Chapter 1343: Five-elemental Fire

Tang Wulin's sixth soul ring lit up, and he was forced to be the first one to use a soul skill of a higher caliber.

A massive purple flower projection appeared behind him. The Bluesilver Golden Array had already crumbled after Tang Wulin was struck by that Five-elemental Ram, but when this giant flower appeared, the five-elemental power around Tong Yu and the Five-elemental Grip that was binding Tang Wulin suddenly transformed into specks of light that surged toward Tang Wulin's body.

Five-elemental power belonged to nature as well, so it was also prone to the effect of Devouring Heaven and Earth.

With the assistance of Devouring Heaven and Earth, Tang Wulin's aura swelled drastically, and his body shuddered slightly as he unleashed his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion to struggle free from the Five-elemental Grip. He spread his wings before flapping them vigorously, and actively unleashed an attack for the first time during this battle.

It was his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

His blood soul fusion skills were one of his greatest trump cards, and the speed of this attack was simply extraordinary.

He reached out with his golden dragon claws, and his body seemed to have transformed into a streak of light that virtually instantaneously reached his opponent.

Tong Yu's emotional fluctuations seemed to have subsided at this point, and two beams of dazzling light suddenly erupted from his blue and red eyes before intertwining as they hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin.

What would happen when two completely contrasting powers, fire and ice, combined as one? This was a situation that Tang Wulin hadn't encountered even in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, but it was unfolding right before his eyes now.

A resounding explosion rang out, and his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight was stopped cold in its tracks. Tong Yu had already leaped into the air above him, and his first soul ring lit up. It was still his Qilin Arm soul skill, but on this occasion, the arm was burning with five-colored flames.

These were five-elemental flames!

Each 100,000-year-old soul ring could grant two soul skills, and Tong Yu was displaying this to Tang Wulin now. What was even more fearsome was that all of his soul skills were of the 100,000-year level!


Tang Wulin was smashed straight into the ground, where he left a massive crater on the competition platform.

Even though the five-elemental power he had been struck by had been significantly nullified by his Devouring Heaven and Earth, he had still been dealt an extremely heavy blow, and in the eyes of the spectators, the battle was already decided.

However, Tong Yu wasn't of the same opinion. When his attack had struck Tang Wulin, he could clearly feel that Tang Wulin's body had become extremely flexible and supple, but also peerlessly solid and tough at its core. The supple part had nullified part of his power, while the tough part had resulted in backlash force that had stopped him cold in his tracks, thereby preventing him from being able to swoop in and press his advantage.

After being slammed into the ground, Tang Wulin didn't immediately get up. Instead, his body began to undergo a transformation. A series of giant Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from the crater, and they were like bluish-golden giant dragons that swept toward Tong Yu.

This was a combination of his Bluesilver Overlord Transformation and Bluesilver True Body!

Those dragon-like vines intertwined in the air, and Zhang Geyang reflexively rose to his feet upon seeing this, thinking that this was his Infernal Lightning Vine. If Tang Wulin had already fused with the Infernal Lightning Vine, then he wouldn't be able to recover his soul spirit even if he were to kill Tang Wulin.

Upon catching a clear glimpse of the appearance of these vines, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, his brows were tightly furrowed.

Each and every vine was covered in bluish-golden scales, and they didn't even look like plants anymore. In particular, their tips had taken on the form of rough dragon's heads, and they were extremely dazzling to behold.

The vines enveloped Tong Yu in the blink of an eye before attempting to bind onto him, and five-elemental flames erupted from Tong Yu's body in retaliation to try and burn these vines. However, the scales on the surface of these vines were extremely tough, and even though they were somewhat affected by the flames, they still continued to converge around Tong Yu's body.

Right at this moment, Tong Yu's fifth soul ring lit up, and five balls of light that were golden, azure, blue, red, and yellow in color emerged around him before exploding in unison.

This was his Five-elemental Divine Lightning!

