Chapter 1315: Pillar of the Empire, Reaper of Despair!

En Ci said, "Let's wait and see if he can create another miracle."

Dai Yueyan was sitting right behind them, so he naturally heard En Ci's appraisal of Tang Wulin, and he was also very much looking forward to seeing whether Tang Wulin would be able to bring about another miracle.

Right at this moment, a pleasant male voice rang out within the sports stadium.

"The Trial of Five Gods was devised in ancient times in a generation of wars and heroes, and only the truly courageous would dare to accept such a stern challenge."

As this voice sounded throughout the entire venue, all of the chatter in the spectator stands quickly died down.

They knew that an introduction of the Trial of Five Gods was about to be made, so they all began to listen carefully.

"The Trial of Five Gods is known as such as it'll be a series of five peak matchups. The challenger will face five battles on five successive days, and they can't turn down any of the battles or they'll be denounced by everyone under the heavens. The side being challenged naturally holds an absolute advantage as they can send their most powerful beings in each of the five disciplines to participate in the trial, whereas the challenger can only compete on his own. If the challenger emerges as the final victor, they'll have the right to raise a condition.

"In ancient times, this condition would often be a truce of one year or even many years. Given enough respite, a country could entirely transform itself, so in the past, the challengers participating in the Trial of Five Gods would always be seen as the heroes of their respective nations, as well as the pillars of those nations. Success will undoubtedly cement their names in the history books, and on this day, the new Tang Sect Master will be replicating the Trial of Five Gods of ancient times, participating in a series of five battles that will be sure to make for spectacular viewing. 

"As one of the most important sects in our empire, the Tang Sect has been constantly making significant contributions to our empire, and this Trial of Five Gods is being held to further strengthen the friendship between sect and empire, so let's all cheer on Sect Master Tang and celebrate this Trial of Five Gods. Regardless of the outcome, I'm sure this is going to a thrilling event."

The introduction was very simple and concise, and at the end, it was specifically reinforced that this was a friendly affair, while the status of the Tang Sect was also being elevated.

Even though the empire was using the Tang Sect, they still had to make sure that the empire and the Tang Sect remained on friendly terms. In terms of political maneuvers, the Star Luo Empire excelled far above the Dou Spirit Empire. In contrast, the Star Luo Empire was also more powerful and relied on the Tang Sect far less than the Dou Spirit Empire did.

"The first match that's going to be held today is the mecha battle! Mechas have become one of the most important types of modern weapons, and their research stemmed from one of the vastly renowned forefathers of our Star Luo Empire, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao. He was the one who proposed the concept and created the earliest mechas. At the same time, the Spirit Ice Douluo himself was also a member of Shrek's Seven Monsters, and I'm sure this mecha battle is going to be a very spectacular and exciting one.

"The rules of the mecha battle will be as follows: the upper limit on the grade of mecha that can be used by both sides will be black mechas. This is in order to ensure fairness as the Tang Sect Master doesn't possess a red mecha. If there's too much disparity between the calibers of the mechas, then there's no way to decide who's actually superior when it comes to mecha piloting abilities. During the mecha battle, anything can be used aside from soul spirits. The Star Luo Empire representative for this mecha battle will be the commander of the empire's number one mecha corps.

"He is a divine-grade mecha pilot, and he's known as the Pillar of the Empire; he is none other than Corps Commander Huang Zhengyang. He was once known as the empire's most promising mecha pilot and won many mecha tournaments en route to forging an extraordinary legacy for himself. On top of that, he's a Titled Douluo as well, and he's certainly worthy to represent our empire in this Trial of Five Gods."

As soon as Huang Zhengyang's name was announced, cheers immediately rang out across the entire stadium. In the Star Luo Empire, Huang Zhengyang was a household name.

His nickname was the Pillar of the Empire, and this was not a nickname he had given himself. Instead, it had been personally bestowed upon him by Dai Tianling after the emperor had witnessed his exceptional mecha piloting abilities.

Huang Zhengyang had been very fond of mechas ever since he was a child, and his father was an outstanding mecha pilot as well. He was already regularly spending time in the pilot room of his father's mecha at just two years old, and during his childhood, it wouldn't have been an exaggeration to say that he had spent more time in mechas than on his own bed.

To him, mechas were even more important than his own life, and he had something special that allowed him to pilot mechas with a higher level of skill and proficiency than all other mecha pilots in the entire empire.

At just 23 years of age, back when he had only been a Soul Emperor, he had already become a ninth-grade mecha pilot, and was one of the candidates to become a divine-grade mecha pilot of the imperial family.

At 31 years of age, he became a Titled Douluo, and the empire pooled together an enormous amount of funds to construct a divine-grade mecha for him. At present, he was still only 41 years of age, and he was a major general, as well as the commander of the empire's most powerful mecha corps. He was a vastly renowned figure in the military, and he was also the vice-principal of Monster Academy's mecha faculty.

In the Star Luo Empire, his name would always be brought up in any conversation involving mechas, and that was sufficient testament to just how resounding his reputation was. 

He was going to be Tang Wulin's first opponent in this Trial of Five Gods.

On the rostrum, a faint smile appeared on Dai Yueyan's face upon hearing Huang Zhengyang's name, and he mused, "Looks like there's no way your captain is going to be able to secure victory today."

"Oh?" Yue Zhengyu turned to him, and remarked, "You seem to be very confident in this Huang Zhengyang, Your Highness."

Indeed, Dai Yueyan was clearly brimming with confidence. "You'd be confident as well if you had witnessed Huang Zhengyang's mecha piloting skills in the past. Prior to receiving the nickname of the Pillar of the Empire, his nickname was the Scythe of Despair as virtually all of his opponents would be plunged into despair in the face of his attacks. Let me put it this way; he can control mechas with even greater precision than Soul Masters like you can control your own bodies. Every single joint in his mecha is controlled with unerring precision, and that's what sets him apart from everyone else."

Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie exchanged a glance upon hearing this. "Let's see what happens."

Tang Wulin was the champion of the mecha discipline the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition and was revered as the Spear King during that competition. As such, he was certainly no slouch when it came to mecha piloting. His opponent did indeed sound very powerful, but was he really powerful enough to defeat Tang Wulin? That question could only be answered through battle.

All of the lights in the entire sports stadium began to dim, but the competition platform lit up, and searchlight beams shone down from above. The spectator stands were plunged into complete darkness, but the competition platform was like a bright jewel at the center of the stadium.

The change in lighting immediately set the atmosphere alight. Even though the announcer had asked everyone to cheer on the Tang Sect Master, all of the spectators were exclusively cheering for Huang Zhengyang.

"You hear that? Huang Zhengyang is like an idol in the eyes of the general public. On top of being a superb mecha pilot, he's also very handsome, but he's still yet to be married as he says that he has no time for marriage. His goal is to become the first Limit Douluo level divine-grade mecha pilot," Dai Yueyan said in a proud manner.

Xie Xie chuckled, "I recall this is exactly how the spectators were cheering a couple of days ago."

Dai Yueyan's voice immediately cut off as he turned to glower at Xie Xie.

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