Chapter 1308: Shrek VS Monster

The domain halo beneath her feet indicated that this was a suit of three-word battle armor as well.

Standing beside Yuanen Yehui was Ye Xinglan, and she also had a domain halo beneath her feet. The halo was of a faint golden color and had a saw blade shape with each and every sawblade resembling a sharp sword. The inner circle was very small, and it was more like a sword wheel than a saw blade.

Her suit of battle armor was as dazzling as the starry night sky, and even though it was entirely black in color, it seemed that there were countless stars sprinkled over its black surface. What was even more peculiar was that these stars seemed to be constantly moving over her suit of battle armor.

This was another suit of three-word battle armor.

A hint of astonishment flashed through the Smiling Douluo's eyes at the sight of their suits of battle armor. As a veteran three-word battle armor master himself, he was far more familiar with battle armor than everyone else present.

All battle armor masters knew that there were different levels of battle armor, but not everyone could tell how powerful a suit of battle armor was at a single glance. However, the Smiling Douluo was able to do this as he had seen far too many suits of battle armor.

As such, it was quite clear to him that Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui's suits of three-word battle armor were far from ordinary. Yuanen Yehui's suit of battle armor appeared to be very simplistic, but the domain halo beneath her feet was very remarkable. Generally speaking, a domain halo would only be a single color; the two colors indicated that this was very likely two domains. Just what kind of powerful material could withstand the power of two domains at once?

In contrast, Ye Xinglan's domain halo looked very straightforward, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that everytime the specks of starlight on her suit of battle armor shimmered, the halo beneath her feet would undergo some intriguing changes; it seemed that a small world had been formed between the domain and the suit of battle armor.

Planar manifestation of a domain halo was one of the defining characteristics of a suit of four-word battle armor. Ye Xinglan's suit of three-word battle armor hadn't reached that level yet, but the effect of planar manifestation was already beginning to show, which indicated that the materials used for her suit of battle armor were most likely quite extraordinary as well. 

In contrast, among the three battle armor masters in the Monster Six Kings, it seemed that only Ye Zhi's suit of battle armor could just barely compare with those of Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui. Even as the rightful heir to the throne, Dai Yueyan's suit of battle armor was constructed from inferior materials in comparison. 

This indicated that Shrek’s Seven Monsters had to be supported by an extremely talented blacksmith. Could it be that Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua had personally forged the metals required for their suits of battle armor?

Design and construction were both very important determining factors in how powerful a suit of battle armor would be, but the most important factor was the material used. The better the material, the more powerful the core circuit it would be able to handle. 

Good materials would make the carving of the circuit a lot easier, and would also provide the potential for more to be achieved.

Aside from Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui, the rest of Shrek's Six Monsters were looking rather strange as none of them had full suits of battle armor.

Yue Zhengyu had pauldrons, a cuirass, a helmet, and gauntlets, but no armor on his legs, and nor had his battle armor been fitted with a pair of wings.

The pieces of battle armor that he did possess were white with golden patterns that fit very well with his lavish style. The white armor complemented by the golden light created a very grandiose sight to behold, but it still looked off as the suit of armor wasn't complete.

In contrast, Xu Lizhi was missing a left gauntlet, a pair of greaves, and a helmet, so he was missing a bit more than Yue Zhengyu. The pieces of battle armor that he did possess were yellow in color, and they were slightly more complex in design than his past Guardian Star battle armor.

Aside from Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan had the most complete suit of battle armor, missing only her left gauntlet. The entire suit of battle armor was transparent and also had specks of shimmering starlight within it. The Starwheel Staff martial soul in her hand seemed to have fused as one with her suit of battle armor, giving her a rather blurry and indistinct appearance, as if she belonged to the starry sky rather than this world.

As for Xie Xie, he looked like he wasn't even wearing a suit of battle armor. However, upon closer inspection, one would be able to just barely make out a suit of near-invisible battle armor under the illumination of his seven soul rings, and his body also began to fade out of existence.

All of Shrek's Six Monsters had seven soul rings each, the majority of which were black.

On the surface, it seemed that the Monster Six Kings held a clear advantage; three of them were already at the Soul Douluo level, while Shrek's Six Monsters didn't even have a single Soul Douluo among their ranks, which was quite a huge disparity.

In terms of battle armor, it was a contest of three three-word battle armor masters up against two. The rest of Shrek's Six Monsters all had incomplete suits of battle armor, which naturally placed them at a further disadvantage against the Monster Six Kings, all of whom were fully equipped with battle armor. Hence, no matter how one looked at it, the Monster Six Kings clearly had the upper hand. However, was that really the case?

In the eyes of experienced individuals and the Monster Six Kings themselves, the situation was different.

The battle armor worn by Shrek's Six Monsters was rather inconsistent, but all of them were wearing three-word battle armor.

Perhaps the overall enhancements provided by incomplete suits of three-word battle armor would be inferior to those of complete suits of two-word battle armor, but three-word battle armor possessed some special properties that were beyond suits of two-word battle armor. Even more importantly, this meant that all of Shrek's Six Monsters were going to become three-word battle armor masters in the near future. In contrast, the three two-word battle armor masters among the Monster Eight Kings hadn't even begun constructing their suits of three-word battle armor yet.

Several years ago, when they had last faced Shrek’s Seven Monsters during the youth tournament, they had been far superior to Shrek’s Seven Monsters in both cultivation rank and battle armor caliber. However, it seemed that they were about to be overtaken in all aspects soon. 

There was a vast gulf between six-ring Soul Emperors and seven-ring Soul Sages. After becoming a Soul Sage, the caliber of one's martial soul, battle armor, and soul skills would comprise a significant portion of their power. As for just how much of a disparity there was between Soul Sages and Soul Douluos, that was much more specific to individual situations.

This seemed to have been quite a lengthy process, but in reality, only several seconds had passed since the commencement of the battle. The display of power put on by both sides had attracted the attention of all of the spectators, and they were all waiting with bated breath for the battle to begin.

A rumbling tiger's roar rang out across the entire venue, and the giant tiger's head on Dai Yueyan's cuirass suddenly lit up. A gust of fierce winds were swept up, and the winds propelled him forward as he charged toward Shrek's Six Monsters.

As he did so, a series of halos appeared beneath his feet. This was not one of Dai Yueyan's abilities. Instead, it was originating from their main control system Soul Master, Su Mu.

These were his Speed-reducing Halo and Soul-power-draining Halo, and they were quickly traveling toward Shrek's Six Monsters.

Behind Su Mu, Ye Zhi raised her right hand, and a dazzling Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda appeared. Streak of rainbow light then shot forth from the pagoda and fell upon all of her teammates. In particular, Dai Yueyan had a total of six streaks of light injected into his body, and his aura immediately swelled drastically, making it comparable to that of a Titled Douluo in a suit of three-word battle armor. With the enhancements of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, Dai Yueyan would be able to hold his own even against a Titled Douluo.

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