A violent explosion rang out, and the five elemental powers instantly fused as one to form a five-elemental storm that forced back the converging Bluesilver Emperor vines. At the same time, Tong Yu clasped his hands together before raising them high over his head, and a vibrant five-colored blade emerged in his grasp before crashing down directly toward the core of the Bluesilver Emperor vines. This was his sixth soul skill, Great Five-elemental Divine Saber.

The air twisted and warped in the wake of the Great Five-elemental Divine Saber, which was imbued with a peerlessly destructive aura.

At the center of the Bluesilver Emperor vines, Tang Wulin re-emerged with a solemn expression. He seemed to have entered a very special state, and he clenched his right fist before slowly extending it as he took a step forward.

Golden flames instantly rose up from his body, and his aura began to climb at an alarming rate. His outward appearance didn't really change, but in that instant, even Tong Yu, who possessed the bloodline of the Qilin, felt as if he were facing an almighty being whom he couldn't oppose.

A golden path of light began to extend toward Tong Yu with Tang Wulin as its origin, and within that golden path, Tang Wulin's fist was rapidly expanding.

This was his Path of Regal Domination!

"Boom!" A violent explosion of energy ensued, and Tong Yu was blasted up into the air. Countless wounds appeared over Tang Wulin's body, and there were many sections of his dragon scales that had been torn open, but he still stood on the spot in a resolute manner. This was the might of the Path of Regal Domination; unless Tang Wulin were to be killed, there was no way that his opponent could force him to take a backward step.

In the next instant, countless Bluesilver Emperor vines rose up before instantly converging to form a spear. This was his Blue Emperor Fury of the Masses, and it was being thrust directly toward Tong Yu, who had just been flung up into the air.

The entire spectator stands were completely silent at this point; everyone had the entirety of their attention focused on this battle.

As soon as the match had begun, Tang Wulin and Tong Yu had exchanged a series of devastating attacks, and both sides had directly fought fire with fire.

Initially, it appeared that Tang Wulin had been forced onto the back foot, but he had quickly managed to claw his way back into the match. This undoubtedly indicated that his powers were already comparable to those of a Hyper Douluo!

Furthermore, the battle between them was extremely spectacular with lights and flames of all types of different colors hurtling through the air. Tong Yu was like a vibrant and colorful monster, whereas Tang Wulin was the glamorous golden dragon warrior.

In the eyes of many of the female spectators present, Tang Wulin was like a hero who was battling a demon, and they were completely entranced.

In contrast, the people on the rostrum and the other powerful Soul Masters in the spectator stands were rather confused.

The Smiling Douluo was one of those people. This Qilin Douluo Tong Yu didn't seem to be as powerful as he had imagined!

He had been very alarmed when he had heard that Tang Wulin's opponent would be Tong Yu as he was aware of Tong Yu's past criminal record. There were definitely some flaws in his personality, which could lead to him going overboard in this battle. The other reason for his concern was that all of the most powerful Soul Masters in the Star Luo Empire knew that this Qilin Douluo was the likeliest candidate to become a Limit Douluo. The main reason that Monster Academy had chosen to protect him following the crime that he had committed was his cultivation aptitude, so in the face of a powerful being of his caliber, Tang Wulin should've had no chance at all.

However, the battle wasn't progressing as the Smiling Douluo had expected. Tong Yu's attacks were very fierce, but they seemed to be lacking in power. At the very least, the attacks definitely weren't at the Limit Douluo level, and it was debatable whether he was even displaying Hyper Douluo level power.

Of course, his Five-elemental Qilin martial soul was extremely powerful, but he was still unable to completely dominate Tang Wulin, and that came as quite a relief to Hu Jie, but also left him feeling quite perplexed.

Could it be that not only had Tong Yu not improved during the past 37 years, he had regressed instead?

Hu Jie wasn't the only one perplexed by this; En Ci was also appraising the match with befuddlement in his eyes, so it was quite clear that Tong Yu should've been more powerful than his current display suggested.

So what exactly was hampering his performance? Could it be that he was waiting for Tang Wulin to grow complacent before dealing a decisive blow to defeat him, or even worse... to kill him?

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