Chapter 1328: Soul Spirit Battle

After contacting Qiangu Dongfeng, Zhang Geyang received the instructions to try and ascertain the new Tang Sect Master's purpose for visiting the Star Luo Empire, as well as to foil his plans as much as possible. 

As such, when En Ci approached Zhang Geyang and asked him to participate in this Trial of Five Gods, he agreed without any hesitation. At the same time, En Ci had consoled him by telling him that the empire still had trust in the Spirit Pagoda.

From En Ci's words, Zhang Geyang could sense that the empire seemed to be trying to strike at the Tang Sect to keep them in check, and that came as quite a relief to him. He had already made ample preparations for this battle; if he could defeat Tang Wulin, then the Spirit Pagoda's status would definitely be significantly elevated, thereby granting them a stable foothold in the Star Luo Empire.

"Please get ready, Sect Master Tang, Branch Chairman Zhang; you may release your soul spirits in 10 seconds."

As this announcement was made, the entire venue quickly fell silent.

As soon as the announcer had declared the Star Luo Empire representative for this match, the spectators had become very excited. This was essentially a match between the Tang Sect and the Spirit Pagoda, which was very intriguing.

Just who would secure the final victory in this clash between the two super organizations? Everyone was filled with anticipation. If the Tang Sect could secure this victory, then their new sect master would undoubtedly rise to the peak of his popularity. However, if he were to lose, then this match could have rather negative implications for the Tang Sect. Due to the increased stakes, this second match was clearly more important than the first match, and was undoubtedly going to be an even more fiercely contested one.

The countdown had already begun, and Tang Wulin's eyes lit up with battle intent.

Come at me, Infernal Flame Douluo Zhang Geyang! 

"10, 9, ..., 3, 2, 1."

As soon as the countdown concluded, soul rings emerged from beneath the feet of both competitors in unison. Eight soul rings emerged beneath Tang Wulin, while Zhang Geyang naturally had nine.

Tang Wulin's soul ring configuration was truly a sight to behold; following the first four black soul rings was a greenish-golden soul ring, followed by three orange-golden soul rings.

Zhang Geyang was given quite a fright by the sight of the three orange-golden soul rings. As one of the most high-ranking figures in the Spirit Pagoda, he was naturally aware of what an orange-golden soul ring entailed. The earliest orange-golden soul ring to appear was Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao's first orange-golden soul ring, and a soul spirit of this caliber was something that the Spirit Pagoda couldn't create.

This indicated that Tang Wulin had at least one Great Beast level soul spirit, and that was a slightly alarming discovery for Zhang Geyang.

The number of Great Beasts that remained in this world could virtually be counted on two hands, so it was quite incredible that this Tang Sect Master had gotten his hands on a Great Beast soul spirit.

This was also the first time that En Ci and Dai Tianling had seen Tang Wulin's soul rings, and they were also quite surprised by the sight of the greenish-golden and orange-golden soul rings.

"He has a Great Beast soul spirit?" En Ci turned to Hu Jie in a stunned manner. No wonder the Tang Sect had dared to accept this trial; he certainly was full of surprises.

Tang Wulin had a total of three orange-golden soul rings, which would undoubtedly significantly enhance his powers. As such, it was no wonder that he was able to match even Titled Douluos in battle as a Soul Douluo.

However, what was the most striking to powerful beings of En Ci and Zhang Geyang's caliber was Tang Wulin's fifth soul ring. That greenish-golden soul ring was far too special. As everyone was aware, the colors of soul rings consisted of white, yellow, purple, black, red, orange-golden, and the legendary white-golden.

Orange-golden soul rings could only be bestowed upon Soul Masters by Great Beast over 200,000 years of age, and the legendary white-golden soul ring could only be provided by a million-year-old beast.

Orange-golden soul rings had popped up very occasionally during the past 10,000 years, but it was said that only Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao had ever possessed a white-golden soul ring. Perhaps Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San had also come into possession of such a soul ring, but it had never been confirmed. There were also people who proclaimed that million-year-old soul rings were golden rather than white-golden, and there was no way to verify the claims of either side as million-year-old soul rings were simply far too rare.

