Chapter 1331: The Fearsome Infernal Lightning Vine

As soon as the Beautiful Silk Tulip emerged, it transformed into its human form before turning and giving Tang Wulin a reassuring nod.

In contrast with Goldsong, the Beautiful Silk Tulip was a Great Beast that possessed an extremely high level of intelligence, so it was able to communicate on a far more sophisticated level with Tang Wulin. Goldsong could only follow Tang Wulin's instructions, but the Beautiful Silk Tulip had its own thoughts and ideas, and was able to actively assist Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin's fifth greenish-golden soul ring suddenly lit up at its behest, and a huge greenish-golden halo immediately proliferated outward. 

All of the spectators present were quite startled by this as the greenish-golden halo had expanded at a far more rapid rate than anyone had anticipated. It had covered the entire sports stadium in virtually the blink of an eye, then instantly vanished as if it had seeped into the venue.

Regardless of whether it was the Beautiful Silk Tulip, Goldsong, the Infernal Lightning Vine, Tang Wulin, or Zhang Geyang, all of them had been encompassed within the greenish-golden halo.

Zhang Geyang's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this. He had always been keeping an eye on Tang Wulin, and the fact that he had been forced to release his second soul spirit first was an indirect admission that he had lost the clash between their first soul spirits. However, he had absolute confidence in his second soul spirit.

In reality, this Infernal Lightning Vine wasn't his most powerful soul spirit, but that was only because he was unable to nurture it to the 100,000-year level. However, this was definitely the most powerful soul spirit among all soul spirits of the same caliber.

In order to capture it, the Spirit Pagoda had sent out 11 powerful beings, all at the Titled Douluo level or above, and only then were they able to take it captive in a valley in the Star Luo Empire. At the time, it was already over 40,000 years old and was on the verge of self-destruction.

Zhang Geyang had to expend countless effort before he was finally able to successfully make this Infernal Lightning Vine his soul spirit. He stabilized the Infernal Lightning Vine and prohibited it from absorbing more lightning so that it would be able to survive, and in return, the Infernal Lightning Vine had to follow him and do his bidding.

During his development, the Infernal Lightning Vine had played a massive support role, and it was only after he obtained this second soul spirit that he really began to stand out in the Spirit Pagoda.

As such, it could be said that this was the soul spirit that he relied on the most. Unfortunately, there was no way for it to continue to evolve, not even in the Spirit Pagoda's Spirit Ascension Plane. Otherwise, it ran the risk of losing control and self-detonating at any moment.

Otherwise, it would most definitely have already become his most powerful soul spirit.

In reality, the Infernal Lightning Vine didn't actually have great synergy with his Infernal Flame Beast martial soul; he had only forcibly fused with the vine as it had been far too exceptional a prospect for him to pass up. In order to compete for this soul spirit, his family had paid a heavy price, and even then, it had only fallen into his hands as there wasn't a suitable candidate to fuse with it from the Qiangu Family, which was the number one family in the Spirit Pagoda.

"Lightning Hell!" Zhang Geyang issued a command to the Infernal Lightning Vine.

After using Lightning Forest to rescue his bonded soul spirit, it was now time for the Infernal Lightning Vine to shine. He was confident that a Soul Douluo like Tang Wulin wouldn't be able to stand up against the Infernal Lightning Vine's devastating power.

Upon receiving his command, the Infernal Lightning Vine immediately took on a purplish-golden color, and the lightning up above faltered momentarily before the entire sky began to dim. Within the dark purple sky, balls of lightning quickly took shape, and balls of lightning also began to rise up from the ground. A terrifying doomsday-like aura spread over the entire venue, and all of the spectators were completely rooted to their seats. Was this the power of a rank 98 Hyper Douluo's soul spirit? It was incredible to think that a soul spirit alone would be capable of unleashing such fearsome might!

Tang Wulin's expression also changed upon seeing this. With his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, he was naturally able to sense just how much lightning elements had gathered in the surrounding air. Each and every one of those balls of lightning was like a volcano that was on the verge of eruption, and if they were to explode all at once, perhaps the protective barrier over the sports stadium wouldn't even be able to hold itself intact.

