Chapter 1344: Five-elemental Revolution, Qilin Transformation

With that in mind, a hint of fear welled up in the Smiling Douluo's heart. However, this was the Trial of Five Gods, so even he couldn't intervene to stop the battle; he could only pray that Tang Wulin doesn't fall prey to Tong Yu's tricks.

"Boom!" The Blue Emperor Fury of the Masses clashed with Tong Yu's fists, and he was sent flying even higher up into the air.

A series of Bluesilver Emperor vines then immediately erupted forth to form a giant net that swept toward him. At the same time, a resounding dragon's roar rang out from the center of the Bluesilver Emperor vines, and a giant golden dragon emerged.

In contrast with Goldsong, this golden dragon had a pair of wings and was over 30 meters in length. As soon as it appeared, the entire sports stadium was instantly basked in a golden radiance.

It was as if countless giant dragons were roaring in unison, and the peerlessly powerful blood essence fluctuations radiating from Tang Wulin's body struck all of the dragon-type Soul Masters present with an intense sense of pressure.

To put it more accurately, all Soul Masters with beast martial souls were struck by the urge to bow down in subordination as if they had met their ruler, and there was no room for any emotions in their hearts other than fear and reverence.

Fox King Su Mu sat bolt upright on the rostrum upon seeing this. Back when he had faced Tang Wulin during the youth tournament, he had initially gained the upper hand, only to be defeated due to the blood oppression that Tang Wulin was able to exert upon him.

After so many years had passed, Tang Wulin's bloodline aura had become countless times more powerful, and his Nine-tailed Fox bloodline was trembling in his veins.

The protective barrier should've been able to filter out all types of energy fluctuations, including bloodline auras, so could it be that the reaction he was displaying was in response to just the sound alone? Was Tang Wulin truly already this powerful?

As one of the Eight Monster Kings, he and all of the other kings had a virtually blind and unconditional confidence in Long Yue, but for the first time, Su Mu was beginning to wonder whether Long Yue would still be a match for Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was truly far too powerful. He had secured two consecutive victories in the Trial of Five Gods, and both of his opponents had been at or above the Titled Douluo level. Su Mu really didn't want to admit it, but he was feeling completely inferior and defeated in the face of Tang Wulin. How was he supposed to overcome an opponent like this? They weren't even on the same level anymore!

The thunderous dragon's roar had stunned the entire stadium, but all of the high-grade Soul Masters present were more astonished by the form that Tang Wulin was currently displaying.

Those massive powerful vines were undoubtedly an extension of his martial soul true body, but what was that giant golden dragon? It definitely wasn't a soul spirit as it was different from all of the soul spirits he had revealed the day before. Could it be that this was another martial soul true body?

But even Soul Masters with twin martial souls couldn't release both of their martial soul true bodies at once! This was simply unheard of! How had Tang Wulin managed to accomplish this?

Indeed, there was no way for someone with twin martial souls to accomplish, but Tang Wulin never had twin martial souls to begin with. Even he hadn't been aware that he was able to do this until he unintentionally discovered one day that his Bluesilver Emperor and bloodline power could be separated after he unleashed his martial soul true body.

In a sense, this was like using two martial soul true bodies at once, but his Bluesilver Emperor could operate on his battle instincts alone, so his Golden Dragon King bloodline occupied the primary position.

His Bluesilver Emperor martial soul was adept in control, while his Golden Dragon King bloodline was perfect for offense, and the combination of the two was an ideal match that drastically enhanced his combat prowess.

Tong Yu had just been sent flying and was still reeling from the effect of the Blue Emperor Fury of the Masses when he was met by a charge from the Golden Dragon King True Body, which was hurtling toward him at over the speed of sound.

This was a combination of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Roar, Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, and Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion. In that instant, Tong Yu had been completely forced onto the back foot, and he was also extremely stunned, not by Tang Wulin's twin martial soul true bodies, but by his bloodline instead.

Ever since his recessive Qilin bloodline had been awakened, his bloodline had never been suppressed by anyone else. However, in the instant that Tang Wulin revealed his Golden Dragon King True Body, Tong Yu instantly felt that his bloodline fluctuations had been quelled. For the first time ever, Tong Yu could sense a hint of fear originating from his Five-elemental Qilin bloodline, and that was undoubtedly going to severely affect his powers. On top of that, Tang Wulin's ferocious attack had already arrived.

Having been driven into a corner, Tong Yu took a deep breath, and a layer of five-colored light emerged from his body. The five-color lighted conjured up five giant runes of different colors beneath his feet, each of which corresponded with one of the five elemental powers that he controlled. As soon as these runes emerged, it was as if five giant vortexes had appeared in the air above. 

"Five-elemental revolution, Qilin Transformation!"

Tong Yu swiveled around in mid-air, and abruptly transformed into a five-colored Qilin that was over 10 meters in length. In contrast with his ghastly human form, his Five-elemental Qilin form was a lot more majestic and spectacular. He opened his mouth to expel a burst of five-colored flames, which surged directly toward Tang Wulin, and Tang Wulin was instantly struck by a rush of dizziness.

The Five-elemental True Flames clashed with his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, and he felt as if his energy and soul power were being cleansed away. He then caught sight of a flash of light from the tip of the horn on the Five-elemental Qilin's head, and in the instant that this light emerged, Tong Yu's eighth soul ring also lit up.

This was not good!

An overwhelming sense of peril washed over Tang Wulin, and he could sense that his life was under threat. The five-colored light reached his glabella almost instantaneously, and his body began to tremble slightly from intense fear.

His subconsciousness told him that this was not an attack that he could withstand, and that if he were to be struck by it, then the only possible outcome that awaited him was death.

This was the power of a domain, and it was most likely a spiritual domain. With this Five-elemental Revolution domain, Tong Yu had managed to instantly enhance his own five-elemental powers and nullify the effect that Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline had on him.

The Five-elemental True Flames didn't seem to be a direct attack, but it was more powerful than any attack. In the face of the Five-elemental True Flames, at least 70% of the power of Tang Wulin's attack had been nullified, and the streak of five-colored light that followed was the truly lethal blow.

On the rostrum, Hu Jie had already risen to his feet with a horrified look in his eyes. This was what he had been most concerned about.

En Ci and Dai Tianling's expressions also changed drastically. They didn't want to see the Tang Sect Master perish during the Trial of Five Gods, either! If that were to happen, their entire empire would have to bear the wrath of the Tang Sect, and in the face of the impending war, that would put them in an extremely perilous situation.

In contrast, Zhang Geyang's face had lit up with elation, but what he had failed to notice was that Gu Yuena's body had suddenly become rather illusionary in appearance.

Time seemed to have completely frozen in that instant. The reversal had taken place far too quickly. Tang Wulin had held a decisive upper hand just a moment ago, yet now, he was being faced with a lethal threat; who could possibly envision such a drastic turn of events?

Tang Wulin knew that there was no way that he would be able to evade this attack, nor did he possess the power to withstand it. It was undoubtedly going to be a lethal strike, but in the face of this lethal threat, his body reacted on its own.

Powerful energy fluctuations erupted forth, and the space around Tang Wulin's body suddenly began to twist and warp. All of the spectators and the people on the rostrum were then struck by a sense of disorientation that caught everyone completely off guard.

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