Chapter 1310: Stunning Reversal

A gentle breeze swept past, and countless wind blades suddenly appeared behind Dai Yueyan, sweeping up the flying dragon scales at bay before forming an enormous tornado that enveloped Yuanen Yehui. 

Piercing slicing sounds rang out as the dragon scales screeched over her suit of battle armor, sending countless sparks flying through the air. In the face of such a fearsome attack, even a piece of metal would've most likely been sliced into shreds, yet Yuanen Yehui merely disregarded the attack as yellow light erupted from her suit of battle armor.

She lowered her own center of gravity, and widened her stance to create a more stable base, then threw another punch.

In the face of her enormous fist, the entire space seemed to have congealed, and the tremendous resulting suction force was far more powerful than what she had unleashed before. Her punch seemed to have struck nothing but empty air, but both Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan felt a powerful burst of suction force that made them stumble in an unsteady manner.

Yuanen Yehui's three-word battle armor domain was known as Mountainous Abyss. It possessed extremely powerful suction and defensive properties against all physical attacks, and it also increased the power of her own attacks by more than twofold.

In addition to the ultra-powerful defensive prowess of her suit of battle armor, she was the most resolute defense that Shrek’s Seven Monsters had to offer. Even Tang Wulin had been inferior to her from a purely defensive perspective prior to the completion of his suit of three-word battle armor.

Confidence stemmed from power; Shrek's Six Monsters were confident enough to propose a six-on-seven match as they had a clear understanding and judgment of their own powers.

The howling winds ceased, and the tornado was destroyed by a single punch. Prior to the match, who could've imagined that the seven-ring Yuanen Yehui would be able to keep both Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang at bay, especially when they were being enhanced by the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda?

Fox King Su Mu was only able to use his Speed-reducing Halo and Soul-power-draining Halo on Yuanen Yehui for an instant before being forced to focus wholeheartedly on keeping the stars in the sky at bay with his Repelling Halos.

However, that split-second alone was still enough for Hua Lantang to pounce, and he sprang toward Yuanen Yehui before swinging his paws directly toward her.

Yuanen Yehui shielded herself with her left arm, and a dull thump rang out as she was forced back a few steps by Hua Lantang. Dai Yueyan immediately followed up, charging toward Yuanen Yehui as well, but right at this moment, Hua Lantang, Dai Yueyan, and Lin San were all struck by a scorching sensation that originated from up above.

The starry night sky suddenly lit up, and a scintillating sun suddenly appeared in the sky.

Su Mu let loose a muffled groan as his Repelling Halos were instantly vanquished by the scorching sun, which crashed down directly between Hua Lantang, Dai Yueyan, and Lin San.

The enormous resulting explosion was intermingled with a terrifying heatwave and an extremely powerful holy aura. All three of them were forced to stumble back a few steps as they did everything in their power to withstand the attack.

The scintillating light of the sun receded slightly, and Yue Zhengyu was revealed with his entire body shimmering with golden light.

His Holy Angel martial soul was glowing with unprecedented radiance, and scorching holy power was erupting outward in all directions. Even battle armor was becoming scorching hot in the face of this terrifying heatwave.

Wind King Lin San had the weakest defenses, so he was the first one to be forced to spring back. At the same time, he swept both hands through the air to send two pillars of wind hurtling toward Yue Zhengyu.

With Yue Zhengyu's interference, Yuanen Yehui was able to catch her breath, and at the same time, countless stars began to descend from the heavens again.

Su Mu harrumphed coldly as his seventh soul ring lit up, and at the same time, Ye Zhi's seventh soul ring also lit up.

Ye Zhi transformed into a dazzling Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda that was three meters tall, and as the pagoda hovered in mid-air, all of the enhancements received by her teammates were instantly increased drastically. A layer of bright rainbow light appeared over all of their bodies, and at the same time, Ye Zhi's domain halo lit up, increasing the already staggering 70% enhancement effect by a further 10%. With her support, all of the Monster Six Kings had their powers enhanced to the Titled Douluo level, and this was truly a testament to the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda's status as the number one tool martial soul in existence.

