Chapter 1333: Incredible Reversal of Fortunes

Among Tang Wulin's soul spirits, it possessed the bloodline that was closest to the Golden Dragon King, and even though it hadn't been with Tang Wulin for as long as Goldsong had, it had still been heavily affected by the Golden Dragon King bloodline and was constantly evolving.

Its wings had become significantly larger than before, and there was now even a single giant horn on its head. Just from its appearance alone, even the most knowledgeable and experienced soul beast researcher most likely wouldn't be able to identify exactly what it was. Its appearance had truly stunned the entire venue.

It was simply way too massive! What kind of terrifying soul spirit was this?

Right as this colossal beast appeared, Goldsong found itself in a very perilous situation. The green figure flying toward it was too fast for it to evade, and it only had time to close its eyes before the oncoming streak of green light struck its eyelid.

Sharp pain speared through Goldsong's eye socket, and it let loose an agonized roar as its aura swelled drastically, and it unleashed its combination of dragon's might and Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion again.

As a result, the green streak of light was instantly repelled, but it then quickly swerved around as a green arrow of light that shot forth toward Goldsong again.

"That's a Demonic Greenbird!" Tang Wulin exclaimed.

However, this Demonic Greenbird was far more powerful than the one he and Gu Yuena had captured in the past. Its green body had already become transparent, making it look as if it had been carved out of translucent green jade, and it possessed such incredible speed and offensive prowess that even Goldsong's defensive capabilities were struggling to keep up.

This was a 100,000-year-old Demonic Greenbird soul ring, and it was also Zhang Geyang's final soul spirit. Among his four 100,000-year-old soul rings, three of them had been provided by the Azure Jade Phoenix, while the final stemmed from this Demonic Greenbird.

The ninth soul skill provided by the Demonic Greenbird wasn't extremely powerful, but it was a very practical life-saving ability. In contrast, Zhang Geyang placed much higher value on the offensive prowess of the Demonic Greenbird soul spirit.

Even though the Demonic Greenbird was very small, it was the bane of virtually all large soul beasts, and it was a truly fearsome killer in the soul beast world; even Great Beasts were extremely wary of it.

Even with its tiny mass, it was still posing a very substantial threat to Goldsong, and if it weren't for the fact that it possessed no actual body as a soul spirit, Goldsong would most likely be in an even more perilous situation.

The Demonic Greenbird's most prominent characteristic was its insane speed. It could easily break the sound barrier, and despite its diminutive body, it boasted incredible offensive prowess.

Meanwhile, the Infernal Flame Beast had already recovered after being knocked back by the Tyrant Dragon, and it was currently rushing off to the side to run around the colossal beast in its path.

Dazzling flames erupted from the Azure Jade Phoenix's body at Zhang Geyang's behest, and it also quickly swelled to become a giant fiery phoenix with a wingspan in excess of 30 meters as it engaged the Tyrant Dragon in a fierce battle.

This Azure Jade Phoenix was a 100,000-year-old soul spirit, and its Azure Jade Flames were of an even higher caliber than the Tyrant Dragon's dark golden flames. As such, swathes of Azure Jade Flames were quickly ignited on the Tyrant Dragon's body, and it roared with fury as it unleashed one attack after another toward the Azure Jade Phoenix. It seemed that the battle between these two soul spirits was going to be an extremely prolonged one.

Overall, it was undoubtedly the case that Zhang Geyang had claimed the upper hand again. The Infernal Flame Beast and Infernal Lightning Vine only had the Beautiful Silk Tulip to deal with now, and Goldsong was clearly struggling against the Demonic Greenbird.

Despite this, Tang Wulin seemed to be very calm, and he didn't appear to be fazed at all by the current situation.

The Infernal Flame Beast was extremely fast and reached the Beautiful Silk Tulip in the blink of an eye. It swiped a front paw toward the Beautiful Silk Tulip like lightning, using its infernal flames to incinerate the Beautiful Silk Tulip's body and soul. Fire was always the bane of all plants.

However, when the Infernal Flame Beast reached the Beautiful Silk Tulip, it was greeted by the sight of a sly smile on the Beautiful Silk Tulip's face.

Immediately thereafter, a powerful numbing sensation spread through its entire body, and it instantly stiffened in mid-air.