At this point, En Ci had already disappeared from the rostrum. In order to ensure safety in a battle of such a high caliber, he had to support the protective formation in person.

A sinister look flashed through Zhang Geyang's eyes. 

Die, Tang Sect brat! 

He had no intention of holding back at all. He was going to destroy Tang Wulin's soul spirit, then direct Lightning Hell toward Tang Wulin and blast him into smithereens.

The Tang Sect had already declared war on the Spirit Pagoda anyway, and he had to avenge the destruction of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters in the Dou Spirit Empire. He could simply blame the outcome on a momentary lapse in concentration, and he couldn't care less about what the Tang Sect's reaction would be. If he could kill their new sect master, then he would definitely be rewarded handsomely by the Spirit Pagoda.

Right at this moment, the Beautiful Silk Tulip began to undergo some changes. A burst of pink mist proliferated from its body, and the mist was completely unaffected by the violent lightning aura in the air, forming a series of pink specks of light that drifted outward in all directions.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that these were a series of tiny vortexes that were absorbing the energy particles in the air, including the volatile lighting elements.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip raised a hand, and a beam of pink light shone down upon Goldsong, which was still struggling within the Lightning Forest. The golden light emanating from Goldsong's body immediately brightened, and it was able to keep the assault of Lightning Forest at bay.

A hint of disdain appeared on Zhang Geyang's eyes upon seeing this. So what if that was a Great Beast soul spirit? With such a weak host, they were only destined to be blown up into smithereens once Lightning Hell was detonated.

When the Infernal Lightning Vine unleashed its Lightning Hell to its maximal extent, even Zhang Geyang didn't dare to remain at the center of the attack, and this incredible volatile power was exactly why the Infernal Lightning Vine couldn't continue to evolve.

"Boom!" The first ball of lightning exploded near Goldsong, and in the instant that it was detonated, a burst of liquid suddenly flew through the air. This was liquefied lightning energy, which was presenting itself as lightning plasma. Goldsong let loose a cry of anguish, and the golden light radiating from its body brightened even further, but it was still completely numbed by the lightning plasma.

Sections of the Infernal Lightning Vine were also gradually being charred black, clearly indicating that it was also being pushed to its limits by Zhang Geyang.

One ball of lightning exploded after another, and waves of lightning plasma surged through the air, creating a massive pool of lightning that really did resemble a lightning hell.

All of Shrek's Six Monsters looked on with horrified expressions. This soul spirit was truly a devastating force of nature!

Hu Jie's expression was even more strained. As a rank 98 Hyper Douluo himself, he was able to clearly sense this Infernal Lightning Vine's power. In fact, he had faced this soul spirit himself in the past, and even he had only just barely managed to withstand its insanely powerful attacks through the use of his martial soul true body and soul spirits.

Thankfully, even though Zhang Geyang's Infernal Lightning Vine possessed extreme explosive power, it had very lackluster stamina and had to rest after unleashing each wave of attacks. Otherwise, it would be at risk of pushing itself beyond its limits, but even these short explosive outbursts were extremely terrifying.

Goldsong had already been inundated by Lightning Hell, as had the Beautiful Silk Tulip. The pink light around it was quickly being whittled away by the lightning plasma, which was about to reach its body soon.

Right at this moment, the Beautiful Silk Tulip pointed one finger down at the ground while raising its other hand to the heavens to point up at the sky. "Devouring Heaven and Earth!"

The pink light around it immediately intensified, and Tang Wulin slowly drifted up from the ground as the greenish-golden light around his body abruptly brightened.

All of a sudden, countless tiny specks of light began to surge toward the competition platform from outside the Lightning Hell, and all of the spectators were stunned by this phenomenon. The specks of light were drifting right past them, and they could even reach out to touch the light.

The specks of light were of all types of different colors, but due to the fact that each speck of light only contained an extremely minute amount of energy, no one felt anything even when the light came into contact with their bodies.

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