Chapter 1302: You Win

In contrast with Dai Yueyan, Dai Yun'er had never been fearful of her father. "All of the laws only apply to commoners; what's wrong with polygamy? I think polygamy is very normal! Monogamy is negatively impacting society as it's artificially skewing the gene pool. Exceptional people deserve to have more partners so they can leave more of their genes behind, thereby advancing human society. In contrast, those who are unable to attract partners don't deserve them in the first place; this is the basic premise of natural selection!" [Wow, I feel personally attacked (T⌓T)]

"What a load of nonsense! You, you, you..." Dai Tianling was just about ready to explode.

"Father, how many women do you have?" Dai Yun'er immediately dealt him a fatal blow that instantly rendered him at a complete loss for words.

"You were the one who taught me this by example, Father! You are the most exceptional man in our Star Luo Empire, so you can have more spouses, and everyone regards that as completely normal. Similarly, Tang Wulin is also very outstanding, so why should he be relegated to monogamy?"

Dai Tianling had no idea how to respond to this twisted argument. Theoretically, Dai Yun'er was right, but it just sounded wrong to him for some reason.

"You are a princess! How could you share a husband with someone else?" Dai Tianling roared.

Dai Yun'er countered, "Didn't you teach me and my brothers that we are equals to our people? It's exactly because of this philosophy that you're so loved and revered by the people; did you say that just for the sake of it?"


"Please stop, Yun'er, you're just making Father angry now!" Dai Yueyan hurriedly tried to step in, only to be pushed aside by Dai Tianling.

"Piss off!"

Dai Yueyan could only slouch away in an indignant manner. His father couldn't bear to scold Dai Yun'er, so he was taking his anger out on his son instead!

"Let me tell you this, Dai Yun'er; I initially planned to ease up on the difficulty of the Trial of Five Gods and impose an age restriction. I was prepared to eat my own words so our Star Luo Empire isn't seen in a bad light, but now, I'm going to throw the most powerful beings in our empire at him! He wants to participate in all five challenges even if he loses, so I'll grant him that wish; I'll make sure he loses every single one of those challenges, and I'm going to broadcast everything to the entire empire! This is the price he has to pay for rejecting my daughter. As for you, you can become his concubine over my dead body or..."

"Or what?" Dai Yun'er looked up at Dai Tianling with a pitiable expression.

"Or if he wins all five challenges!" Dai Tianling said in a cold voice before storming away.

Dai Yun'er immediately pouted with displeasure. "Father is so stupid!"

"Shh! Please quiet down; we're the ones who Father is going to vent his anger on later," Dai Yueyan said in an exasperated manner.

Dai Yun'er said, "Father needs to open his eyes! If Brother Three wants me, then I don't mind becoming his concubine at all. If Father doesn't agree, I can always just elope with him!"

Dai Yueyan was completely speechless as he stared at Dai Yun'er. "How could you say that? Father would be very sad if he heard you say this."

Dai Yun'er replied, "It's not like I'm not coming back. Once I come back with his child, Father will have no choice but to accept our relationship."

"Dai Yun'er!" Dai Yueyan's voice immediately spiked up a few octaves. He suddenly felt as if his mischievous little sister from a few years ago had returned.

"What?" Dai Yun'er looked up at him with a smile.

"You win!" Dai Yueyan sighed as he sagged like a balloon.

A smug look appeared on Dai Yun'er's face. "I suddenly realized something just now: happiness is something that needs to be pursued. Tang Wulin, you're not getting away from me! Even if I have to drug you, I'll have your child; there's no way you can abandon me then!"

"Thump!" Dai Yueyan slammed his head against a wall.


"You're watching the imperial television network, and our latest story involves the newly assigned Tang Sect Master, Tang Wulin, who has come to visit our empire. After some diplomatic negotiations, the Tang Sect Master will be participating in a mock Trial of Five Gods, which is a trial that was devised in ancient times. The trial will last a total of five days, and we'll be broadcasting the entire event live and free of charge. This is definitely going to be a spectacle for the ages, so make sure you don't miss it. The first match of the trial will be held three days from now, and the next four trials will be held on successive days thereafter. We will strive to bring you the latest coverage on the event."

