Chapter 1317: Scythe of Despair

This turn of events had taken place far too quickly for Tang Wulin to react properly, but he was instantly able to understand that the scythe blade had changed its trajectory as it had borrowed the power of his spear strike.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had ever encountered an opponent with such exceptional minute control. Huang Zhengyang had most likely performed this maneuver by manipulating the scythe blade with the chain, and just the thought of the complexity of such a maneuver was giving Tang Wulin a headache.

In the eyes of those who knew what to look for, they could see that in the instant that Tang Wulin's Blue Emperor Spear had struck the Scythe of Despair's blade, the chain that was connected to the latter had been abruptly flicked, causing the blade to sweep toward the side. As it did so, it just so happened to come into contact with the first streak of light that had been released, and it was repelled once again, thereby bringing it behind Unpredictable Blue Emperor. At the same time, the second streak of light just so happened to strike the scythe blade, which repelled it backward, allowing it to perfectly strike the back of Tang Wulin's Unpredictable Blue Emperor.

On top of that, it was also releasing a burst of dragging force that was forcibly dragging Unpredictable Blue Emperor toward Reaper of Despair.

The burst of force was extremely powerful, and eight honeycomb-shaped jet propellers lit up on either side of Reaper of Despair's wide shoulders. Enormous soul power fluctuations surged forth alongside the fearsome burst of tremendous force as the core circuits were activated.

On top of that, Reaper of Despair began to transform as the armor on its back, chest, and shoulders suddenly stood up on end, forming a series of sharp blades that began to rotate at a rapid speed.

These sharp blades were all emitting a buzzing sound as they were vibrating at a very high frequency, and there was light shimmering on their surfaces.

If Unpredictable Blue Emperor were to be dragged onto those blades by the tremendous burst of dragging force, it would undoubtedly sustain severe damage.

During this process, Huang Zhengyang had flipped the roles of his mecha and scythe, using the mecha as a weapon while the scythe was only there for assistance.

All of Shrek's Six Monsters and the members of the Blood Dragon Squad were awestruck upon seeing this. This type of battle tactic was very rare in the Douluo Federation.

It had been less than 20 seconds since the commencement of the battle, and there was already such a spectacular scene on display; all of the spectators were completely enthralled.

Reaper of Despair's method of attack appeared to be extremely simple, but in order to execute this, an unfathomable amount of control and battle experience were required.

One had to realize that Tang Wulin was the mecha champion during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, so he also had a wealth of mecha battle experience, but his opponent's control was simply far too exemplary. Each and every one of Reaper of Despair's actions seemed to be very simple, but they were able to transition into one another seamlessly to achieve an ultimate objective.

After just the first series of exchanges, Tang Wulin had already been forced completely onto the back foot.

The dragging force was extremely powerful, and Unpredictable Blue Emperor was hurtling toward Reaper of Despair's rapidly rotating blades like a moth to a flame.

This Corkscrew of Death was one of Huang Zhengyang's signature techniques that had forged his resounding reputation, and the most fearsome thing about it was that even if you knew he was going to use the attack, there was simply no way to avoid it as he was always able to maneuver his opponents onto the Corkscrew of Death. This sense of inevitability struck all of his opponents with a sense of despair, and that was how he had been given the nickname of Scythe of Despair.

Was the Tang Sect Master about to suffer a crushing defeat before even half a minute had passed in the match?

Everything had taken place in the blink of an eye, and even Tang Wulin didn't really know what had happened before his Unpredictable Blue Emperor was propelled toward the Corkscrew of Death, let alone the spectators.

In this dire situation, his incredible reflexes shone through.

Judging from this series of maneuvers, Tang Wulin instantly deduced that his opponent's mecha piloting IQ was definitely the highest among anyone he had ever faced; even Ling Wuyue couldn't compare with him in this aspect. As expected of a powerful being chosen by the Star Luo Empire for this Trial of Five Gods.

