Chapter 1312: Wh, what...

Long Yue said in a heavy voice, "We'll leave it until after the Trial of Five Gods. We can accept defeat, but we won't accept an unfair sparring match."

Yue Zhengyu extended a hand toward him. "Perhaps we'll fight alongside one another as allies someday."

Long Yue faltered slightly upon hearing this. Yue Zhengyu was right! They were both members of the Tang Sect, and even though Long Yue was focusing more of his time and effort on his role in Monster Academy, there was certainly a chance that they could be allies someday.

"Zhengyu is right; maybe you'll become comrades in the future, and perhaps that day won't be too far in the future." The Smiling Douluo strode over to them, and he was very pleased to see the competitive looks in the eyes of these young individuals.

The younger generation was growing extremely quickly, and they were definitely going to be able to take the Tang Sect to greater heights. Both Tang Wulin and Long Yue were very likely to become Limit Douluos in the future, and there was a good chance that many of their companions would also reach that level someday.

Soul technology had indeed been constantly advancing, but the most powerful beings in the world were still more powerful than Godslayer missiles.

If the Tang Sect could have five Limit Douluos among its ranks someday...

Just the thought of it was getting Hu Jie very excited, and that scenario certainly wasn't very implausible. All of them were currently only in their twenties; what cultivation rank had he been back at the same age?

At the same time, he was also struck by a sense of dejection as he thought of his original sect. In contrast with the almighty entity that the Tang Sect had become, the Body Sect was in a far worse position. The Body Sect had once been the number one most powerful sect, ranked above even the Tang Sect, yet it was now nothing more than a second-rate sect. Soul Masters with bodily martial souls were very rare to begin within, and the cultivation methods of the Body Sect were too painful for the present-day youth to pursue, especially in this age of technology, and these were the key reasons behind the Body Sect's decline.

"How about we go out for a meal? It'll be my treat," Long Yue suggested.

Yue Zhengyu turned to Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan, both of whom were rather taken aback by this invitation. Xu Mi'er approached them with a smile, and said, "I wanted to ask you about the academy's current situation as well, so let's catch up over a meal. Star Luo City has many delicious traditional cuisines that can no longer be found in the federation."

"Yes, let's go!" Xu Lizhi was almost drooling at this suggestion.

Ye Xinglan rolled her eyes at him while Yuanen Yehui nodded in agreement. "Alright, we'll be in your care, then."

The Smiling Douluo rubbed his own round tummy, and said, "You can go on without me; an old man like me will only spoil the occasion. What I wouldn't give to be young again!"

Long Yue didn't take everyone to any high-end restaurant. Instead, he led them to a nondescript small courtyard. This was a place that belonged to the Eight Monster Kings, and they had pooled together their funds to purchase it. The place was furnished with everything that they liked, and they would often meet up here. Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi were usually responsible for looking after the place, and with the status of the Eight Monster Kings in Star Luo City, they could order food from any part of the city and have it delivered very quickly.

Soon, an entire table was filled with a delectable feast, and in the beginning, the atmosphere was still slightly tense and awkward. After all, they had been rivals for so many years, and this was the first time that all of them had sat down for a meal together.

Only after Xu Mi'er brought out a few jugs of specially brewed rice wine for everyone to drink did the atmosphere liven up a little.

Long Yue was sitting in the main seat, and Yue Zhengyu was seated beside him initially, but he was soon substituted by Xu Lizhi. The reason for this was very simple: Long Yue's alcohol capacity was incredible, and Yue Zhengyu quickly found himself unable to keep up.

"How about we play a game?" Teng Teng suddenly suggested.

"What kind of game?" Perhaps it was because they were both agility system Soul Masters, but Xie Xie had a natural disliking for Teng Teng.

Teng Teng replied, "A drinking game, of course. Speaking of which, have you reached the legal drinking age yet?"

This was plain provocation, and Xie Xie immediately took the bait. He raised an eyebrow, and asked, "What are the rules?"

Teng Teng replied, "Each person has to accept a toast from everyone else, and only after completing these toasts can they continue to eat. After that, the next person will take their place, and we'll keep going in cycles until someone's too drunk to continue, what do you think?"

Xie Xie wasn't about to back down. "Sure, let's do it! You suggested it, so why don't you go first?"

