Chapter 1321: Don't Get Cocky!

Tang Wulin replied, "Yes, that's about right." He couldn't disclose his Golden Dragon King bloodline to Huang Zhengyang, and it really did appear as if he possessed twin martial souls, so he was just going to pretend as if he did.

As the two were conversing with one another, the spectator stands had erupted into raucous discussion.

"Please quiet down, everyone. Next, we'll have the Pillar of the Empire personally analyze and review this spectacular mecha battle."

Tang Wulin turned to Huang Zhengyang in a slightly surprised manner upon hearing this.

A wry smile appeared on Huang Zhengyang's face as he said, "I didn't think I would lose, so I agreed to do this in order to share my knowledge in mechas, but it's pretty ironic that a loser like me has been tasked with reviewing the match."

"You're no loser; you're the most exceptional mecha pilot I've ever seen," Tang Wulin said in a genuine voice.

In terms of pure mecha piloting skills, the difference between them really was night and day. Furthermore, Tang Wulin knew that when divine-grade mechas were concerned, the individual powers of Soul Masters would play a far lesser role in mecha battles. At that point, there would be no way he would be able to beat Huang Zhengyang with his current mecha piloting skills; he would only be able to give himself a chance of victory if he were to use some special methods. As such, Huang Zhengyang was truly a mecha pilot who was worthy of respect.

After stowing away their respective mechas, Tang Wulin left the platform, while Huang Zhengyang remained behind to review the match.

On the rostrum, Yue Zhengyu nudged Dai Yueyan, and said, "I think we won this match, Your Highness!"

Xie Xie immediately chimed in, "See? What did I say? It's so much like the sparring match we had the other day; none of the spectators are cheering now, are they?"

Dai Yueyan turned to the smug pair with a furious expression. "Don't get cocky!"

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu both burst into laughter. Watching Tang Wulin win the first match of the Trial of Five Gods had been extremely satisfying, and at the same time, even Shrek's Six Monsters were in disbelief, let alone Dai Yueyan.

They could only sense that Tang Wulin's mecha piloting skills had changed compared to back when he had participated in the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition.

During that competition, Tang Wulin had been forced to use a vast array of other abilities to compensate for his lackluster mecha piloting skills, but his current set of mecha piloting skills was more complete.

Most importantly, they knew that Tang Wulin hadn't even had to display many of his powerful abilities to win this battle, which meant that he would have more trump cards to use during the rest of the matches in the Trial of Five Gods.

All of the representatives of the Star Luo Empire in the Trial of Five Gods were the best that the empire had to offer! Even if this were the only match that Tang Wulin won among all five, it would still mean that he was the best mecha pilot in the Star Luo Empire.

As such, he had already brought immense glory to the Tang Sect.

The Smiling Douluo's smile was as wide as ever, and instead of a gloomy expression that one would expect to see on Dai Tianling's face, there was only a contemplative look in his eyes.

In contrast, En Ci was clearly more astonished than Dai Tianling was. Mechas and Soul Masters were completely different things. Essentially, a mecha was a tool through which a Soul Master could magnify their powers, but it definitely wasn't a simple task to pilot a mecha to a high degree of proficiency.

Tang Wulin's mecha piloting skills were clearly inferior to Huang Zhengyang's, but he surpassed Huang Zhengyang when it came to integrating his soul skills with his mecha, which meant that he was a better overall mecha pilot than Huang Zhengyang.

Huang Zhengyang was a Titled Douluo, and he had done everything he could to maximize the offensive power of his Reaper Scythe. His mecha would take care of defenses, so he didn't have to worry about that aspect.

Even so, he had still lost this match, and that basically confirmed that Tang Wulin was currently at least as powerful as a Titled Douluo.

"Hey fatty, I heard you had a sparring match with your sect master," En Ci said to Hu Jie.

Hu Jie shot a glance at him. "What about it? Are you trying to get information out of me? Do you think I'll tell you? Haha, are you scared, Brother En Ci."

"What would I have to fear?" En Ci snapped, "I'm just very curious about your sect master."

Hu Jie shrugged, and said, "You won't have to be curious for long; I'm sure he'll put on even more spectacular displays during the next few matches. In any case, we've won the first match, so we've already performed well beyond expectations; isn't that right, Your Majesty?"

Instead of giving a direct reply, Dai Tianling merely said, "Let's listen to what Huang Zhengyang has to say."

At this point, Huang Zhengyang had already recovered his composure and made his way to the center of the stage.

"I'm sorry for not securing a victory." His first sentence immediately had all of the spectators falling silent, with the exception of a few female superfans yelling things like "Huang Zhengyang, we'll always love you" at the tops of their lungs.

Huang Zhengyang sighed, "A loss is a loss; I won't cheapen this match by spouting any excuses. Next, I'm going to begin the replay and commentate on the important points during the match from a third-person perspective."

All of the images on the large screens reverted back to right before the commencement of the match.

"I'm sure everyone is already very familiar with Reaper of Despair, so I won't spend any time introducing it. Instead, I want to focus on my feelings when I first saw Sect Master Tang's Unpredictable Blue Emperor. The first impression I was struck by was that this was an extremely simple and pure mecha. It didn't have any fancy bells and whistles, nor any special weapons; its weapon was only an extremely simple spear. However, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the construction of this mecha.

"The entire mecha was designed to be extremely streamlined, and all of its joints are very solid. Hence, my first impression was that this is a mecha that was designed to pursue absolute speed and control."

As a divine-grade mecha pilot, one of the most important skills was to accurately appraise an opponent's mecha prior to a battle, and Huang Zhengyang had always been very good at this. Now that he was sharing his thoughts, the spectators were all feeling very enlightened.

"After that, the battle began. After confirming the characteristics of the opponent's mecha, I unleashed my first wave of attacks, prioritizing the goal of closing down the distance between the two mechas so his mecha doesn't go beyond the sphere of my control. From the rest of the match, I'm sure everyone could see that when Unpredictable Blue Emperor was allowed some space, its explosiveness would increase significantly. With sufficient space to make use of, it would be able to convert all of that space into speed and power. Hence, the tactic that I employed from the get-go was correct."

At this point, Tang Wulin had already returned to the resting area, where there was also a screen that was broadcasting the scenes unfolding in the stadium.

As he looked at the images on the screen and listened to Huang Zhengyang's commentary, Tang Wulin was struck by a novel sensation that he hadn't felt for a very long time.

As he continued to listen, his admiration for Huang Zhengyang grew even further as his commentary was spot on; there was no hyperbole, nor any details that had been missed. Furthermore, from his perspective, Tang Wulin was developing a deeper understanding of his own Unpredictable Blue Emperor.

Huang Zhengyang continued, "Reaper of Despair glided forward to close down the distance and also used the Scythe of Despair to try and control Unpredictable Blue Emperor. Just as I was unfamiliar with Unpredictable Blue Emperor, the Tang Sect Master knew nothing about my Reaper of Despair as well. As such, he fell into my trap, and I was able to successfully control Unpredictable Blue Emperor with my Scythe of Despair."

Huang Zhengyang expanded the image to focus on Unpredictable Blue Emperor's back as he spoke.

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