However, there was always more to a mecha battle than just pure mecha piloting skills; there were many details that hinged on the mecha pilots themselves. This was why almost all powerful mecha pilots were also powerful Soul Masters.

"Roar!" A massive golden dragon head abruptly emerged from Unpredictable Blue Emperor's chest before letting loose a thunderous roar.

As a result, the Corkscrew of Death immediately ceased in its rotation for an instant, and Tang Wulin instantly took advantage of the opportunity to thrust his Blue Emperor Spear forward.

Unpredictable Blue Emperor's right arm tremored as countless spear projections were unleashed. As opposed to attempting to escape from the scythe blade behind Unpredictable Blue Emperor, Tang Wulin had chosen to fight fire with fire.

"Clang, clang, clang..." A string of clashes took place in rapid succession, and the strikes from the Blue Emperor Spear appeared to be quite light and agile, but they were imbued with immense power, and the Corkscrew of Death was forced to a complete standstill. However, right at this moment, a burst of sideways dragging force suddenly erupted behind Unpredictable Blue Emperor, throwing off the direction of his attacks and causing at least half of them to miss their target. It turned out that the serrated edge of the Scythe of Despair's blade had dug into Unpredictable Blue Emperor's back before abruptly pulling it sideways.

At the same time, the blades on Reaper of Despair began to rotate even more violently, and it rushed directly toward Unpredictable Blue Emperor from the side.

At this point, Unpredictable Blue Emperor had just been pulled off balance, and it appeared that there was no way it would be able to evade the attack. Right at this moment, it stomped its right foot violently into the ground, and a resounding boom rang out as the entire sports stadiums seemed to tremor slightly. Using the force of the stomp, Unpredictable Blue Emperor abruptly propelled itself upward to evade the oncoming Reaper of Despair.

"Get down here!" Huang Zhengyang yelled from within his mecha, and the scythe blade descended violently to pull Unpredictable Blue Emperor downward.

If Unpredictable Blue Emperor were to crash down onto the ground, Tang Wulin wouldn't have any further opportunity to unleash his soul skills, no matter how powerful they were.

As it turned out, Unpredictable Blue Emperor was indeed dragged downward. It had completely lost its center of gravity, so even if Tang Wulin were to try and use its jet propellers to take flight, it would most likely veer out of control anyway. However, in the next instant, Huang Zhengyang immediately sensed that something wasn't right; Unpredictable Blue Emperor was descending way too quickly!

Unpredictable Blue Emperor had jumped up in an extremely powerful manner to evade the charge from Reaper of Despair, and such a powerful jump meant that it would take some time for it to be pulled down from above.

However, Unpredictable Blue Emperor was currently crashing down like a bolt of lightning, descending even faster than when it had sprung up into the air.

With his vast wealth of practical battle experience, Huang Zhengyang was able to instantly formulate a judgment. The propellers on the back of his Reaper of Despair were immediately activated, launching it to the side, and at the same time, it detached its Scythe of Despair from Unpredictable Blue Emperor with a flick of its wrist.

The Scythe of Despair was a double-edged sword that connected both mechas together, thereby allowing Huang Zhengyang to control his opponent, but if his opponent were powerful enough, then the control could be reversed, and if that were to happen, then Huang Zhengyang would be placed in quite a troublesome situation.

As such, as soon as he realized that Unpredictable Blue Emperor was descending far more quickly than it should, he immediately relinquished his control and chose to retreat.

After enduring countless battles, he had learned that in a mecha battle, one couldn't afford to make any errors. Even the slightest moment of complacency or overambition could lead to a complete and utter loss.

Huang Zhengyang had absolute confidence in himself, so he wasn't in a hurry at all. He was going to completely shut Tang Wulin down and not give him any chance to turn the tables.

As he was rapidly retreating, Unpredictable Blue Emperor crashed heavily down onto the ground like a meteorite.



A rumbling boom rang out alongside a thunderous dragon's roar, and eight giant golden dragons erupted out of the ground before sweeping outward in unison.

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