Chapter 134 - Rebellion Spirit Ascension Platform?

Chapter 134 - Rebellion Spirit Ascension Platform?

Wu Zhangkong said, “Twice a year, the spirit ascension platform will rebel. At first, they were caused by the unstable energies that the spirit ascension platform was made of. As the technology progressed, however, they were able to gain control over the rebellion periods and turned them into a special feature of the spirit ascension platforms. During a rebellion period, the soul beasts will grow excited and become more visible, increasing the danger within the spirit ascension platform. The Eighteen Pillars of Heaven imposed a limit of 300 people to enter the rebellion spirit ascension platform each time. This time, you five are fortunate enough to be one of those 300 people after the academy spent an enormous amount of resources to secure five quota spaces for you. You should appreciate just how great of an opportunity this is.”

“During the rebellion period, you will be able to enter the spirit ascension platform as a team, but your number cannot surpass seven. Since there are only five of you, so there will be no problems for you to enter together. This will serve to test your coordination as a team. Don’t forget though, in addition to soul beasts, you might encounter other Soul Masters. They will pose just as much of a danger to you as soul beasts, because if you are ejected from the spirit ascension platform within the 100 seconds it takes to absorb a soul beast’s spiritual energy, the remaining energy will go to the nearest Soul Master. These are the special rules of the rebellion spirit ascension platform.”

Zhang Yangzi asked, “So you’re saying that other Soul Masters can steal our spiritual energy, and we can steal their spiritual energy too?”

Wu Zhangkong spoke dismissively, “If you’re confident you can try, but don’t forget that Soul Masters with up to three rings can enter the elementary spirit ascension platform, and those that want to enter a rebellion spirit ascension platform have to pay an enormous price. This means that there is a high chance that three ringed Soul Masters will appear and kill as many soul beasts as they can to try to upgrade their spirit soul. If you truly decide to attack them, then you should be prepared to face a powerful opponent.”

Tang Wulin said, “Don’t worry, teacher. We will rely on our strength as a team!”

Zhang Yangzi’s relationship with the others had mended long ago. After all, they were young and had the temperament of children. How could he hold a grudge considering that? Moreover, as Tang Wulin and Wang Jinxi grew closer together, Wang Jinxi had astonishingly advanced two ranks to reach rank 23. On the other hand, both Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie had only just reached rank 22.

“You will enter the spirit ascension platform in three days. You can take the next three days off as a vacation to rest and prepare.”

Vacation? Ever since they had entered class zero, they hadn’t had any opportunities to rest apart from the one rest day they had every week.

But now they were given three days off! Xie Xie and Zhang Yangzi immediately took the lead to express their joy with cheers.

Tang Wulin turned pensive at the thought of three days of free time. What should I do in these three days? That much time isn’t enough to make any improvements for battle.

After school, they all headed back to the dormitory.

“Wulin, what do you plan on doing in these three days? How about we go out to play instead?” Xie Xie mischievously laughed.

“Play? Play what?” Zhang Yangzi looked over and asked.

Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Zhang Yangzi laughed. “I’ll treat you guys to dinner then, how about it? Will you bring me now?”

Xie Xie said, “I’ll have to consider it then. That’s right, I just remembered something. Teacher Wu said our final exam has two parts to it, and the spirit ascension platform is only one part! What’s the other part then? What do you guys think?”

After pondering over it, they were at a loss and could only shake their heads.

Wang Jinxi answered with a bitter smile, “The rebellion spirit ascension platform is a wonderful opportunity, but it’s still a bit early for us. I heard that the competition within the rebellion spirit ascension platform is extremely fierce and there is no room for empathy inside. After all, the chance to evolve your spirit soul is simply too valuable.”

Tang Wulin said, “The academy has invested a lot to give us the opportunity to enter the spirit ascension platform this often. I think they want us all to evolve our spirit souls to the thousand-year level by the time we graduate. Have any of you measured and calculated the growth of your spirit soul yet?”

When they heard these words, they all froze in place.

A thousand-year spirit soul? Just what did that signify?

A thousand-year spirit soul, a thousand-year soul ring! Their first ring would become a thousand-year soul ring!

