Chapter 1319: Transition Between Attack and Defense

There was something very odd about the mirror-like quality that Tang Wulin's mecha had taken on earlier; that was the first conclusion that Huang Zhengyang arrived at. He was very perplexed by the sight of the inconsequential gash that had been inflicted onto Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist. That attack that he had just unleashed was not just an ability of his martial soul; it was an attack that had integrated the powers of both his martial soul and his mecha, and a normal black mecha would've at least lost the ability to engage in further battle, if not be completely dismembered by that attack. However, the gash on Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist looked to be less than half a foot deep.

Both sides were appraising one another, and the tense atmosphere in the air continued to build. Neither of them attacked first; they were both assessing their own condition while inspecting the damage suffered by their opponent.

Through the large screens, the spectators were also able to clearly see that both mechas had been damaged in the wake of that clash.

In their hearts, Huang Zhengyang was truly the pillar of the empire, and the fact that the Tang Sect Master was able to match him was already sufficient testament to his abilities. This made everyone even more eager to see his performance during the rest of the Trial of Five Gods.

Unpredictable Blue Emperor raised its Blue Emperor Spear before crouching down slightly, and in the next instant, it shot forth like a bolt of blue lightning, taking the initiative to unleash an attack on this occasion.

Reaper of Despair remained standing on the spot and didn't immediately spring into action. The damage dealt to the Scythe of Despair was going to negatively impact his combat prowess.

Unpredictable Blue Emperor was traveling extraordinarily quickly, and all of the propellers on its back had been activated. The instantaneous explosive speed of a black mecha was downright astonishing, and it wouldn't be strange for one to be able to break the sound barrier in a short time.

Reaper of Despair crouched down slightly, and just as Unpredictable Blue Emperor was about to reach it, it suddenly stepped away to the side and swept its Scythe of Despair through the air, targeting the gash that had already been inflicted onto Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist.

He had timed his movements perfectly and sidestepped with perfect precision, almost making Unpredictable Blue Emperor look as if it were delivering itself right onto the Scythe of Despair's blade. Furthermore, Unpredictable Blue Emperor's Blue Emperor Spear was bound to miss its target now, and the roles of attack and defense had quickly been switched.

The Scythe of Despair was sweeping toward its target with unerring accuracy, yet just as the two mechas were about to pass one another, Unpredictable Blue Emperor suddenly performed a maneuver that completely went against the laws of physics, instantly twisting around in mid-air before rushing toward Reaper of Despair again.

Even with Huang Zhengyang's massive wealth of mecha battle experience, he still found this to be inexplicable. It was unimaginable to him how his opponent had been able to instantly change directions.

After already breaking the sound barrier, such an instantaneous change in direction would place incredible amounts of strain on both the mecha and its pilot. Furthermore, Tang Wulin had performed such a maneuver while ensuring that the mecha didn't spiral out of control and maintained sufficient offensive prowess; this was extremely difficult, to say the least.

Huang Zhengyang could also change directions in mid-air, but he would require some time to do so. The window time required wouldn’t be very long, but definitely wasn't completely non-existent as it was in the case of Tang Wulin.

"Boom!" The two mechas clashed again, and Reaper of Despair was forced to use its Scythe of Despair again to ward off the Blue Emperor Spear.

Having been caught completely off guard, Reaper of Despair was forced to stumble back several steps due to the force of the impact, and Unpredictable Blue Emperor continued to press its advantage, unleashing countless spear projections toward Reaper of Despair with its Blue Emperor Spear. In the eyes of the audience, it was as if Unpredictable Blue Emperor had completely vanished and fused itself with the spear projections it had unleashed.

This was a spear soul! Tang Wulin was unleashing the power of his spear soul through his mecha.

All of the high-grade mecha pilots present were stunned to see this. People who possessed weapon souls were already extremely rare, and it was virtually unheard of for someone to be able to infuse the power of their weapon soul into their mecha.

Just this alone made it beyond a doubt that Tang Wulin was also a prodigious mecha pilot!

Right at this moment, a burst of white light erupted from Reaper of Despair's body, forming a huge arc of white light that enveloped all of the oncoming spear projections. A rapid string of violent clashes rang out like a torrential storm, and the two mechas collided countless times in an instant.

Both the spear and scythe were being wielded in a small area, and only a handful of spectators were able to see the clashes clearly.

