Chapter 1330: Golden Dragon, Blue Beast

The Infernal Flame Beast didn't display any sign of weakness whatsoever and abruptly reared up again, following which a projection that was identical to the Infernal Flame Beast sprang forth through the air.

"Boom!" Powerful shockwaves surged through the air as golden and blue light erupted in all directions, and neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

The two bonded soul spirits clashed over and over again, leaving streaks of dazzling light in their wake.

The first feeling that all of the spectators were struck by was that this match was already worth the ticket price!

Soul spirits were extremely familiar entities to everyone, and the vast majority of people in the Star Luo Empire had seen soul spirits before. However, almost no one had seen such powerful soul spirits before!

This was more like a clash between a pair of ancient Great Beasts, and all of the spectators were thoroughly enraptured.

The vast majority of spectators didn't have the technical acumen to analyze the battle, but the spectacular display being put on by these two soul spirits was more than enough to ignite their excitement.

The golden dragon and blue beast engaged in one violent clash after another, and the two seemed to be evenly matched.

Tang Wulin was looking at Zhang Geyang from afar, and Zhang Geyang was also looking back at him. All of a sudden, Zhang Geyang's pupils contracted slightly as he could see purple light shimmering within Tang Wulin's eyes.

Is he going to use his Purple Demon Eyes to throw me off? 

The rules of the match stipulated that only soul spirit were allowed to engage in the battle, but who could say anything if no one noticed the spiritual interference that Tang Wulin was about to exert.

Just as Zhang Geyang was being distracted by this, a burst of golden light suddenly erupted from Tang Wulin's body, following which a golden halo instantly encompassed the entire competition platform.

A thunderous dragon's roar also abruptly rang out, and this was none other than Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain!

In the instant that the golden halo appeared, a golden halo also erupted from Goldsong's body, and it instantly assimilated itself with the Violent Golden Dragon Domain unleashed by Tang Wulin.

Goldsong's body expanded drastically to 30 meters in length in the blink of an eye, and its eyes also quickly took on a crimson color.

"Boom!" The Infernal Flame Beast was lifted up by a strike from one of Goldsong's front paws, then struck by a vicious Golden Dragon Whips its Tail that sent it flying through the air.

He tricked me! 

Zhang Geyang was furious! He had reacted a split-second slower than he otherwise would've as he had been distracted by the threat of Tang Wulin's Purple Demon Eyes, and Tang Wulin had taken full advantage of this opportunity to unleash this attack.

A burst of piercing blue flames abruptly rose up from Zhang Geyang's body, and the Infernal Flame Beast instantly transformed into a ball of flames. Goldsong's subsequent attacks merely passed through the flames without inflicting any damage, and at the same time, specks of blue flames had appeared on its body.

However, after being enhanced by the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, Goldsong was virtually unable to sense pain, and it wasn't slowed down at all by the blue flames burning on its body.

It let loose a thunderous Golden Dragon Roar, and the Infernal Flame Beast was instantly forced back into retreat.

It was quite clear that Goldsong had gained the upper hand during that exchange.

Right at this moment, a dull rumbling boom suddenly rang out, and bolts of lightning crashed down from the heavens, hurtling directly toward Goldsong. At the same time, a series of vines rapidly emerged from the ground. In contrast with Bluesilver Emperor vines, these vines were segmented like bamboo poles, and were of a dark purple color. As these vines appeared, the entire competition platform was transformed into a sea of lightning, which formed a cage with the lightning up above that encompassed Goldsong within it.

Tang Wulin's heart jolted at the sight of these vines, which had appeared without any premonition, and he knew that his opponent had released his second soul spirit.

Taking advantage of the threat that the lightning posed to Goldsong, the Infernal Flame Beast rushed back into Zhang Geyang's body, and when it re-emerged after the span of just a single breath, it seemed to have completely recovered to its peak condition. At this moment, a string of violent booms were already erupting from within the cage of lightning.

Bolts of lightning struck Goldsong's body from all sides, and it could only use its Golden Dragon Body and Golden Dragon Tyrant Body to protect itself. As such, it had been reduced to nothing more than a massive target that could only turn to passive defense.

Zhang Geyang was a rank 98 Limit Douluo, so his soul spirits were overall more powerful than Tang Wulin's. Furthermore, this Infernal Lightning Vine was an extremely rare plant-type soul beast that the vast majority of Soul Masters had never even heard of, let alone witnessed as a soul spirit.