A segmented bamboo-like vine then struck its waist with a vicious blow, and it let loose a howl of anguish as it was slammed viciously down onto the ground with lightning plasma piercing through its body.

At the same time, a rumbling thunderclap, and the Demonic Greenbird was the second one to bite the dust.

No matter how fast the Demonic Greenbird was, there was no way it could outrun the speed of light. Thus, it was struck by a bolt of lightning with unerring accuracy, and it also instantly stiffened in mid-air.

Goldsong's rage had been building this entire time, and it certainly wasn't going to pass up on such a brilliant opportunity. It immediately opened its mouth to unleash a Golden Dragon Roar, and as the Demonic Greenbird plummeted out of the sky, Goldsong's claws sprang forth like lightning to catch it.

At this point, it had developed an intense hatred for this Demonic Greenbird, and it instantly tore the bird to shreds.

As long as the Soul Master still existed, the soul spirit wouldn't truly die, but a destroyed soul spirit required a very long time to regenerate, and the Soul Master would also be negatively impacted on both a physical and spiritual level.

Zhang Geyang gave a muffled groan, and blood splurted out of his nose and mouth as an incredulous look appeared on his face.

Right at this moment, countless lightning dragons rose up into the heavens to cut off all avenues of evasion and retreat for the Azure Jade Phoenix. The Tyrant Dragon swept its giant tail through the air again, and on this occasion, the Azure Jade Phoenix was a sitting duck that could only retaliate with a burst of flames.

"Boom, boom, boom!" A string of resounding booms rang out in the air, and the explosions of lightning created a dazzling scene akin to fireworks.

In the end, the Azure Jade Phoenix was still struck by the Tyrant Dragon's tail, and not only that, but the Tyrant Dragon charged forward like lightning. It displayed explosive speed that completely belied its massive body, and the horn on its head viciously impaled the Azure Jade Phoenix's body.

The Azure Jade Phoenix let loose an agonized cry as the flames around its body converged to heal its wound, but its body had shrunk noticeably to around only two-thirds of its original size.

The Tyrant Dragon stomped forward with its right foot, and a resounding boom rang out as a pillar of dark golden flames erupted from beneath the Azure Jade Phoenix, blasting it even further up into the air.

The Tyrant Dragon then opened its cavernous mouth to blast forth a burst of dark golden flames, while Goldsong unleashed Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, springing up from the ground in hot pursuit.

All of a sudden, the Azure Jade Phoenix found itself being targeted by a barrage of attacks, and it let loose a string of anguished cries as it was forced into retreat.

Zhang Geyang's expression had darkened significantly, and he waved his right hand through the air, upon which the Azure Jade Phoenix flew back into his body as a streak of green light. Meanwhile, the Infernal Flame Beast had already been completely devoured by lightning plasma.

All of the spectators present, regardless of whether they were powerful Soul Master or average civilians, were completely rooted to their seats.

What had just happened? How had such a stunning reversal just taken place?

Just a moment ago, Zhang Geyang had held the absolute upper hand, and it had seemed that Sect Master Tang's soul spirits were about to be defeated, so how had this happened? In the span of just a few breaths, two of Zhang Geyang's four soul spirits had been destroyed, one had been forced into retreat, and the other one had... betrayed him?

That's right, everything had begun when the Infernal Lightning Vine had made the abrupt decision to jump into the opposing trench.

Just as the Infernal Flame Beast was about to attack the Beautiful Silk Tulip, the Infernal Lightning Vine suddenly lashed out, impaling the Infernal Flame Beast while also using its Lightning Dance to trap the Azure Jade Phoenix and to strike the Demonic Greenbird.

Overall, it was a soul spirit of a lesser caliber than the Azure Jade Phoenix and the Demonic Greenbird, but in terms of pure destructive power, it ranked above both of them, particularly the Demonic Greenbird. Just as the Demonic Greenbird was the bane of most soul beasts, it was the bane of the Demonic Greenbird, and that was why the Demonic Greenbird had been killed in such a brutal manner.

Everything had taken place in the blink of an eye, and from the instant that the Infernal Lightning Vine had betrayed Zhang Geyang, the battle had already been as good as over.

Even the announcer was so stunned that he had forgotten to declare the outcome of the match.

After a brief stunned stupor, a furious look appeared on Zhang Geyang's face, and he charged toward Tang Wulin with blue flames erupting around his body, making his expression appear even more sinister and twisted.

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