However, this greenish-golden soul ring that Tang Wulin possessed was definitely one that had never been seen before.

Perhaps it wouldn't have been as astonishing if it had only been a green soul ring, but the gold intermingled with the green suggested that this was an extremely regal soul ring.

On the Douluo Continent, all powerful soul beasts, martial souls, soul rings, soul bones, and virtually everything else of substantial power was entirely or partially golden in color.

As such, this greenish-golden soul ring was truly astonishing to everyone. Just what could it possibly entail?

In contrast, Zhang Geyang's soul ring configuration was a lot more normal, consisting of five blacks and four reds. That's right, he possessed the most red soul rings that Tang Wulin had ever seen in any single being, one more than even Smiling Douluo Hu Jie.

Generally speaking, red soul rings were the absolute limit for normal Soul Masters, and even someone as powerful and with as lofty a status as Zhang Geyang didn't have an orange-golden soul ring.

As such, the first feeling he was struck by upon seeing Tang Wulin's orange-golden soul rings was envy. If a freakish prodigy like him were allowed to flourish, he would most definitely grow to become a major thorn in the Spirit Pagoda's side!

Thinking back, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming had dominated the Spirit Pagoda for close to 100 years, and this new Tang Sect Master seemed to be on track to reach even greater heights!

Tang Wulin raised his right hand before pointing a finger forward, and a burst of golden light immediately erupted from his fingertip before hurtling directly toward Zhang Geyang like a bolt of lightning.

As the streak of golden light landed on the ground, the spectators were immediately able to identify it as a golden dragon.

That's right, it was a dragon rather than a snake.

It possessed very unique dragon characteristic; even though it had no wings, there were horns on its head, and it had five-clawed limbs. Its entire body was covered in fine golden scales, and it was over 15 meters in length. Its entire body was shimmering with golden light, and it was quite clear that this was no ordinary soul spirit. This was naturally none other than Goldsong.

As Tang Wulin had progressed in his cultivation rank, he had very rarely used his soul spirits in battle as he much preferred honing his own powers. However, that didn't mean that his soul spirits weren't constantly growing alongside him, and the one that had changed the most was undoubtedly Goldsong.

Even Tang Wulin didn't know how it had become like this. As opposed to the traditional winged giant dragon, Goldsong had become a five-clawed golden dragon, and its scales were very similar to those of Tang Wulin's, except they were thicker and heavier. After it had grown those horns on its head, it had gone into hibernation to undergo another evolution, and it had only reawakened on the way here to the Star Luo Empire.

Goldsong's eyes had already completely turned golden, and looking at it now, who could possibly imagine that it had once been a defective soul spirit?

Goldsong's aura stemmed directly from Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline aura, and as soon as it appeared, it let loose a thunderous dragon's roar before charging directly toward Zhang Geyang.

Zhang Geyang had also released his own soul spirit, and he wasn't all that surprised to see Goldsong. In his eyes, this was nothing more than a second-rate dragon soul spirit, as evidenced by its lack of wings.

A giant beast erupted from Zhang Geyang's body, and the beast was around 10 meters in length and roughly four meters tall.

It had a powerful musclebound body that was covered in blue fur, and it had the head of a lion, the body of a baboon, and the sharp claws of a tiger; it possessed the attributes of many ferocious beasts in a single package. Blue flames were burning over its entire body, and it was appraising Goldsong in a cold manner.

All of a sudden, it let loose a ferocious roar before springing forth at an incredible speed. As it did so, its body instantly turned transparent, but the blue flames burning around it only burned with even greater intensity.

The soul spirit that was most synergistic with a Soul Master would always be one that was the same as their martial soul.

To put it in simpler terms, if Tang Wulin's soul spirit was the Bluesilver Emperor, then its synergy with his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul would be unmatched. It was just that there was no way for him to find another Bluesilver Emperor. This was the case for Zhang Geyang's soul spirit. 

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