Chapter 1311: Well Fought

It was him!

In the instant that the clashes between the two sides had commenced, Xie Xie had immediately vanished on the spot, and now, he was standing right where Ye Zhi had been standing before.

Ye Zhi was focusing wholeheartedly on enhancing her teammates, and she didn't even have a chance to evade before the light around her warped, and a sharp burst of pain forced her to cut off her support to her teammates. Thus, Shrek's Six Monsters was able to complete an instant come-from-behind victory. Was their teamwork really lacking? Of course not! Shrek's Seven Monsters would never allow their teamwork to grow rusty.


Lin San was sent flying, and Su Mu was eliminated.

Streaks of Dazzling Starlight descended from the heavens, striking the Monster Six Kings and completely immobilizing them.

Neither Yuanen Yehui nor Yue Zhengyu continued to attack. At this point in the match, the outcome was already as clear as day.

At the Soul Sage and Soul Douluo levels, battles were often decided in an instant, and this was certainly the case here.

No matter how much they were unwilling to accept defeat, the truth was right in front of their eyes, and the cheering spectators had instantly fallen silent.

The sudden turn of events left everyone reeling, and Long Yue's fists had balled up into tight fists as soon as he witnessed Xie Xie appearing behind Ye Zhi.

Had they lost due to complacency? No, it wasn't that simple. Protecting Ye Zhi was one of their top priorities, and the responsibility had fallen upon Su Mu's shoulders.

However, due to the immense pressure exerted on them by their opponents, they were unable to protect Ye Zhi properly in a critical moment, thereby resulting in this sudden defeat.

The teamwork of Shrek's Six Monsters had appeared to be rather incohesive during the match, but in the final instant where it mattered, they had sealed the deal in emphatic fashion. Furthermore, Long Yue could clearly sense that they hadn't even been fighting at their full power.

Were Shrek's Six Monsters already this powerful? Even if another rematch were held right away, and Long Yue participated as well, he knew that there was still no way they'd be able to secure victory. 

What drew his attention the most was Yuanen Yehui. Her suit of three-word battle armor was essentially a moving impregnable fortress, and her offensive and defensive prowess, coupled with those simple-looking fist techniques, had allowed her to hold off Dai Yueyan, Hua Lantang, and Lin San. She had been the core that the rest of Shrek's Six Monsters had revolved around.

As the main control system Soul Master, Su Mu had played a very minimal role in this battle as he had to focus wholeheartedly on keeping Xu Xiaoyan's Dazzling Starlight at bay.

On top of that, thinking back, the starry night that Xu Xiaoyan had conjured up seemed to have encompassed Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu Lizhi as all of their attacks had come from above. Just what kind of soul skill was this?

Dai Yueyan was sitting on the ground with a blank look on his face. Following their last defeat, everyone had felt that they had only lost due to complacency, but could they use the same excuse again here?

Yuanen Yehui had been like an immovable mountain that had completely kept Hua Lantang, Lin San, and him at bay, even after they had received all those enhancements from Ye Zhi.

In the instant that the enhancements faded, he and Hua Lantang had both been forced back by Yuanen Yehui with ease, indicating that there was a massive power disparity between them.

The only member of Shrek's Six Monsters who had truly displayed their powers was Yuanen Yehui, and perhaps one could argue that Xu Lizhi had done so as well. After Teng Teng had been caught by the wrist by him, everyone had only caught sight of a brief glimpse of purple light before Teng Teng had been rendered completely powerless.

The battle had concluded faster than anyone had anticipated, and throughout the entire match, Yuanen Yehui was the only one who had been placed under any substantial pressure.

There were several hundred people present in the venue, but it was currently so silent that even a pin drop could be heard.

Those chants of "legends" felt so ironic and embarrassing now.

To all of the spectators and the Monster Six Kings, it felt as if the battle had been lost almost as soon as it had begun.

Xu Lizhi released Teng Teng and patted him on the shoulder before handing him a Recovery Pork Bun with a warm smile.

Teng Teng accepted the large steamed bun, and a film of tears welled up in his eyes.

They weren't sore losers or people who couldn't accept defeat, but losing in such a manner had dealt all of them a heavy blow.

Su Mu was looking at Ye Xinglan, who was standing before him. There was a massive longsword hovering behind Ye Xinglan, and the hilt of the sword was shimmering with dazzling starlight. He felt as if the sword were threatening to suck his soul away. All of a sudden, the light radiating from the sword faded, and Ye Xinglan gave him a calm nod before turning and making her way back to her friends.

Following a brief period of stunned silence, all of the spectators outside the protective barrier immediately began to discuss what they had just witnessed.

The invincible legends in their eyes had just lost, and the vast majority of spectators didn't even see exactly how they had lost.

The Smiling Douluo glanced at the slack-jawed Ye Zhi beside him, and gently shook his head without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Shrek's Six Monsters had all withdrawn their suits of battle armor and reverted back to their original forms.

Yuanen Yehui was wearing a super elastic jumpsuit that perfectly outlined her perfect figure, and Xie Xie immediately arrived by her side before taking off his outer garment and draping it over her shoulders to conceal her alluring curves.

The six of them strode toward the Monster Six Kings together, and Dai Yueyan finally rose to his feet before pulling Hua Lantang up from the ground as well.

The two looked at one another, and they could both see their own indignation in each other's eyes. They really didn't want to accept defeat, but there was no fighting reality.

The six of them gathered together and arrived at the center of the competition platform. They looked at Shrek's Six Monsters, who were standing in front of them, and none of them could bring themselves to say anything.

"Well fought," Yuanen Yehui said to Dai Yueyan.

A wry smile appeared on Dai Yueyan's face. "All of you have become a lot more powerful than we last met."

Yuanen Yehui said, "You've all become very powerful as well, but we've changed quite significantly compared to back then, and you aren't familiar enough with our abilities. Perhaps we've had to change more because we've been through more ordeals these past few years."

The current Monster Eight Kings were indeed all legendary figures who were among the most brilliant young talents on all three continents, but different people experienced different things, and different experiences created different people.

Not only had Shrek’s Seven Monsters been cultivating in the past few years, they had endured the demonic island military training, experienced the destruction of Shrek Academy, and underwent the most rigorous training in their respective legions. These experiences were undoubtedly extremely painful, but they were also the most precious wealth they possessed.

It was exactly due to these experiences that they had managed to become more powerful and develop a better grasp on their own abilities, and it was also thanks to these experiences that they were who they were today.

In contrast with Shrek’s Seven Monsters, the Monster Eight Kings had far simpler experiences that mostly consisted of cultivating and studying in the academy. On top of that, there was still an undeniable gulf between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy.

Long Yue had already walked onto the platform again. His right fist had loosened, but there was still a rather gloomy look in his eyes.

He strode over to Dai Yueyan and patted him on the shoulder. Dai Yueyan looked up at him with an inquisitive expression, as if to ask whether they should propose another six-on-seven rematch, just as Shrek's Six Monsters had originally suggested.

Long Yue shook his head, and turned to Shrek's Six Monsters. "I'm very much looking forward to Tang Wulin's Trial of Five Gods. The powers that you've displayed have shown me that it's far too early to completely write him off as most people have."

Yue Zhengyu replied, "We actually really want to face you in battle as well."

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