Chapter 1347: Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier

The match soon reached the half-hour mark, and much to everyone's surprise, Tang Wulin was able to hold his own after unleashing his Dragon Emperor True Body.

This was a Hyper Douluo level clash, and both sides were displaying powers beyond those of the average Hyper Douluo. Tang Wulin's attacks became more and more ferocious as he fought, and his abilities were constantly being integrated with one another, putting the Five-elemental Qilin under immense pressure. This type of battle was a process of constant evolution for Tang Wulin, and it was truly an exhilarating experience.

The aura of the Five-elemental Qilin was also becoming more and more powerful, and with the enhancements he received from his Five-elemental Revolution domain, he was able to maintain a slight upper hand over Tang Wulin.

If any of his Five-elemental True Flames were to come into contact with Tang Wulin, then Tang Wulin would be forced to use his Time Reversal domain to take evasive measures. Conversely, having learned his lesson from before, Tong Yu was also able to react to Tang Wulin's Time Reversal domain appropriately.

As a complementary spiritual domain, the Five-elemental Revolution domain was relatively less taxing on Tong Yu's spiritual power, whereas Tang Wulin's Time Reversal Domain had the ability to warp time, thereby requiring enormous spiritual power expenditure. As such, he couldn't simply use it as he pleased, so even with this trump card, he was unable to gain the upper hand.

Soon, a series of wounds began to appear on both of their bodies.

It was at this point that the disparity between their bloodlines began to show; Tang Wulin's self-regenerative ability was clearly superior to that of Tong Yu. The Five-elemental Qilin's wounds were also healing on their own, but at a much slower rate than that of the Dragon Emperor True Body.

Why was Tong Yu in such lackluster form? Was he trying to hide something?

En Ci's brows furrowed tightly as he appraised the battle from the rostrum. Only he was aware of just how powerful Tong Yu truly was, and he had very lofty expectations for him.

Tong Yu had proposed to participate in this match, hoping to display his powers to the entire Star Luo Empire, and also to explain some things. He wanted to tell his side of the story so he could be accepted by the public again. However, the powers that Tong Yu was currently displaying were far different from what En Ci had expected.

In his mind, this battle should've concluded long ago; there was no way that Tang Wulin should've been able to last this long.

Indeed, Tang Wulin's powers were far beyond those of the average Soul Douluo, but still should've been completely insignificant in the face of Tong Yu's powers. After all, they were on completely different levels!

Just what was Tong Yu trying to do? Why was he still hiding his true power at a time like this? If he wanted to give the spectators a surprise, he should've done so already.

Instead, it appeared that Tang Wulin was gradually turning the tables on him! 

All of the spectators were completely entranced by this battle. They were witnessing a Soul Master battle of the highest caliber; who could've imagined that such a battle would be open to the public? This really was well worth the ticket prices they had paid!

"Boom!" Dazzling light erupted from the Five-elemental Qilin's body to send the Dragon Emperor flying, but at the same time, the Dragon Emperor had inflicted a deep claw gash onto its back.

The Five-elemental Qilin swiveled around before expelling a burst of Five-elemental True Flames out of its mouth, which surged toward the Dragon Emperor True Body in a ring formation.

At the same time, his ninth soul ring finally lit up for the first time. In the instant that it did so, the air suddenly congealed.

A spherical barrier of light appeared in the sky, encompassing the Five-elemental Qilin and Dragon Emperor, both of which were frozen in mid-air.

Even with the Dragon Emperor's immense powers, it was unable to move in the slightest.

Tang Wulin felt the power within his body rapidly seep away, just like how it had felt when he had been struck by the Five-elemental True Flames. What was even more terrifying was that within this light barrier, time and space seemed to have also congealed, so even his Time Reversal domain was rendered largely ineffective.

Tang Wulin knew that this wasn't because his Time Reversal domain wasn't powerful enough. Instead, his opponent's spiritual power had always been superior to his, and he was finally pressing this advantage.

