Chapter 1318: White Reaper

Even though Reaper of Despair had already reacted very quickly, it was still struck by one of the golden dragon's tails, causing it to be immobilized for a split second.

In the next instant, Unpredictable Blue Emperor sprang up from the ground and unleashed countless spear projections that converged as one, which hurtled toward Reaper of Despair like a bolt of blue lightning with peerlessly powerful spear intent.

Everything had taken place far too quickly, and the spectators were struggling to keep up.

Unpredictable Blue Emperor had initially been controlled, but it had then sprung up into the air before descending from above to release those eight golden dragons, creating a spectacular sight to behold. It had then unleashed countless spear projections, and this entire process had taken place in the blink of an eye.

Enormous pressure converged toward Reaper of Despair from all sides, forcing it to take the attack head-on. A giant golden dragon had already surged forth from Unpredictable Blue Emperor's arm and was hurtling through the air alongside the blue spear projection. It was quite clear that this spear strike was not going to be easy to withstand.

In terms of mecha piloting skills, Tang Wulin knew that he was no match for Huang Zhengyang, but a mecha battle was always more than just a battle of piloting skills. He had already manifested his own spear soul, and he was infusing it into his mecha's Blue Emperor Spear to make up for his fallacies in mecha piloting skills.

Just as Tang Wulin knew nothing about Huang Zhengyang, Huang Zhengyang had no information about Tang Wulin, either.

Tang Wulin had participated in that youth tournament back when he was last on the Star Luo Continent, but that was many years ago, and he was far more powerful than his past self.

Due to the mutual lack of information, Huang Zhengyang was naturally unaware of just how powerful Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King abilities were.

Tang Wulin had accelerated Unpredictable Blue Emperor's descent using his Mountain Dragon King torso bone's gravitational control, then immediately unleashed his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth to create this large-scale attack. If Huang Zhengyang had reacted any slower than he did and allowed Reaper of Despair to be struck by the brunt of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, then he would have no choice but to rely on his mecha's defenses to withstand Tang Wulin's attack head-on.

Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth followed by Fury of the Masses; this was basically how Tang Wulin would fight in a Soul Master battle, and only Tang Wulin could control his mecha to replicate his movements.

The main characteristic that set his black mecha apart wasn't how outstanding the mecha itself was. Instead, the materials used and the degree to which it was in sync with his body were what made it the perfect mecha for him. Tang Wulin had designed this mecha so that its pilot room would be humanoid in shape. When piloting the mecha, he would stand in the pilot room, and his actions would be directly transmitted to his mecha.

This meant that whatever motion he made, the mecha would replicate it. This type of mecha piloting wasn't nonexistent, but the vast majority of mecha pilots used sensors to control their mechas to replicate their actions.

In contrast, Tang Wulin was only using the sensors to activate some of the mecha's abilities, while the mecha itself was predominantly being manipulated by his strength.

Hence, his movements and reaction speed were both faster than normal mechas.

In the instant that Reaper of Despair was immobilized and Fury of the Masses was unleashed, a serious look appeared on Huang Zhengyang's face. This was the first time that he had begun to take his opponent seriously.

The Scythe of Despair, which had been connected together again at this point, was swept through the air, and in that instant, a layer of white light appeared over the dark azure exterior of the mecha. It was as if the mecha itself had changed color.

A crisp clang rang out like the melodious chime of a bell, and the Scythe of Despair struck the tip of the Blue Emperor Spear with unerring accuracy.

Reaper of Despair shuddered slightly, but it was still able to withstand the Fury of the Masses. At the same time, it borrowed the momentum of its scythe, which had just been knocked aside, to swivel around and unleash a streak of white light that swept horizontally through the air.

This was a giant white scythe that appeared to be similar in size to the Scythe of Despair, but in the instant that it appeared, the white scythe turned black. It was as if it had truly become the weapon of the Grim Reaper, and it was sweeping directly toward Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist.

This attack had come far too quickly; Unpredictable Blue Emperor had only just unleashed Fury of the Masses, and the giant black scythe had already reached it.

Huang Zhengyang was unleashing an attack that Tang Wulin had to defend against, and it was undoubtedly the case that this attack stemmed from Huang Zhengyang's martial soul, rather than his mecha. Not only was Huang Zhengyang a divine-grade mecha pilot, he was also a powerful Soul Master.

All of a sudden, Unpredictable Blue Emperor drew to a complete halt during its forward charge, and it crashed down onto the ground before adopting a rather strange pose. As it did so, the surface of the mecha suddenly took on a mirror-like quality. What was even stranger was that a layer of thick and heavy golden scales abruptly appeared on the exterior of the mecha.

"Thud!" The huge black scythe struck the mecha's waist with vicious force. It wasn't that Tang Wulin didn't want to evade or defend against it; it was just that it was far too fast, faster than almost all of the soul skill attacks he had ever witnessed in the past.

Light flashed rapidly and erratically from Unpredictable Blue Emperor, and the golden dragon erupting from the tip of the Blue Emperor Spear abruptly expanded even further. At the same time, it accelerated and hurtled directly toward Reaper of Despair like a soul missile.

The Scythe of Despair conjured up countless blade projections to oppose the golden dragon, and both of the mechas were sent flying, one horizontally and one backward, in rapid succession.

This was the first time that the two mechas had separated since the commencement of the match.

Only after their separation did the spectators seem to recover the ability to breathe, and many of them began to pant heavily. The battle had been far too intense, and everything was happening so quickly that their eyes could barely keep up.

Both sides had unleashed a series of abilities from the get-go, and the spectators felt as if they could miss the moment that decided the battle if they were to even blink.

Huang Zhengyang's Reaper of Despair was indeed extremely powerful; each and every one of its attacks were very threatening and clearly unleashed with exceptional control. However, in the face of Huang Zhengyang's incredible assault, not only was Tang Wulin's Unpredictable Blue Emperor able to hold its own, it had even been able to unleash counterattacks; this was astonishing to all of the spectators.

This was a clear testament to Tang Wulin's tremendous powers!

On the rostrum, all of the powerful beings from the Star Luo Empire, including Dai Tianling, had been rooted to the spot.

Everyone was aware that Tang Wulin was an extremely powerful Soul Master; they had all deduced that his powers most likely outstripped those of the average Titled Douluos, but none of them had imagined that he would be such an exceptional mecha pilot as well.

His mecha piloting skills were clearly still inferior to Huang Zhengyang's, but after integrating his Soul Master abilities with his mecha, he was able to keep up with Reaper of Despair, and that was something that no one had anticipated.

Unpredictable Blue Emperor tumbled through the air before springing up from the ground, and everyone could see that a deep gash had been sliced into its waist. Thankfully, the incision wasn't deep enough to harm the internal components of the mecha.

Meanwhile, Reaper of Despair also sprang up from the ground, and its chest had caved in, while its Scythe of Despair had also been slightly bent.

It appeared that both sides had been evenly matched during that clash, but in reality, Huang Zhengyang knew that he had come out second-best.

Tang Wulin's golden dragon head had struck Reaper of Despair's chest, which was where the pilot room was. Following that direct clash, Huang Zhengyang had been somewhat affected by the impact. 

He had thought that his Scythe of Despair would've been able to withstand the brunt of the attack, but the golden dragon head had been far more powerful than he had anticipated; it had rammed his Scythe of Despair straight into Reaper of Despair's chest and sent the entire mecha flying.

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