Chapter 130 - Spirit Soul Evolution

Chapter 130 - Spirit Soul Evolution

Tang Wulin suddenly felt warmth spread from his spine to his whole body. At first, it was so faint that he could barely feel it, but the closer they got to the academy, the more apparent the feeling became. As the warmth diffused into his four limbs and seeped into his bones, he felt exceptionally comfortable, but at the same time, exhaustion washed over him.

To his side, Gu Yue discovered that Tang Wulin’s entire body was swaying as he stumbled forth. She quickly supported him, worriedly asking, “Wulin, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know, I just feel really sleepy.” With Gu Yue’s support, it was like a switch had been flipped. His entire body went weak and collapsed into Gu Yue’s arms.

Wu Zhangkong halted mid-step and quickly turned around, astonishment coloring his face. The others had also started to notice Tang Wulin’s abnormal behavior.

In a flash, Wu Zhangkong appeared in front of Tang Wulin, quickly taking his wrist.

Tang Wulin’s skin shined with a golden-blue layer of light as he lay unconscious, his breathing haggard.  

“This kind of situation…” When Long Hengxu arrived and saw the state that Tang Wulin was in, he couldn’t help but think of a certain possibility. His gaze grew rapt with attention.

Wu Zhangkong hefted Tang Wulin onto his back. “He’s fine, it’s just that his spirit soul is evolving.”

“Ah?” All four students exclaimed in unison.

Spirit soul evolution?

On their way to the spirit ascension platform, Xie Xie had already explained to Tang Wulin how it was possible to evolve his spirit soul inside of it, but he had only been speaking of a possibility! A spirit soul evolution was so rare that it was like winning a lottery ticket.

The opportunity to enter a spirit ascension platform even once was hard to come by, much less a chance to kill powerful soul beasts. Furthermore, the thousand year Crystal Bear they had encountered today had been an extremely formidable foe, such that even three-ringed Soul Elders would have found it challenging. In fact, they would have needed at least a team of seven people to defeat it.

In such a situation, everyone who had paid a large price to enter the spirit ascension platform would always dispute over who would land the final strike on the soul beast and reap the rewards. However, either way, they would suffer many casualties fighting against such a powerful soul beast.

Under the shocked stares of everyone, Wu Zhangkong spoke calmly. “His spirit soul is naturally weak, so it’s easier for it to evolve. For every soul beast you kill in the spirit ascension platform,  you obtain one-tenth of its cultivation energy. That energy, in turn, will be spread evenly among your soul rings. In other words, if you kill a ten year soul beast, your spirit soul will gain one year’s worth of cultivation energy. If your spirit soul has 110 years of energy, then it will become 111 years of energy. When it accumulates till it reaches 1000, then it will evolve. Tang Wulin’s spirit soul is only ten years. He gained at least twenty year’s worth of energy from killing the hundred year soul beast, and one hundred year’s worth of energy from the thousand year soul beast. Furthermore, since he only has one soul ring, all of the energy was concentrated into that one ring, allowing him to evolve his ten year spirit soul into a hundred year spirit soul. As for the rest of you, you will need to kill at least 18 or 19 thousand year soul beasts to evolve your spirit soul. With this in mind, do your best in the future.”

That was right! Apart from Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, everyone else had two soul rings. This meant that the energy they obtained from killing a soul beast would be split between two soul rings, with each ring receiving five percent of the original! Although there would still be some benefits, it was far harder to evolve their spirit soul!

Not mentioning killing a thousand year soul beast, even if it was just trying to find that many thousand year soul beasts in the elementary spirit ascension platform, it was already exceedingly difficult!

So in the end, there were still benefits to having one ring .

After returning to the academy, Wu Zhangkong silently dismissed everyone to return to their dorms and cultivate. They needed to digest today’s combat experiences, and Tang Wulin would remain muddle-headed until his spirit soul finished its evolution. An analysis of today’s events was better left for tomorrow.

Wu Zhangkong brought Tang Wulin back to his dorm. The only thing was… Wu Zhangkong stayed, even after dropping Tang Wulin off.

For anyone else, Wu Zhangkong wouldn’t do such things, but Tang Wulin was different. Tang Wulin had a unique, mutated martial soul. Wu Zhangkong had to ensure that Tang Wulin wouldn’t be endangered during his spirit soul’s evolution.

Tang Wulin’s experience this time was a far cry from when he had broken the first seal. As his spirit soul evolved, he felt as if he was soaking in a warm pond. This warmth penetrated into the bones of his body, gently circulating inside of him. He was completely free of any worries in such a comfortable state. His body was beaten and his spirit exhausted, but his tiredness gradually dissolved under this warmth.

Tang Wulin didn’t even want to open his eyes as he basked in this wonderful feeling.

As he continued to soak in the warmth, the golden halo around his body gradually turned blue.

Strand after strand of Bluesilver Grass began to extend from his palms, surrounding him.

Wu Zhangkong gently twirled a strand of Bluesilver Grass around his finger. He carefully examined it, eyes brightening with astonishment.

Is this really Bluesilver Grass? It wasn’t abnormal for  Bluesilver Grass to become vine-like or elastic, but what really amazed him was the fact that he could see energy channels within the Bluesilver Grass.

These energy channels glowed with a faint, golden light. Together with the faint, blue glow of the grass itself, it greatly resembled the golden-blue light that was covering Tang Wulin’s body right now.

Moreover, Wu Zhangkong discovered that the faint, vein lines grew more distinct under the light of the energy channels, as if they were some sort of fine imprint. All of these details were noted under Wu Zhangkong’s careful observation.

Just as I thought, his bloodline is causing his martial soul to mutate again. From what I can see, this should be a very beneficial mutation. He already has his Golden Dragon Claw, which gives him power beyond his rank. Although it can’t be sustained for long and is restricted to close combat, it’s still a huge boost to his power. The only thing I’m uncertain of is whether or not his bloodline can evolve further. If it can, that would truly be a sight to behold.

Right at that moment, a faint golden light flashed from Tang Wulin’s chest, and Goldlight slithered out. It had grown to be approximately ten centimeters long, and about as thick as Tang Wulin’s little finger. Although it was still as slender as before, its golden scales were far more eye-catching now.

The scales on its forehead were a different shade of gold. Compared to the other scales on its body, the gold shined dazzlingly. With each breath it took, the scales grew even more radiant, and its previously murky eyes clearer.

A dim, yellow halo appeared from Goldlight’s body, incomparably stronger than its previous white.

It evolved, it really evolved!

It was a hundred year spirit soul now!

Tang Wulin’s defective spirit soul had evolved to a hundred year spirit soul due to his hard work in the spirit ascension platform and his bloodline’s power! It finally had some value to it.

Wu Zhangkong nodded slightly. Not bad. Tang Wulin has finally made up for his shortcoming. But how will his soul skill change after his spirit soul’s evolution? Will its transformation make him even stronger?

As a teacher, Wu Zhangkong couldn’t be clearer about Tang Wulin’s weak points.

His strong points were obvious; he had innate divine strength, and a bloodline power that allowed him to dominate his peers.

His weaknesses, though, were just as obvious.

When it came down to it, a Soul Master’s strength came from their martial soul. If their martial soul wasn’t powerful, then they wouldn’t be able to walk far on the path of cultivation. Physical strength and bloodline power certainly had their benefits, but there had never been anyone in the entire history of Soul Masters who had climbed to the peak with just these two things.

Tang Wulin wanted to grow stronger, so his martial soul had to grow stronger too. The spirit soul was a part of the martial soul, so any improvements to it would have a significant impact.

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