of contentment and relief.

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to process this, the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier around him suddenly crumbled away into the specks of five-colored light without any warning.

Thus, all impediment was abruptly lifted from Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Claws, and the power of his Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre instantly erupted forth in a frenzy.

The Dragon Emperor Claws pierced through the Five-elemental Qilin's chest in an instant, while also injecting the fearsome destructive power of the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre into its body. The shimmering five-colored light around Tong Yu's body was immediately tinged with a hint of crimson.

This was not good!

Tang Wulin was very alarmed by this sudden turn of events, and he instantly unleashed his Time Reversal domain. However, in that instant, the Five-elemental Qilin suddenly raised its head and looked him square in the eyes.

In the face of Tong Yu's gaze, Tang Wulin was suddenly struck by an abrupt spiritual blow. At this point in the battle, he had actually already reached his limit as well, and both his spiritual power and soul power had been exhausted to the extreme. As such, the spiritual interference rendered him unable to completely manifest his Time Reversal domain.

At Tang Wulin's current level of power, he could only reverse time for an instant using his spiritual domain; reversing time any further would require far too much spiritual power expenditure.

"Boom!" Both of the enormous combatants plummeted to the ground almost at the exact same time, and cries of surprise rang out across the entire venue.

Even the Star Luo Empire citizens who bore the utmost contempt toward Tong Yu couldn't help but rise to their feet. The battle they had just witnessed had been truly spectacular. The powers displayed by Tong Yu had stunned everyone present, yet much to everyone's astonishment, his power had suddenly crumbled away just as everyone had thought that this would be an evenly matched contest.

Tang Wulin's mind was currently completely blank. Why? Why had Tong Yu prevented himself from being saved?

With these past few days of cultivation, the effect of the Ice God Bead, and the holy light baptism he had received from the Holy Spirit Douluo prior to the match, he was able to completely control his emotions even after unleashing his Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre.

Initially, he had regarded Tong Yu with nothing but enmity, yet as the battle had progressed, he had begun to see Tong Yu more and more as a rival who was worthy of respect. In particular, he couldn't forget how Tong Yu had spared him when he had a chance to kill him. This intimidating man definitely had an appearance that belied his internal self.

Tang Wulin didn't want to strike down such a respectable figure during this Trial of Five Gods!

However, everything had unfolded so quickly, and his mind was filled with questions.

The two massive bodies crashed heavily down onto the ground, upon which they reverted back to their human forms.

Tang Wulin had caught Tong Yu in his arms so that he wouldn't fall onto the ground.

At this moment, there was a clearly visible fist-sized hole on Tong Yu's chest. What was even more fearsome was that not a single drop of blood was flowing out of such a large wound; the edge of the wound was completely crimson in color, and this crimson color was permeating toward his entire body.

This was terrifying destructive power that struck one with a sense of asphyxiation. Due to how close Tang Wulin was situated to Tong Yu, he could sense just how rapidly Tong Yu's life force was fading.

In spite of this, Tong Yu wore a relieved smile.

"Thank you." Tong Yu laid a hand onto Tang Wulin's shoulder and stood up as if he were completely fine.

Even with the gaping wound on his chest, he was standing with his back completely straight and his head held high and proud.

En Ci immediately flew down from the rostrum and rushed onto the competition platform, but Tong Yu held up a hand to keep En Ci from approaching him. "Don't come near me! I have something to say!"

At this moment, the entire sports stadium was completely silent, and all eyes were on him.

As a Limit Douluo, En Ci was naturally also able to sense that Tong Yu's life force was rapidly fading, and this was something that he had never thought would happen.

How had things become like this?

"Why? Why are you doing this?" En Ci couldn't help but yell in an enraged manner.

Tong Yu cast his gaze toward En Ci with a gentle look in his eyes before extending a deep bow. "I'm sorry, Teacher, but I must disappoint you here."

Teacher? Aside from Long Yue, everyone on the rostrum was stunned to hear this. No one was aware that the notorious Qilin Douluo was En Ci's disciple. 

That's right, not only was he En Ci's disciple, he was En Ci's first disciple.

"Rest assured, Teacher, I won't bring shame to your name. I've waited for this day for far too long. You can forgive me for some things, but I can never forgive myself. All these years, I've been waiting for this opportunity. There are some things that I must do, and some things that I must say. Before my life comes to an end, please allow me to say what I have to say."

In that instant, Tong Yu's aura began to transform, and Tang Wulin was struck by a repulsive force that quickly carried him to over 100 meters away.

What a powerful aura! This aura was on a completely different level compared to what Tong Yu had displayed during the match.

Tang Wulin had only sensed an aura of this caliber from very few people; these people were the Atlas Douluo, the Heartless Douluo, the Amorous Douluo, the Light Dark Douluo, the Mirror Douluo, and the Boundless Ocean Douluo. All of them were Limit Douluos! Did that mean that this Qilin Douluo was actually a Limit Douluo as well?

Just as Tang Wulin was repelled away, a series of images began to appear around Tong Yu. These images were extremely clear and were displaying one story after another.

This was mental manifestation, the signature ability of all Limit Douluos!

The general public wasn't aware of what mental manifestation entailed, but all of the high-grade Soul Masters present certainly were!

He really was a Limit Douluo!

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