His eighth soul ring lit up, and the Five-elemental Divine Arrow that had posed such a major threat to Tang Wulin's life before emerged once again. It was clear that this was going to be the decisive exchange.

Tang Wulin didn't panic at all. In fact, he had been waiting for this moment. Tong Yu's powerful ninth soul skill would undoubtedly be able to decide the battle, but this also meant that he had been forced to unleash his most powerful attack by Tang Wulin. Thus, this was also an opportunity for Tang Wulin.

Six golden soul rings appeared around his Dragon Emperor True Body, and the sixth one abruptly lit up. In that instant, the Dragon Emperor True Body's golden eyes suddenly turned into a crimson color. This was his most powerful Golden Dragon King ability, one that he hadn't even used in that sparring match against Hu Jie, yet he was displaying it again now.

This ninth soul skill of Tong Yu's was known as the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier. Due to how fearsome the offensive power of his eighth soul skill was, it would be pointless for him to have another powerful offensive soul skill for his ninth one. Hence, he decided to obtain a soul skill that could complement his eighth soul skill, thereby giving rise to the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier.

The most fearsome aspect about this soul skill was that it could be released instantaneously, and it was like an enlarged version of his Five-elemental True Flames. Once someone became encompassed within the barrier, they would be severely restricted unless their spiritual power or soul power were to outstrip that of Tong Yu. Otherwise, they would have no choice but to take Tong Yu's attack head-on in their severely debilitated state.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly began to undergo a transformation. In the instant that his golden eyes had turned crimson, a layer of crimson light also appeared over his massive dragon body.

The expressions on the faces of Shrek's Six Monsters changed drastically upon seeing this. They were petrified that Tang Wulin would go on the same rampage as he had in the Dou Spirit Empire!

He was currently representing the entire Tang Sect; if he were to lose control on such a grand occasion, then the resulting negative impact would definitely be immeasurable.

At this moment, they could only place their trust in Tang Wulin, and pray that he would be able to control himself while displaying his most powerful form.

The battle had finally reached its climax, and the fearsome roars of countless dragons suddenly rang out from within the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier. Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor True Body abruptly swelled in size, and a strange rune appeared on each and every one of his scales. In that instant, the light in the entire sports stadium suddenly dimmed, and a layer of crimson light appeared outside the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier.

The crimson light struck the beholder with a terrifying sense of asphyxiation, as if heaven and earth were about to be destroyed.

The Five-elemental Divine Arrow had already shot forth from the Five-elemental Qilin's head, yet right at this moment, a burst of crimson light suddenly erupted from the Dragon Emperor's body.

As soon as the Five-elemental Divine Arrow traveled into the crimson light, it decelerated sharply, and its power was also being constantly weakened during the process.

Within the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier, a voice that only Tong Yu could hear rang out deep within his heart.

"Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre!"

All of a sudden, a peculiar scene surfaced in Tong Yu's mind. Even though his spiritual power was superior to that of Tang Wulin, he felt as if he had been transported into another world.

This was a completely crimson world, within which countless living beings were wailing in despair. In the sky above, there was what appeared to be a boundless golden dragon that was roaring to the heavens, and its terrifying aura was crucifying one living being after another.

What kind of soul skill was this? It was clear that this wasn't just some simple energy-based soul skill; it was also imbued with a powerful spiritual attack.

This was not good!

The Five-elemental True Flames around Tong Yu swelled drastically as he let loose an enraged roar, fighting to preserve his Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier against the fearsome power that was converging from outside.

In that instant, the two powers reached a brief state of equilibrium. 

The Five-elemental Divine Arrow pierced through the Dragon Emperor's shoulder, but under the influence of the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, it had missed Tang Wulin's vitals. Meanwhile, his crimson Dragon Emperor Claws had also reached the Five-elemental Qilin, and the only thing stopping them from actually striking Tong Yu was the power of the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier.

However, even though the power of the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre had been restricted, it was continuing to build and only becoming more and more ferocious. As a result, Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Claws were slowly inching toward Tong Yu's chest.

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