Chapter 1324: Trial of Five Gods, Individual VS Empire!

Thus, the popularity of the Trial of Five Gods continued to increase, and even the instigator, Dai Tianling, hadn't anticipated such a scenario.

Initially, only 60% of the tickets had been sold for the second match, but following the first match, all of the remaining tickets were quickly swept up, and the tickets to relatively good seats had been bid up to astronomical prices.

Second only to the empire itself, the Tang Sect was the main beneficiary to this situation. The Tang Sect's business covered a huge scope in the Star Luo Empire, including areas such as construction of infrastructure, research and development of soul tools, etc.

Within just a single day, the number of orders received by the Tang Sect increased by 10%, which resulted in an astronomical sum of increased revenue. Even a super organization like the Spirit Pagoda was extremely envious of this.

Virtually everyone in the entire empire was discussing the Trial of Five Gods, while some of the young women in the empire had their attention focused on something different.

Following the first match, both Tang Wulin and Huang Zhengyang had emerged from their mechas, thereby revealing their appearances. After attaining a spiritual domain, Tang Wulin no longer required any disguises, so he had appeared before all of the young women in the empire in his full incredibly handsome glory.

The combination of his handsome features, clear and gentle eyes, exceptional figure, and incredible powers was made even more compelling by the fact that he was only in his early twenties. Thus, Tang Wulin quickly became an idol among the young women in the empire. Tang Wulin's looks quickly became the talk of the town, and newspapers with pictures of Tang Wulin taken during the first match sold like hotcakes.

What was even more amusing was that the number of female applicants for job positions in the Tang Sect had increased dramatically.

This was all an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. At the very least, it quickly made all of the major powers in the Star Luo Empire aware of the Tang Sect's new sect master.

What was the most astonishing to everyone was that he was only in his twenties. Just how had he cultivated to have reached his current level at such a young age?

The past sect masters of the Tang Sect had virtually all been Limit Douluos; this was a reflection of the unfathomable power that the number one sect in the world possessed. However, there were very few past Tang Sect Masters who had achieved so much at such a young age. The most renowned Tang Sect Masters were the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao and its founder, Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San.

Now, the Tang Sect had another extremely young yet outrageously powerful sect master; did that mean it was set for another resurgence?

News of how the Tang Sect was being oppressed in the Douluo Federation had traveled to the Star Luo Empire, and that had definitely had a negative impact on the Tang Sect. When it was made known to everyone that this new Tang Sect Master was only in his twenties, many major powers and merchants had automatically written him off.

However, following this first match in the Trial of Five Gods, they were forced to reevaluate him. This was like a chemical reaction that was only intensifying as time passed.

"Father." Dai Yun'er made her way over to Dai Tianling with a wide smile and began to gently massage his shoulders.

"I can already tell from that smile of yours that you have some kind of ulterior motive," Dai Tianling harrumphed. He was still very angry about how Dai Yun'er had declared that she was willing to become a concubine, but after seeing his daughter again, he simply couldn't bring himself to be mad at her.

Dai Yun'er giggled, "Don't be mad; I only said what I did the other day as a spur-of-the-moment thing. I'm not actually going to become someone's concubine."

Dai Tianling's expression immediately eased slightly upon hearing this. "Good. I don't ever want to hear you say anything like that again."

Dai Yun'er continued, "Father, Tang Wulin is really outstanding, right? I bet you didn't expect the outcome of this first match."

Dai Tianling's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and as the emperor, he couldn't just lie through his teeth, so he nodded, and said, "He is indeed quite impressive. Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed for him to become my son-in-law. It's just that he doesn't know what's good for him. Hmph!"

Dai Yun'er chuckled, "Don't be mad, Father. I've known Tang Wulin for a long time, and I also know who he likes, but there seems to be some kind of conflict between the two of them. No matter how deep their love for one another is, their prolonged separation is bound to take a toll on their relationship, so I think I still have a very good chance. Father, if I convince him to stay, the entire Tang Sect will be more inclined toward our empire, right? On top of that, surely the performance he put on today is enough to earn the acknowledgment of the citizens of our empire."

"How are you going to convince him to stay?" Dai Tianling grumbled.

Dai Yun'er lowered her voice slightly, and replied, "I'll need your help to create an opportunity for me. A person is always most complacent when they're at their most triumphant point."

"What are you plotting? Don't go doing something that'll embarrass our entire imperial family!" A sense of foreboding suddenly welled up in Dai Tianling's heart.

A faint blush appeared on Dai Yun'er's face. "Father, you have to make an investment to see a return. If you don't invest your daughter, you won't..."

"Stop! What is all this nonsense you're spouting? I'm warning you, Dai Yun'er; you're a princess, and the reputation of our royal family is the most important thing at all times. Don't say anything else; just get out!" Dai Tianling was truly enraged. He could clearly tell that his daughter was up to no good again.

Dai Yun'er pouted in a pitiable manner. "Father doesn't love me anymore."

Dai Tianling yelled, "You've only become like this because I've spoiled you too much. Get out of here; I don't want to see you! I'm warning you, if you do something that brings disgrace to our imperial family, you won't get away with it like you always do with everything else!"

Dai Yun'er faltered slightly upon hearing this before tears began to flow down her face. In her memory, her father had never scolded her in such a harsh manner before.

Dai Tianling was immediately struck by a pang of guilt and regret at the sight of his daughter's tears, and he was just about to say something, but Dai Yun'er had already rushed away with tears streaming from her eyes.

Dai Tianling picked up an ornament on his table in an enraged manner, but he couldn't bring himself to smash it in the end, and placed it back onto the table. He grumbled to himself in a furious manner, "This is all that little bastard's fault! Hmph, I'm going to teach him a good lesson in the next few matches!"

The second match of the Trial of Five Gods was the battle of soul spirits.

After awakening from his meditation in the morning, Tang Wulin could feel that his essence, energy, and spirit had all returned to prime condition, and he felt just as full of energy as he did after making every major breakthrough in his cultivation rank.

The mecha battle that had taken place the day before had been extremely satisfying for him. He had racked his brains to combat Huang Zhengyang, and he had constantly been in a state of extreme concentration, taking in every single fine detail while also maximizing all of the advantages that he possessed.

He had already asked the Smiling Douluo to get Huang Zhengyang's contact details for him. Prior to leaving the Star Luo Empire, he was determined to see just how powerful Huang Zhengyang was in his divine-grade mecha. Only by putting more pressure on himself could he continue to increase his rate of improvement.

After doing some washing up, he emerged from his room and headed to the cafeteria. Along the way, all of the Tang Sect disciples that he encountered would greet him with respectful smiles.

It wasn't that they hadn't respected him in the past; it was just that not many people knew of him, and he didn't have much authority. However, the victory he had secured the day before belonged not just to himself, but also the entire Tang Sect! All of the Tang Sect disciples were immensely proud of him; how could they not admire someone who was opposing the might of an entire empire on his own?

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