Chapter 1346: Spectacular Showdown

However, during this Trial of Five Gods, Tang Wulin had displayed powers that far exceeded everyone's imagination. Even if the Heartless Douluo and Amorous Douluo were present, they would definitely be just as shocked.

Who could've possibly imagined that he would develop to such an extent in such a short time?

Perhaps only the Heartless Douluo would find it slightly easier to come to terms with this as he had personally witnessed Tang Wulin receive the blessing of the plane, and circumvent that major disaster.

After releasing his Dragon Emperor True Body, Tang Wulin's aura transformed again. His violent aura had been completely subdued, and his eyes were shimmering with a purplish-golden light.

In this state, Tang Wulin was experiencing a wonderful feeling, as if all of his abilities had been integrated with one another to perfection. This was the feeling that he had been pursuing during this recent period of cultivation, and now that it had finally arrived, he was ecstatic.

He had to latch onto this feeling and grow accustomed to battling in this state; only then would he be able to further improve and become more powerful.

Having reached his current cultivation rank, improvements in soul power were no longer important as he had built up a sufficiently solid foundation. If he wanted to become more powerful in the future, then he would have to consolidate his powers at his current cultivation rank.

Just as the Amorous Douluo had once told him, even among Limit Douluos, not everyone was equal. There were beings like the Atlas Douluo, who was the undisputed most powerful being in the world, and on the other end of the spectrum were weaker Limit Douluos.

Even the Amorous Douluo himself wasn't considered to be all that powerful among Limit Douluos, and he had even admitted that he was no match for the Heartless Douluo and the Spirit Pagoda Chairman.

What kind of Limit Douluo was Tang Wulin going to be in the future? This was a question that the Amorous Douluo had once posed to him.

If Tang Wulin only wanted to be an ordinary Limit Douluo, the Amorous Douluo was absolutely confident that he would be able to reach that level in five years at most. All he had to do was to attain a spiritual domain during that time, and everything else would automatically fall into place. This was because he had already completely tapped into his latent potential, and his soul power would only continue to improve at a faster and faster rate, as opposed to what was the case with normal Titled Douluos.

However, if he were to settle for that, then he would never be able to stand at the pinnacle of this entire world. The other path he could take was a slow and steady one, one where he ensured that every step he took contributed to a more solid foundation.

Throughout this process, he had to completely understand himself and experience this world to its full extent. As the one who had been blessed by the ruler of the plane, this was the path that Tang Wulin should take.

After the Amorous Douluo had given Tang Wulin this lecture, the Heartless Douluo had also supported this notion. He had set a target for Tang Wulin, which was to reach a level of power where he would be able to represent the entire Douluo Continent to face the Holy Lord of the abyssal plane. This was the responsibility delegated to him by the ruler of the plane, only by achieving this could he live up to his full potential.

It was exactly because of this that the Heartless Douluo and Amorous Douluo had decided to instate him as the Tang Sect Master, even though he was only in his early twenties. By doing this, they would be able to support Tang Wulin with all of the resources of the entire Tang Sect in order to help him reach that level as soon as possible.

There was no doubting Tang Wulin's foundation; what he required the most now was experience and growth, and that was why they had chosen to send Tang Wulin on this trip as the Tang Sect representative.

Otherwise, everything would have progressed a lot more smoothly had they sent the Amorous Douluo instead. A Limit Douluo would be treated with respect everywhere they went, and he wouldn't have to deal with the pressures that Tang Wulin had to face.

This was also why Tang Wulin had decided to participate in the Trial of Five Gods; he needed more pressure to facilitate his own growth.

As it turned out, the two Limit Douluos had made a very wise decision. During this trip, Tang Wulin had evolved over and over again, and it almost seemed as if he were being reborn anew every single day.

The Qilin Douluo was undoubtedly going to be an important stepping stone in this journey. Hence, Tang Wulin wanted to face the Qilin Douluo at his full power, just as he was looking forward to facing En Ci in the battle armor master battle that would conclude the Trial of Five Gods.

Tong Yu could sense the powerful battle intent radiating from Tang Wulin's body, and this was a very familiar sensation to him. Back in his youth, he had also experienced a similar process of constant growth.

Compared with him, this young man had greater aptitude, as well as many other things that he didn't possess.

In that instant, a hint of envy had even welled up in his heart, but that irrational pang of emotion quickly vanished. He had taken the wrong route, so it was only natural that their paths had diverged. Otherwise, perhaps he would also be an adored hero of the empire.

Not every powerful Soul Master enjoyed a smooth journey and developed to fulfill their full potential. There were ones like him, who made irreversible mistakes and permanently lost the ability to turn back. However, this opportunity was not something that he could relinquish no matter what.

A thunderous roar rang out from the Five-elemental Qilin's mouth, and scintillating light erupted from the Five-elemental Revolution domain. A five-colored light barrier instantly appeared around Tong Yu's body; this was an indication that the five-elemental power around him had reached an extreme level of density. Within this five-colored light barrier, his aura swelled at an insane rate.

In response, Tang Wulin raised his head and let loose a resounding dragon's roar. There was no point in focusing on technique or fine details now; all he could do was put everything he had into this attack.

He flapped his wings and unleashed his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight, propelling himself toward his opponent like a moth to a flame.

Tong Yu also shot forth through the air at an incredible speed while blasting a plume of Five-elemental True Flames out of his mouth toward Tang Wulin.

Having shrunk down to only around 10 meters in length, the Dragon Emperor True Body was clearly far more agile than before, and it twisted around to evade the Five-elemental True Flames before also blasting forth a burst of flames.

The flames were of a dazzling golden color, and were imbued with a peerlessly powerful bloodline aura. There was no temperature to the flames, but they were still extremely formidable.

The Five-elemental Qilin shifted horizontally in a maneuver that defied the laws of physics to evade Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor True Flames, and the two clashed in mid-air.

Just as Tang Wulin didn't dare to be struck by the Five-elemental True Flames, the Five-elemental Qilin was also very careful not to come into contact with the Dragon Emperor True Flames.

The Dragon Emperor True Flames were imbued with the enormous bloodline aura of the Golden Dragon King, and being struck by it would result in complete bloodline suppression. At the same time, the Dragon Emperor True Flames also contained a virtually deranged destructive aura, and even Tang Wulin himself didn't know what would be the consequence of being affected by that aura.

The destructive aura within the Dragon Emperor True Flames stemmed from the essential power of the Golden Dragon King, and it was also the best way that Tang Wulin had found to release the Golden Dragon King's innate destructive aura.

Thus, the two clashed over and over again, creating a spectacular light show in the process. Neither of them were using any more powerful soul skills as there was no margin for error at this point in the battle.

This match was dragging on far longer than the previous two matches in the Trial of Five Gods, and it was also by far the most spectacular battle.

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