Teng Teng stood up with his wine cup, and a sly smirk appeared on his face. "If you can't continue or don't want to get drunk, you can just say 'I'm a coward', and you'll be exempt from the game."

"What do I have to say?" Xie Xie asked in a stunned manner.

"I'm a coward," Teng Teng immediately repeated.

Xie Xie immediately burst into laughter. "I see you've already given up on the game."

"F*ck! That's cheating! Xie Xie, down this cup of wine with me." Teng Teng rushed over to Xie Xie as he spoke, and it had to be said that his skills as an agility system Soul Master were really shining through here; even as he was quickly traveling toward Xie Xie, the wine in his cup didn't even sway in the slightest.

Xie Xie chuckled, "I was only kidding; you're not actually mad, are you?"

Teng Teng harrumphed, "I won't be mad after you drink this."

"Alright then, cheers." The two touched their cups together, then gulped down the contents of their respective cups, which consisted of close to 250 milliliters of wine each.

Teng Teng raised the cup above his own head, then tipped it over to display the fact that there wasn't any wine left in the cup.

Xie Xie replicated what he was doing, but there were still a couple of drops of wine in the cup, and they instantly dripped down onto his hair.

"Haha, there's technique involved behind that!" Teng Teng chortled in a smug manner, feeling as if he had gotten Xie Xie back for that joke earlier.

Xie Xie wiped away the wine on his head with a paper towel. "You're a sneaky guy! Alright, you can go drink with everyone else now."

Teng Teng filled his cup with wine again, then said with a smile, "Oh, by the way, there's another rule to this game; no one is allowed to go to the toilet, and every time you go to the toilet, you have to drink three cups of wine as a punishment."

Yue Zhengyu's eyes immediately widened upon hearing this. "That's way too cruel!"

Teng Teng harrumphed, "Are you scared?"

Yue Zhengyu argued, "You guys have more people!"

Teng Teng replied, "Sister Mi'er is from your Shrek Academy as well, so she can be on your side. You know what? You're our guests, so we'll give you the advantage; you can have Yun'er as well. That way, you'll have more people than us. Let's see who's left standing at the end."

"Alright, let's do it!"

These were all competitive young men and women, so no one was willing to concede. Thus, a "rematch" commenced between the two sides.

Even though they were all Soul Masters, none of them stooped as low as to use their soul power to nullify the alcohol they were ingesting. After accepting a toast from everyone, Teng Teng's eyes were even brighter than before, but there was nothing else that was different about him.

One person stepped up to the plate after another, and after one cycle, everyone had drunk over 20 cups of wine. Under the stimulus of alcohol, the rather cold and rigid atmosphere immediately became a lot more relaxed.

A seductive smile suddenly appeared on Xu Mi'er's face, and she nudged Long Yue as she called out in a gentle voice, "Husband..."

Despite Long Yue's stalwart personality, he still couldn't help but shudder upon hearing Xu Mi'er adopt this mellow voice. This was also the first time everyone else had seen Xu Mi'er behave in such a manner, and the room immediately fell silent as everyone turned to look at her.

"Wh, what..." Long Yue turned to Xu Mi'er in an awkward manner, and said, "Don't speak like that; it's giving me chills!"

"I wanna go to the toilet..." Xu Mi'er lowered her head in a pitiable display, as if she constantly had to ask permission from Long Yue over even the most trivial of matters.

Long Yue gulped nervously, and a thought suddenly occurred to him; if Xu Mi'er could always act like this, then he certainly wouldn't mind!

"Go on, then," he hurriedly said.

Xu Mi'er hung her head, and said, "But I don't want to be punished."

Only then did everyone else realize what she was up to, and they all burst into raucous laughter, especially the Monster Eight Kings; none of them had imagined that Xu Mi'er would have such a trump card up her sleeve.

Teng Teng chortled, "I regret allowing Sister Mi'er to defect to the other side now!"

A resigned look appeared on Long Yue's face, but when he thought about it, being able to see his wife in such a state was worth the three cups of wine he would have to drink. He had never seen Xu Mi'er act in such a gentle and docile manner before!

In Monster Academy, Xu Mi'er had a vastly renowned nickname, which was Guns N' Roses. If it weren't for the fact that she was Long Yue's lover, there would be many people trying to pursue her.

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