On the rostrum, the perpetual smile on the Smiling Douluo's face had widened even further, and there was a hint of elation in his eyes. This elation didn't stem from the fact that Tang Wulin was the Tang Sect Master. Instead, he could tell that Tang Wulin's sudden change in direction was a product of integrating the Body Sect's techniques into his mecha!

Normal mecha pilots and their mechas wouldn't be able to withstand such enormous strain, but what if the mecha pilot were a Body Sect disciple? With their ultra powerful physical constitution, it wouldn't be difficult to handle the strenuous forces. As for the mecha, there was an easy solution; the materials used in the mecha and construction process would just have to be tailored to focus on making the mecha more resolute at the expense of some other functions.

It was quite clear that Tang Wulin's mecha had been designed in such a way, which was why it was able to handle his style of battle.

Even though the Smiling Douluo had left the Body Sect, he still harbored deep-rooted feelings for his sect of origin, and it naturally made him very pleased and a little emotional to see Body Sect representation during this Trial of Five Gods.

The distance between Unpredictable Blue Emperor and Reaper of Despair had already been completely closed down, and neither side could back down now. If either of them were to be overwhelmed by their opponent, then they would most likely lose the match within mere moments.

The more Huang Zhengyang engaged in this battle, the more astonished he became. He had thought that he had already reached the limit of human capabilities when it came to mecha piloting. He was able to control his mecha to an extremely minute degree, and with his exceptional control, he had been able to defeat one powerful opponent after another.

On this occasion, his judgment of Tang Wulin had been completely accurate, and he was clearly far superior to his opponent when it came to mecha piloting skills, but Tang Wulin was still able to hold his own against him. There were many attacks unleashed by Unpredictable Blue Emperor that had clearly been unleashed by Tang Wulin himself, and he was seemingly breaking the laws of physics and mecha battle conventions with ease.

In response to each attack unleashed by Reaper of Despair, Unpredictable Blue Emperor would often have to perform five or six actions to defend itself, so the latter was clearly far inferior when it came to efficiency, but it was still able to keep up, which meant that this mecha battle was several times more taxing for Tang Wulin than it was for Huang Zhengyang.

In the beginning, Huang Zhengyang had habitually assumed that Tang Wulin wouldn't be able to keep this up for long, but even after all this time, their clashes were only becoming fiercer and fiercer, while Unpredictable Blue Emperor was showing no signs of slowing down.

After the spear soul was infused into the mecha, the gap between each side's mecha piloting skills was whittled down even further, and Tang Wulin seemed to be having no trouble keeping this up.

Was this guy really a human?

As this thought appeared in Huang Zhengyang's mind, he knew that he couldn't continue like this any longer. He still couldn't see the limits of his opponent's capabilities, yet he was quickly approaching his own limits.

His entire body was beginning to ache, and this meant that his piloting proficiency would begin to wane soon. He was a Titled Douluo, but he focused most of his time and effort on honing his mecha skills, so his physical constitution was only just barely comparable to that of the average Titled Douluo.

Reaper of Despair suddenly began to rapidly rotate on the spot, and it was as if he had unleashed his Corkscrew of Death again. Several of Unpredictable Blue Emperor's attacks were repelled in an instant, and on this occasion, Huang Zhengyang had activated the power of his Reaper of Despair to its maximal extent. His soul power fused as one with his mecha, and a burst of white light surged forth like lightning, attacking Unpredictable Blue Emperor in the instant that its attacks were repelled.

This eruption of power was very abrupt, and there was no opportunity for Unpredictable Blue Emperor to evade, nor any time for it to withdraw its Blue Emperor Spear to defend itself. That burst of white light was none other than the same Reaper Scythe that Huang Zhengyang had unleashed once before, and this was a planned attack.

Huang Zhengyang had intentionally created a scenario where he was forced slightly onto the back foot to lure his opponent into a false sense of security, then unleashed this attack at point-blank range so that there was no way Tang Wulin would have enough time to react.

He didn't even need to look with his eyes; with his experience and the battle instinct that he had honed, Huang Zhengyang had absolute confidence that his Reaper Scythe would strike the very same gash that had been inflicted onto Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist earlier.

Aside from a mecha's protective barrier, its metallic exterior was its most important line of defense. That line of defense had already been broken earlier, so this attack would undoubtedly inflict severe damage on the interior of the mecha.

Huang Zhengyang was already thinking ahead, deciding that he would withdraw his Reaper Scythe right as it came into contact with the pilot room in Tang Wulin's mecha. After all, this was the new Tang Sect Master; he certainly couldn't just kill him in what was supposed to be a friendly event that was this mock Trial of Five Gods.

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