This piece of news quickly spread through the entire empire like wildfire. The people of the Star Luo Empire were far from unfamiliar with the Tang Sect, and the legends of the Tang Sect were even part of history textbooks used in schools; it was a mandatory class that everyone had to take.

The member of the Tang Sect that the Star Luo Empire was most proud of was Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao, who was a member of the royal family, and also the founder of the Spirit Pagoda. Hence, the people of the Star Luo Empire were all very fond of the Tang Sect, but no one knew who Tang Wulin was. However, at the same time, his name seemed to be rather familiar somehow.

Soon, all types of information regarding this young Tang Sect Master was being dug up. As it turned out, he was the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, who had competed in the Continental Young Elites Tournament and defeated the Monster Eight Kings at the time. Replays of that match were broadcasted on several channels, and Tang Wulin had become a household name in the Star Luo Empire within the short span of just a few days.

"What a sly old fox!" Hu Jie couldn't help but praise after watching all of the televised coverage of the upcoming Trial of Five Gods.

On that day, Dai Tianling had seemed to be extremely enraged, but from the way that he was treating this matter, it was quite clear that he hadn't been led astray by his own emotions at all.

By proclaiming the very real Trial of Five Gods as a mock Trial of Five Gods, he was making the event out to be a friendly competition. After that, he had even released a statement encouraging the young Soul Masters and mecha pilots of the empire to derive motivation from the Trial of Five Gods.

In doing so, he was spurring on the entire population and playing to their deep-rooted reverence toward individual power. Even more importantly, this announcement would confirm the strong relationship between the Tang Sect and the Star Luo Empire.

Just as there were definitely spies from the Dou Spirit Empire and Star Luo Empire in the federation, the Douluo Federation had to have spies in the Star Luo Empire as well, so this information would quickly return to the federation. The Tang Sect was already being heavily oppressed in the federation, and this would undoubtedly deal them another heavy blow. This would only benefit the Star Luo Empire as the Tang Sect would be forced to rely even more on the empire, thereby further distancing them from the federation.

If the Star Luo Empire could receive all of the Tang Sect's soul technology, then it would definitely be able to advance significantly.

At the same time, this would expose Tang Wulin as the Tang Sect Master. Even prior to the commencement of the Trial of Five Gods, the Star Luo Empire had gained an absolute advantage.

Hu Jie had communicated with the imperial family earlier, requesting them to keep Tang Wulin's visit to the Star Luo Empire a secret, and the imperial family had agreed.

However, they were breaking their promise with this public announcement, and in response to Hu Jie's protests, the imperial family had given him a very simple response: the king was still in a state of blind fury, and he had made the decision without considering the consequences. It was now too late to do anything about this, so that was the end of the matter.

The Smiling Douluo had been rendered completely speechless by this. As the emperor of the Star Luo Empire, would Dai Tianling really completely lose his cool over something like this? Only an idiot would believe this alibi. As things turned out, the Star Luo Empire had bound the Tang Sect to them through this sly and underhanded tactic, forcing the Tang Sect firmly onto the back foot.

Setting aside everything else, the Spirit Pagoda was definitely going to make a huge deal out of this to further oppress the Tang Sect in the federation. The Tang Sect had just announced that the Spirit Pagoda was colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult, but the Spirit Pagoda could use this to counter the controversy that had been created against them.

Just the mere thought of the situation was giving the Smiling Douluo a headache; he could only imagine what the Amorous Douluo had to be going through.

Hu Jie heaved an internal sigh. In any case, everything had already happened, and the only thing they could do was face the consequences.

Their priority now was to endure the Trial of Five Gods, then seal the deal on the negotiations. As for what was happening over at the federation, that would just have to wait until everything had been taken care of here. The Tang Sect had extremely deep roots in the federation, so it wouldn't be that easy to shake its foundations.

Hu Jie hadn't informed Tang Wulin of any of this, and currently, the latter was in seclusion in his room, awaiting the first match of the Trial of Five Gods that was going to take place in three days.


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