If their first spirit soul was a thousand-year one, then it would be able to provide them with three soul skills and help them conserve some spiritual power. They could then fuse with another thousand-year spirit soul in the future and not need to worry about obtaining their first six soul rings.

The number of spirit souls one could support had always been one of the greatest limitations that prevented Soul Masters from reaching higher levels of cultivation.

If one’s spiritual power was insufficient, then any attempts at fusing with a spirit soul would only end in failure. This was one of the reasons why Wu Zhangkong emphasized cultivating spiritual power.

After researching spirit soul fusion for the last 10,000 years, 3000 years ago, the great Soul Master organizations released a report which detailed that a correlation between a Soul Master’s spiritual power level and the number of spirit souls they could fuse with existed.

At the basic Spirit Origin realm, only one spirit soul could be fused with. With spiritual power at the Spirit Origin realm, one could support up to a single yellow spirit soul.

At the Spirit Connection realm, one’s spirit could then communicate with their spirit soul and gain basic control over their spiritual power. By controlling one’s spiritual power, one could support two yellow spirit souls or even a single purple spirit soul.

At the Spirit Sea realm, one’s spirit became as vast and as boundless as the sea. It was at this realm that one’s spiritual power could be considered high and was a sufficient foundation to become a powerful expert. All Mecha Masters and Souls Masters who reached the apex had reached this level at the very least. At this realm, one could support either five yellow spirit souls, three purple spirit souls or a single black spirit soul.

When one entered the Spirit Abyss realm, their spirit would act like an abyssal prison. If the spirit was the world, then the upper boundary would be heaven while the lower boundary would be hell! Should one have such powerful spiritual power, they would also possess a legendary spirit soul that acted as their foundation. One could fuse with any level of spirit soul at this realm; even orange spirit souls and red spirit souls could be fused with. If one fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then their remaining power would only be at the Spirit Sea realm. However, if one didn’t have an orange or red spirit soul, it was possible to fuse with a maximum of five spirit souls of any color. Normally speaking, the Spirit Abyss realm was considered the limit of humans, but there was still the Spirit Domain realm.

Should one reach the Spirit Domain realm, their spirit sense would become a domain, a world unto itself. Their spirit sense would control the domain and their spirit souls become the foundation of their world. Their mind would then be boundless, and their spiritual power able to fuse with spirit souls of any level. In theory, the limit was nine legendary spirit souls, just like the fabled founder of the Spirit Pagoda and creator of spirit souls, the almighty Spirit Ice Douluo.

Then, there was the rumored Divine Origin realm.  One would transform into the primordial state, while their spirit sense would become omnipotent and change into the primordial spirit. Spiritual power would convert into primordial spirit power; that was the realm of the gods. With a single thought, one would know everything under the heavens and could peek into the realm of the gods. Once one reached the Divine Origin realm, they could already be considered a demigod. Only a god’s inheritance was missing.

For Soul Masters, the first four spiritual power realms were the most important as Spirit Domain realm and Divine Origin realm were only attainable by pure spirit attribute Soul Masters.

The Spirit Origin realm was something everyone possessed innately as soon as they were born. From there, it wasn’t too hard to cultivate 100 points of spiritual power and reach the Spirit Connection realm. However, a huge gap existed between Spirit Connection and Spirit Sea, preventing the majority from ever reaching the latter.

The Spirit Sea realm required 500 points of spiritual power.

The Spirit Abyss realm required 5000 points of spiritual power.

The Spirit Domain realm required 20,000 points of spiritual power.

As for the Divine Origin realm, it required a terrifying 50,000 points of spiritual power.

There were rumors that an even higher realm existed: the legendary Godking realm. This was the current extent of Tang Wulin and his classmates’ knowledge.

Among the five students of class zero, Gu Yue possessed the greatest spiritual power and would easily reach the Spirit Sea realm in the future. Only after reaching the Spirit Sea realm would it be possible for a Soul Master to have nine rings, assuming these nine rings were all thousand-year rings at most.

As for the other four students, Tang Wulin was second in spiritual power strength since he was already at the Spirit Connection realm. The remaining three were all at the boundary of the Spirit Connection realm and would soon reach it.

Even so, with how talented they were, reaching Spirit Connection would be easy, and considering their young age, it was very likely that they would be able to reach the Spirit Sea realm too.

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