Chapter 1313: I'll Drink For You!

In Shrek Academy, everyone cultivated on their own, and Xu Mi'er was constantly doing her own research, so she didn't really come into contact with anyone else. In contrast, she was now a teacher in Monster Academy, so increased interaction was inevitable. Her gorgeous looks and her strict teaching style, as well as her powerful combat prowess, made her a very popular figure among both teachers and students, and she was quickly able to integrate herself into Monster Academy.

When using mechas of the same caliber, there was virtually no one who could defeat her, and she was ridiculously powerful. Furthermore, she was adept in mecha construction and constructing all types of weapons, and she helped everyone who came to her for help as long as it was within the realm of her abilities. Her extroverted and hospitable personality was the complete antithesis to Long Yue's introversion, and they complemented one another perfectly.

In terms of reputation, Long Yue was naturally number one in the academy, but in terms of popularity, Xu Mi'er was quickly catching up.

It was exactly due to Xu Mi'er's selflessness toward Monster Academy that made Long Yue respect and adore her even more. The two of them hadn't officially married, but they really were as good as married.

Long Yue really liked her straightforward and simple personality, but the uncharacteristically seductive display she was suddenly putting on was evoking a different type of emotion within him.

"I'll drink in your stead!" he said without any hesitation.

Thus, Xu Mi'er went to the toilet with a wide smile on her face, leaving Long Yue to down three cups of wine in succession in her stead.

Even though he wasn't using his soul power to nullify the alcohol, this amount of rice wine wasn't much of an issue to him.

Right at this moment, another seductive voice rang out. "Brother Teng Teng."

Teng Teng was still laughing at Long Yue when his laughter was abruptly cut off, and goosebumps appeared all over his body. He turned with a stunned expression toward Dai Yun'er, and the latter was appraising him with a seductive look in her eyes.

"Brother Teng Teng, I also want to go to the toilet."

"Go ahead, we're not part of the same team here!" Teng Teng wasn't going to fold that easily.

A film of tears immediately welled up in Dai Yun'er's eyes. "Brother Teng Teng, I always thought that you really cared about me; can you really bear to see me drink these three cups of wine? My stomach is going to get all bloated, and I'll become really ugly. You're so handsome and dashing; I didn't even complain when you pushed me over to Shrek Academy..."

"I'll drink for you!" Teng Teng instantly cut her off. If he allowed her to continue, he would most likely get slapped with treason soon!

"Hahahaha!" Everyone immediately burst into raucous laughter. Xu Mi'er and Dai Yun'er's performances had brought everyone a lot closer together, and the awkward atmosphere had completely faded. On many occasions, wine had a magical property of being able to bring people closer together.

Xie Xie gently nudged Yuanen Yehui, and said, "Darling, if you beg me in the same way they just did, you can go to the toilet as many times as you want, and I'll take the fall for you!"

Yuanen Yehui turned to look at him, and her cheeks were tinged with a seductive flush from the alcohol she had ingested. A captivating smile appeared on her face, and Xie Xie's mouth immediately ran dry as a scorching sensation appeared in his lower abdomen.

"Piss off!"

"Hahahaha!" Another round of raucous laughter rang out.

Under this atmosphere, no one could recall what the initial bet had been; all they did was continue to drink to their hearts' content.

At some point, Xie Xie and Teng Teng, who were initially antagonizing one another, had begun to refer to one another as brothers. Meanwhile, Xu Mi'er and Xu Xiaoyan were sobbing together as they discussed what had happened to the academy.

Everyone needed instances where they could vent their emotions, particularly when they were under immense pressure; this was the case for both Shrek's Six Monsters and the Monster Eight Kings.

Hence, even the perpetually calm and steadfast Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan had allowed themselves to get a little drunk.

In terms of the final result of the game that everyone had already forgotten about, Shrek’s Seven Monsters had secured the final victory in the end. Much to everyone's surprise, the person with the greatest alcohol capacity among everyone wasn't the musclebound Long Yue. Instead, it was the understated Xu Lizhi who had constantly been stuffing his mouth with food.

His stomach was like a bottomless pit, and even Long Yue was beginning to sway unsteadily at the end, but Xu Lizhi was still completely conscious.

Even as they parted ways, the thoroughly inebriated Teng Teng was still mumbling about how he was never going to engage a food system Soul Master in a drinking contest again.

Thus, the dozen or so most exceptional young talents of the Tang Sect all experienced a drunken night of bonding.

The promotion for the Trial of Five Gods was becoming more intense, to the extent that virtually everyone on the Star Luo Continent was aware of the event. This was different from all other trials of competitions in the past; all of those competitions had certain restrictions, such as age and cultivation rank restrictions, to create as fair an environment as possible in order to better facilitate improvement for the competitors.

However, this Trial of Five Gods had no restrictions at all, so this was definitely going to be a trial for the ages.

More and more information about Tang Wulin was becoming known to the public, and everyone was stunned that the almighty Tang Sect had chosen a young man in his early twenties as their new sect master. Furthermore, how could such a young man possibly stand a chance in the Trial of Five Gods? Was there really a need for the empire to promote such an event so heavily? Why was it that the event seemed to be taken so seriously?

Could it be that the Tang Sect Master had openly provoked the empire? Had his confidence gotten the better of him?

All types of theories were being thrown out, and this was only adding to the hype around the trial.

As for Tang Wulin himself, he was completely oblivious to what was taking place in the outside world. He was currently immersed in a special state that would often appear when external pressure reached a peak, and he was always able to make the fastest improvements in this state.

Of course, the prerequisite to this was that the pressure didn't stem from an internal source.

His foster parents had been taken away by his birth father, thereby leaving a hole in his life, but at the same time, he no longer had to be concerned about them. Na'er's confession finally allowed him to understand why Gu Yue and Na'er had acted so strangely in the past, and how Gu Yuena had come into existence.

Na'er hadn't told him why Gu Yuena was able to split up into two people, and it was a very strange notion to consider, but at the very least, it provided the answer to a question that had weighed on his heart for a long time, and that lifted some further pressure from his shoulders. As for the pressure that stemmed from other sources, that would only act as motivation for Tang Wulin, who had always become stronger in the face of adversity.

When he had first begun cultivating, he had chosen to continue to cultivate the Body Sect's congenital secret method, but he quickly fell into a deep meditative state. As such, his cultivation of the congenital secret method was naturally cut short, and even he didn't know exactly what kind of state he was currently in.

He could only sense that he had become a figurative ball, one that wasn't completely smooth and uniform. The ball was comprised of many components, which were naturally his abilities.

Ever since he had entered this state of deep meditation, the ball had begun to rotate, and during this process, its irregular exterior was slowly becoming smoother and more uniform, as if everything were being integrated and assimilated.

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