After becoming a Soul Sage, Ye Zhi had become the core of the entire team.

The Repelling Halos surfaced once again, and they rose up into the air alongside the rainbow light, forming a rainbow light barrier that repelled all of the descending specks of starlight.

It was also right at this moment that Shadow King Teng Teng appeared out of thin air behind Xu Xiaoyan, and he also had rainbow light shimmering over his body. He reached out like lightning to eliminate Xu Xiaoyan from the battle.

The match was over! The same thought ran through the minds of all of the spectators. It was undoubtedly the case that at this point in the battle, the result had already been decided, and Shrek's Six Monsters had been comprehensively crushed!

As expected, the Monster Eight Kings were truly legends among legends. Su Mu had controlled the entire battlefield, while Ye Zhi provided everyone with extraordinary enhancements. With the enhancements, the other four were able to crush their opponents, and in contrast, the teamwork of Shrek's Six Monsters had been made to appear a lot more clumsy and lackluster. The starry sky seemed to be very powerful, but it was completely countered by Su Mu, and everything was over.

Or at least, that was supposed to be the case.

All of a sudden, one of the stars in the sky became particularly bright, and it descended from above, completely disregarding Su Mu's Repelling Halos.

A plump hand then appeared behind Xu Xiaoyan's neck with unerring accuracy, and Teng Teng was greeted by the sight of a rotund face, as well as a burst of tremendous soul power fluctuations.

The chubby jade-like hand caught his wrist firmly, preventing him from being able to reach out any further, and purple light instantly erupted from that hand. A burst of destructive power immediately surged into Teng Teng's body, threatening to destroy his soul, and he was instantly rendered completely powerless.

Meanwhile, Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang were charging toward Yuanen Yehui in unison. Lin San's wind pillars had been vanquished by the Holy Angel, but he had unleashed his martial soul true body, transforming into a blade of wind that was over three meters in length before sweeping through the air with devastating force.

As opposed to taking evasive measures, Yuanen Yehui abruptly stepped forward and thrust both fists forward again, still relying on her Divine Cloudvortex Fists.

"Boom boom!"

Two resounding booms rang out, and Hua Lantang was sent flying like a rag doll, while Dai Yueyan's power was completely nullified by the Divine Cloudvortex Fists before he was struck by Yuanen Yehui's huge fist. Even though his suit of three-word battle armor had nullified most of the power from the punch, he was still forced to stumble back six or seven steps in succession before stumbling onto his backside.

How could this be? How had she suddenly become so powerful?

The same thought appeared in the minds of Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang at the same time.

Meanwhile, another speck of dazzling starlight descended from above, slicing through the Repelling Halos with ease before reaching Su Mu in an instant.

A golden halo appeared beneath Su Mu's feet, and he was completely immobilized for an instant. A sword flashed through the air, and his eight tails protected him of their own accord, but he was still sent flying by the attack. His entire body trembled, and the light shimmering from his suit of three-word battle armor dimmed significantly as fur from his fox tails were sent flying in all directions. 

How was this possible? How had their opponents become so powerful?

Holy light shone down from the heavens, melting away the oncoming blade of wind, and a pillar of Light of Judgment descended upon Lin San.

The Holy Angel then pressed its advantage, unleashing a barrage of powerful attacks that forced Lin San to stumble back in retreat.

The sudden turn of the tables left everyone reeling.

Was it really the case that Shrek's Six Monsters had suddenly become more powerful? 

As Dai Yueyan sat heavily down onto the ground, he realized that this was not the case.

It wasn't that their opponents had become more powerful; they had simply become weaker. In the instant before all of their opponents' attacks had struck, the rainbow light shimmering over their bodies had completely disappeared.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda was already gone, and the Smiling Douluo had taken Ye Zhi off the competition platform. In her place, a handsome young man was standing with a wide grin on his face.

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