Chapter 1335: Back-to-back Victories

However, who could've imagined that a battle that was supposed to be in the bag would be won by Tang Wulin, and that he would secure victory as result of such an incredible comeback? Life was truly a rollercoaster ride...

Furthermore, he had also been quite startled to see Zhang Geyang being forced back by Tang Wulin. Was Tang Wulin already this powerful?

Upon further analysis, he determined that Tang Wulin seemed to have borrowed some other type of power to force back Zhang Geyang, but the fact of the matter was that he had forced Zhang Geyang into retreat without assistance from anyone else. As such, En Ci knew that he had to reassess this young man.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip, Goldsong, and Tyrant Dragon all vanished into Tang Wulin's body as streaks of light, and he turned to En Ci with a smile. "Isn't it time to announce the result, Principal?"

En Ci shot him a slightly indignant glance before turning to the announcer and giving him a nod. This was a match that had been witnessed by countless spectators; the Star Luo Empire certainly couldn't just cheat and refuse to accept this outcome!

Furthermore, Zhang Geyang's actions would've most definitely dealt an extremely heavy blow to the Spirit Pagoda's reputation, so the empire definitely couldn't side with them now.

"Sect Master Tang has secured victory in the second match of the Trial of Five Gods, thereby achieving back-to-back wins!"

Waves of raucous cheers rang out from the spectator stands in response to this announcement, and there was clearly a very high proportion of female spectators cheering for Tang Wulin.

Shrek's Six Monsters were already jumping up and down on the rostrum. Tang Wulin had just secured two consecutive victories in the Trial of Five Gods!

What could be more exciting than this? Tang Wulin had just secured two consecutive victories against an entire empire! This was undoubtedly going to be extremely beneficial for Tang Wulin's confidence, reputation, and development.

Furthemore, with these two victories in the bag, so what even if he lost the remaining three matches? For the Tang Sect, two victories were already more than enough. At the very least, the reputation of the Tang Sect would be sure to reach new heights in the Star Luo Empire, and all of the citizens here would definitely acknowledge him as the new Tang Sect Master.

The disciples of the Tang Sect's Star Luo Empire branches were filled with awe and admiration toward their new sect master. One had to realize that even the Smiling Douluo may not have been able to win these first two battles.

Shrek's Six Monsters rushed onto the competition platform and threw Tang Wulin up into the air. Even they were still coming to terms with the fact that Tang Wulin had won such a crucial match.

When they had learned that Tang Wulin's opponent was going to be a rank 98 Hyper Douluo from the Spirit Pagoda, their hearts had immediately sunk. Zhang Geyang was far more powerful than Tang Wulin, and his forte lay in his soul spirits as well.

Regardless of how confident Tang Wulin was in his own soul spirits, he was simply not powerful enough, and there was no way his soul spirits could match up to those of a Hyper Douluo.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline did provide powerful enhancements, but those were limited as well.

When the Infernal Lightning Vine had appeared, Tang Wulin had thought that this battle was lost. The Infernal Lightning Vine's offensive power was simply far too incredible; even Tang Wulin had been completely stunned by it.

However, the Beautiful Silk Tulip had suddenly requested to be released, and that was when the tide had begun to turn.

At the time, the Beautiful Silk Tulip had told him that using a plant system soul beast against him was the equivalent of asking for defeat. Furthermore, Zhang Geyang hadn't been able to completely tame the Infernal Lightning Vine, so this was a brilliant opportunity as the Infernal Lightning Vine was going to be a perfect final soul spirit for Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin still didn't know why the Infernal Lightning Vine was supposed to be so perfect for him, but trusted the Beautiful Silk Tulip's judgment.

After unleashing his Son of Nature soul skill, Tang Wulin was able to sense the auras of all of the plants in the entirety of Heaven Dou City. All of the power of nature had flowed into his body and was then transferred into the Beautiful Silk Tulip's body.

With the enhancements it received from the Beautiful Silk Tulip, Goldsong was able to withstand the attacks being directed at it, and following that was the communication between the Beautiful Silk Tulip and the Infernal Lightning Vine.

