Chapter 1345: Time Reversal, Spiritual Domain

In that instant, the world in the eyes of the spectators had become warped. This warping effect only lasted for an instant, but during that split second, they couldn't hear any sound, and all they could see were warped rays of light; it was as if they were in a dream.

They were then greeted by the sight of the giant golden dragon twisting around in a brilliant maneuver to evade the five-colored flames descending from above, then appeared beside the Five-elemental Qilin True Body before lashing out with its claws. The Golden Dragon King True Body held the upper hand both in terms of strength and in bloodline, so the Five-elemental Qilin was instantly sent flying.

The entire stadium had erupted into a frenzy; even the most average person in the spectator stands had sensed something just now. What had just happened? Was it a hallucination?

They had clearly witnessed the Golden Dragon King being struck by the Five-elemental True Flames, so how was it that not only had Tang Wulin evaded the Five-elemental True Flames, he had gained the upper hand as well?

On the rostrum and in the booths, at least 10 people rose to their feet in unison. They could barely believe their own eyes!

Even the steadfast Smiling Douluo was unable to control his own emotions, and cheered, "Nice!"

En Ci was looking on in a slightly slack-jawed manner, while Dai Tianling's expression was a mixture of relief and incredulity. What had just happened?

"Time reversal!" En Ci murmured to himself in a stunned manner.

In the air above, the luster radiating from the giant golden dragon's body clearly dimmed for an instant as it swatted the Five-elemental Qilin away, but the golden radiance then quickly returned.

That's right, in that dire situation, Tang Wulin had used his spiritual domain. With his Time Reversal, he was able to alter the time within a small scope, thereby allowing him to react in the instant right before he was struck by the Five-elemental True Flames.

Having evaded the Five-elemental True Flames, the subsequent attack unleashed by Tong Yu naturally didn't pose anywhere near as much of a threat.

This was the truly incredible part about the Time Reversal domain, and it was why the Smiling Douluo had been stunned when he discovered that Tang Wulin possessed such a domain.

At this moment, not only was Tong Yu stunned by Tang Wulin's abilities, Tang Wulin himself was just as astonished.

The Five-elemental Revolution domain that Tong Yu had unleashed was a complementary domain that could nullify virtually all control system soul skills. On top of that, it could drastically enhance his powers and affinity with five-elemental power. Most importantly of all, it was a spiritual domain!

This meant that Tong Yu had reached the Spirit Domain realm and had attained a spiritual domain. As such, his spiritual power wasn't inferior to Tang Wulin's, and he had most likely attained a spiritual domain prior to Tang Wulin, so his spiritual power likely outstripped that of Tang Wulin.

Furthermore, that eighth soul skill of his was truly incredibly powerful. Even with Tang Wulin's martial soul true body, Golden Dragon King bloodline, and Body Sect congenital secret method, he was still struck by an overwhelming lethal threat; who could possibly withstand such an attack?

After Tong Yu was sent flying by Tang Wulin, five deep gashes had been inflicted onto his body, and five-colored scales rained down from above. However, he was too stunned to pay any heed to those injuries.

What had just happened? He had just gained an absolute upper hand and was about to deal the decisive blow; how had things turned out like this instead? He had also been struck by a sense of disorientation just now, but due to his own immense spiritual power, he was able to return to his senses faster than everyone else.

Was that a spiritual domain? How could someone have attained a spiritual domain at such a young age?

This was the first time that the two had paused since the commencement of the match, and both of them had been stunned by one another's powers.

In the face of such a formidable foe, both of them had only respect and wariness in their hearts for each other.

Tang Wulin swiveled around, and golden light rose up from his body, forming a cloud of faint golden mist around him; it was none other than his dragon's repulse. At the same time, his bloodline aura became even more powerful, and he released his dragon's might to its full extent.

Even so, he was still appraising Tong Yu in a very cautious manner. He couldn't afford to be struck by those Five-elemental True Flames again no matter what. When those flames had come into contact with his body, he felt as if all of his power had been cleansed away, and it was the first time that he had ever faced such a soul skill.

Tong Yu appraised Tang Wulin intently, and said in a deep voice, "You're very powerful. It's a pity; if I still had time, I would really want to battle you again when you reach the Limit Douluo level. That would surely be a wonderful experience."

This was the first time that Tong Yu had spoken during the match. His voice was rather coarse and husky, but it had a special allure that made it very distinct and unforgettable.

Tang Wulin replied, "You're even more powerful. I can sense that what you're displaying now isn't your full power; I hope you can show me everything you have."

He had already completely cast the outcome of this match out of his mind. In contrast, he was much more interested in facing Tong Yu at his full power.

Tong Yu didn't say anything in response, but a mixture of emotions had appeared in his eyes, including anticipation, excitement, but also a hint of sorrow.

In that instant, Tang Wulin couldn't help but think back to a few moments ago, where he had almost been killed by Tong Yu's Five-elemental Divine Arrow. In the instant that it was about to strike his head it suddenly veered off its original course, which meant that it would glance over his forehead rather than pierce straight through his brain.

It was quite clear that Tong Yu had held back, and that he wasn't as barbaric as he seemed.

The two of them sprang into action again almost at the exact same moment, and Tang Wulin accelerated rapidly as he flapped his golden dragon wings. At the same time, a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted from beneath him, but as opposed to sweeping toward his opponent's body, they were binding around him instead.

With the vast cultivation rank disparity between the two of them and Tong Yu's formidable Five-elemental True Flames, Tang Wulin knew that he wouldn't be able to face his opponent with his Golden Dragon King True Body alone. As such, he had to change. One Bluesilver Emperor vine after another pierced into his massive dragon body, and as they did so, he quickly shrank down to only around 10 meters in length, which made him roughly comparable in size to the Five-elemental Qilin.

His golden scales also took on a bluish-golden color, and his aura underwent a complete transformation, as if it had suddenly evolved. For the first time, the energy fluctuations emanating from his body were matching those of the Qilin Douluo.

The Five-elemental Qilin faltered slightly upon seeing this. Was this a soul fusion skill?

That's right, it was a blood soul fusion skill, a perfect integration between Tang Wulin's bloodline and martial soul.

He had named this form "Dragon Emperor True Body", and this was one of the main trump cards leading into the Trial of Five Gods. This was a form that he had only managed to attain after reaching the Soul Douluo level, and he had achieved this by completely integrating his blood soul fusion skill into his overall combat prowess, rather than simply fusing a pair of soul skills as one.

In his Dragon Emperor True Body form, every single attack he unleashed was going to be a blood soul fusion skill, and if he were to don his suit of battle armor, he would be in his ultimate form.

On the rostrum, En Ci was sitting bolt upright in his chair. Even with his vast wealth of knowledge and experience, he felt as if he were on a rollercoaster ride. Just how many secrets and trump cards was Tang Wulin hiding?

Many people, including En Ci, had simply written off Tang Wulin as the Tang Sect Master. It wasn't that they thought that the Tang Sect didn't have anyone else left; they were merely of the opinion that this was an unwise decision.

Both the Heartless Douluo and Amorous Douluo were still around, and it simply made no sense for them to crown such a young man as their sect master. Even if he were destined to become a Limit Douluo in the future, assigning him such a heavy burden at such an early stage in his development could easily crush him.

Even the Smiling Douluo had to correspond with the Amorous Douluo on multiple occasions to verify that Tang Wulin was indeed the Tang Sect Master, let alone everyone else.

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