Chapter 1322: The Pillar of the Empire's Review

"Please watch carefully here, everyone; at this point, I noticed something very important, which was Unpredictable Blue Emperor's defensive capabilities. The Scythe of Despair possesses extremely potent offensive prowess and has a high-frequency vibration function that'll allow it to slice through normal metals with ease. However, this effect was severely limited by Unpredictable Blue Emperor, and the Scythe of Despair was only able to inflict a very shallow gash. At that point, I realized that my opponent possessed extremely powerful defensive prowess.

"Hence, I dragged Unpredictable Blue Emperor toward Corkscrew of Death to try and end the match using my Corkscrew of Death. Regardless of how powerful Unpredictable Blue Emperor's defensive prowess was, it had to have an upper limit, and even a divine-grade mecha would be damaged if it were to be struck head-on by my Corkscrew of Death. However, this was when Unpredictable Blue Emperor began to display its combat prowess. Please take note here that Unpredictable Blue Emperor had thrust its spear forward at this point, choosing to retaliate rather than to try and evade or resist the dragging force of my scythe blade.

"The most important thing to take note of here is the roar unleashed by the dragon head that appeared out of its chest. Even with my mecha to shield me, my mind went completely blank for an instant, which means that this was a spiritual attack, and that Sect Master Tang's spiritual power is superior to mine. A mecha battle could often be decided in an instant, and during the split-second where my mind went blank, I reflexively tugged on the chain to throw Unpredictable Blue Emperor off its intended course to buy myself some time..."

Tang Wulin listened carefully to Huang Zhengyang's analysis, benefitting immensely in the process. It was very insightful to hear Huang Zhengyang's thoughts during the battle, and the fact that Huang Zhengyang had been forced to change his strategy so many times was a testament to how much pressure Tang Wulin had exerted upon him.

Furthermore, he also elaborated in great detail on which areas both sides had performed well in, as well as in which areas the two had been found lacking.

He really was a mad mecha scientist! Huang Zhengyang was even willing to share some of the secrets of his mecha piloting skills without making any selfish attempt to keep the information to himself. Of course, listening to him was one thing, putting his words into practice was another entirely different thing.

"This was the first clash where I came out second-best. It seems that damage was inflicted on both sides, but the impact I was struck by was more severe, and the damage dealt to my mecha was also more apparent. My entire body was jolted during the clash, and that resulted in some fallacies in my control later on in the match."

At this point, Huang Zhengyang's commentary had already reached the part where the two mechas had separated for the first time.

"Only after the conclusion of the match did I learn from Sect Master Tang that I had fallen into his trap during this first clash."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but chuckle upon hearing this. Indeed, that was when he had begun to set a trap for Huang Zhengyang. The trap that he had set at the time would've been completely ineffective against a normal mecha pilot as no normal mecha pilot could control their mecha to anywhere near Huang Zhengyang's level of precision. Without that level of precision in his opponent's control, his trap would've been completely pointless.

"Sect Master Tang was struck by me, and I was sent flying by him, so overall, we were evenly matched. At the time, I habitually only remembered the exact location where I had inflicted the gash onto Unpredictable Blue Emperor, and that was the first mistake I made that ultimately contributed to my loss in the end. Please take note of the changes that Unpredictable Blue Emperor underwent during the rest of the battle."

Huang Zhengyang slowed down the replay as he spoke, and what came next was a rapid exchange of blows between both sides, during which neither side seemed to have gained an advantage. Even with the replay slowed down, it could still be seen just how rapid that sequence had been.

"At this point, my attention had been completely drawn to Sect Master Tang. In hindsight, the damage that my Scythe of Despair sustained had hampered my performance to a certain extent. Of course, that's not an excuse. The most damning mistake that I made during the battle was that I didn't pay attention to the changes that Unpredictable Blue Emperor had undergone."

He drew a red circle on the screen, and continued, "Please turn your attention to the gash on Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist; this is the key to my defeat. As I'm sure you've all figured out at this point, the gash is regenerating on its own, but I failed to notice this detail as I was too engrossed in the rapid pace of the battle. Here, I intentionally exposed a chink in my defense to attract Sect Master Tang's attention, then lashed out to make what I thought would be a lethal blow. Unbeknownst to me, the gash that I was targeting had already completely healed.

"In the end, I inflicted the exact same gash onto Unpredictable Blue Emperor while my Reaper of Despair was pierced through by the Blue Emperor Spear, and after that, I was bound by Sect Master Tang's other martial soul, which he hadn't used in the battle prior to this point. Thus, the battle concluded, and only after the match did I learn from Sect Master Tang how I had lost. Ultimately, I lost fair and square. Sect Master Tang has sacrificed all other pieces of equipment on his mecha, not because he doesn't want to or doesn't know how to use them; he had done so to minimize the weight of his mecha.

"On the surface, my Reaper of Despair appears to be far larger than Unpredictable Blue Emperor, but if I'm not mistaken, Unpredictable Blue Emperor is at least twice as heavy as my Reaper of Despair. This weight disparity is a direct result of the materials used. As for why Unpredictable Blue Emperor is able to self-regenerate, that's a secret of the Tang Sect, so I won't say anything further about it. This is the conclusion of my commentary, and once again, I would like to apologize for disappointing everyone."

After that, Huang Zhengyang extended a deep bow toward the rostrum before making his way down from the competition platform. 

Everyone present in the stadium, including the people on the rostrum, were all enlightened by his expert analysis.

Without his analysis, it would've felt like the spectacular match everyone had just witnessed was somehow incomplete. Now, even the most ordinary of spectators could understand just how many fine details that Huang Zhengyang had to consider during the battle. Even though he had lost, the spectators were still very satisfied and certainly not disappointed.

They had witnessed an extraordinary battle where both sides had displayed an incredible level of skill and execution. The final result wasn't just due to the disparity in the battle styles and powers of the two competitors; what had been even more important was the psychological warfare that had taken place.

It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin had won that war, which was why he was able to catch Huang Zhengyang in his trap.

If a rematch were to be held, it would really be difficult to say who would come out on top. Of course, this was only referring to the powers that both sides had already displayed. As for which side was actually more powerful, that would depend on how much each of them had kept in reserve up their sleeves.

In any case, the Tang Sect Master had won the first match in this Trial of Five Gods, and it meant that he already stood above all of the mecha pilots in the Star Luo Empire.

As for Tang Wulin himself, he was full of awe and admiration toward Huang Zhengyang. As expected of the Pillar of the Empire; his commentary today would've undoubtedly evoked a passion in mechas within many young people who had watched the match.

In reality, Tang Wulin had prepared very extensively for this mecha battle, and it was one that he had been determined to win.

While it was true that virtually all high-grade mecha pilots were also high-grade Soul Masters, Tang Wulin had learned at a very early stage from Mu Ye just how difficult it was for a divine-grade mecha pilot to also become a Hyper Douluo.

As such, there was a very low chance that his opponent would be a Hyper Douluo. Huang Zhengyang's mecha piloting skills could well be superior to Mu Ye's, but there was still a disparity in power between the two.

In order to win this mecha battle, Tang Wulin had even been prepared to display all of his trump cards. If Huang Zhengyang hadn't fallen into his trap, then he would've been forced to use his Time Reversal domain, and perhaps even his Millennium White Clouds. With those two combined, he was confident that he would have a good chance of winning the match.

In reality, never did he think that he would be able to secure victory in the Trial of Five Gods. After all, he was facing an entire empire on his own, and that was simply far too unrealistic. As long as he could win one or two matches, that would be enough to make the Tang Sect proud. After all, he was still only in his early twenties.

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