Even Tang Wulin didn't know exactly how they had communicated, but the outcome was already clear by the time he had summoned his Tyrant Dragon soul spirit. The Infernal Lightning Vine had already made its decision at that point, and everything after that became very simple. The Infernal Lightning Vine's betrayal led to a stunning reversal, allowing Tang Wulin to defeat Zhang Geyang with ease.

All Tang Wulin wanted to do now was to return to the Tang Sect headquarters as soon as he could so he could ask the Beautiful Silk Tulip exactly what was going on with the Infernal Lightning Vine.

Could the Infernal Lightning Vine really become a valuable asset for him? It was certainly extremely powerful, but it was quite clear that even it was unable to completely control its own power.

Dai Yun'er was seated in the spectator stands, patting her own chest as she heaved a long sigh of relief. There was a time during the match where she had thought that Tang Wulin was going to lose, and her heart had leaped into her throat.

When it was revealed that Tang Wulin's opponent was Zhang Geyang, she had cursed En Ci countless times in her heart! En Ci was well aware of the strained relationship between the Tang Sect and the Spirit Pagoda, yet he had still invited Zhang Geyang to participate in this match; what if he had taken this opportunity to harm Tang Wulin?

With that in mind, she had constantly been watching the match with rapt focus, preparing to step in to assist Tang Wulin should that be required. However, as soon as the match began, she realized that a battle of this caliber wasn't something that she could play a role in.

Several years ago, they had faced one another in the same tournament, yet now, he was so powerful that she could only look up at him from down below. She felt like he was now so far ahead of her that she could barely even see him anymore.

Despite this, Dai Yun'er's eyes were filled with pride. Even as far as seven years ago, when he had first begun to display his potential, she had already fallen in love with him. She was going to keep him in the Star Luo Empire and by her side no matter what she had to do. She clenched her delicate fists and cheered for Tang Wulin with all her might in her heart.

After losing two consecutive matches, her father was definitely in a very foul mood. She had decided to pay him a visit, and instead of saying anything, she was merely going to smile and look at him in silence.

Dai Tianling's current expression was indeed quite strained, and it was also tinged with incredulity as he stared at Tang Wulin from the rostrum.

Zhang Geyang had lost? There were better options for the first mecha battle than Huang Zhengyang, but purely from a soul spirit perspective, the only person who could compare with Zhang Geyang in the entire empire was En Ci. Even the Smiling Douluo was far inferior in this field.

During the Trial of Five Gods, each participant from the Star Luo Empire could only take part in a single match, and Zhang Geyang was definitely the best option that they had.

It seemed that Tang Wulin had used some special methods to turn the tables in the end, but the fact of the matter was that he was now the most powerful soul spirit user in the entire Star Luo Empire.

That little bastard! 

Right at this moment, a guard hurriedly rushed onto the rostrum before kneeling down beside Dai Tianling. "Your Majesty, I bring urgent news."

"What is it?" Dai Tianling's heart jolted upon hearing this. Ever since the Douluo Federation had displayed an intention to start a war, he had become very sensitive to bad news.

"All of the plants in the entire city are inexplicably growing at an insane rate, and the flowers of many plants are now in full bloom, even though they should be out of season."

"What?" Dai Tianling faltered slightly upon hearing this before immediately instructing, "Launch an investigation into the matter right away!"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

All of the plants in the city were growing at an insane rate. What was going on? Dai Tianling hurriedly rose to his feet and departed from the rostrum. He had to get to the bottom of this matter first. If it were the premonition for a major disaster, then he would have to make extensive preparations right away.

"Tang Wulin, Tang Wulin, Tang Wulin..."

When the Tang Sect vehicles left the sports stadium, a massive crowd had already gathered at the main entrance, and they were all chanting his name. Many of them wanted to see the Tang Sect Master up close, and the city's soldiers had to intervene to clear out a path for the Tang Sect vehicles.

Tang Wulin's consecutive victories had forged a resounding reputation for him, and this was also the best possible form of promotion for the Tang Sect.

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