This was a type of plant system soul beast that stood at the pinnacle of the plant world ever since it came into existence. It possesses innate intelligence, and in its infancy stage, it resembled a bamboo shoot that comprised of only a single segment. This type of soul beast grew exclusively in places where lightning strikes were very commonplace as it could only grow and develop from being struck by lightning. With each lightning strike it endured, it would become slightly more powerful, and 100 lightning strikes for it was the equivalent to a year of cultivation for a normal soul beast.

Lightning was one of the most violent forms of power in nature, and the Infernal Lightning Vine thrived on this form of volatile power. In the initial phase of its development, its growth would always be very slow and arduous as it had to wait for natural lightning to strike it.

As such, it could take 10 years to accumulate 100 lightning strikes, which meant that its rate of cultivation was often more than 10 times slower than that of the average soul beast.

However, once an Infernal Lightning Vine reached 100 years of age, everything would change. This was because once it reached that level, it would be able to actively draw lightning to itself during lightning storms.

As such, it would often be able to endure hundreds of lightning strikes in a single stormy night, and even though it would take more than 100 lightning strikes at that point to achieve the equivalent effect of a year of cultivation, its rate of cultivation would still be significantly enhanced.

Due to the special nature of this soul beast, once an Infernal Lightning Vine reached a certain stage in its development, it would attain extremely fearsome destructive power, and it would often create spectacular phenomena, such as a domain of lightning. As the Infernal Lightning Vine became more powerful, this lightning domain would continue to expand, until it devoured everything around in the surrounding area.

A 10,000-year-old Infernal Lightning Vine was capable of altering the weather and controlling the power of lightning to destroy anything it so pleased. As such, once an Infernal Lightning Vine of that caliber appeared, disaster would inevitably strike the area it had emerged in, and only extremely powerful beings would be able to destroy it.

However, there was a fatal flaw to the Infernal Lightning Vine's method of cultivation. Due to the fact that it had to constantly absorb lightning to enhance itself, the lightning within it would continue to compress, thereby building up extremely fearsome destructive power. Once this destructive power reached a certain level, the vine would be constantly at risk of destroying itself.

As such, the vast majority of Infernal Lightning Vines eventually died by their own figurative swords.

The general lifespan of an Infernal Lightning Vine was around 20,000 to 50,000 years before it would self-detonate, and very rarely did an Infernal Lightning Vine reach over 50,000 years of age. As for Infernal Lightning Vines that reached 100,000 years of age, none had ever appeared in history.

For lightning attribute Soul Masters, Infernal Lightning Vines were an extremely sought-after soul beast as it could provide three types of extremely powerful soul skills, which were Lightning Forest, Lightning Hell, and Lightning Dance.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of vine-type plant system soul beasts provided binding soul skills; the Bluesilver Emperor vine was one of these. However, the Infernal Lightning Vine had no such ability. It was a type of soul beast that was born to destroy, and that was why it had been rated as the most powerful attacker among plant system soul beasts.

As a student of Shrek Academy, Tang Wulin was able to instantly identify this soul beast, and he immediately drew a sharp breath.

No one had seen an Infernal Lightning Vine for countless years, and during Shrek Academy's 20,000 year history, only three Soul Masters had possessed a soul ring from this type of soul beast.

With such an insanely powerful soul beast up his sleeve, it was no wonder that Zhang Geyang was so confident and assured.

Even with the enhancements provided by the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, Goldsong had been forced completely onto the back foot by the Infernal Lightning Vine's Lightning Forest, and its Lightning Hell and Lightning Dance were supposed to be even more powerful.

This was truly a destructive force of nature!

Right at this moment, the relaxed voice of the Beautiful Silk Tulip suddenly sounded deep within Tang Wulin's mind. "Release me, my Lord."

"Are you sure? You're not an offensive soul spirit." Tang Wulin was rather hesitant.

"Don't forget that you're the Son of Nature, my Lord; your opponent is making a grave error by releasing such a soul spirit. You're still missing a ninth soul ring in the future, and I think this Infernal Lightning Vine will be the ideal choice."

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to ask any further questions, a burst of pink light was released from his body, and a giant purple flower appeared, dispersing a natural cloud of faint mist around him.

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