Chapter 1298: I Understand

A smile had also appeared on Dai Yueyan's face. He had once faced Tang Wulin in battle, and he was well aware of Tang Wulin's potential and fighting qualities. The last time he was here on the Star Luo Continent, Dai Yueyan had thought that he wasn't worthy of his sister, but now, the situation was completely different.

Tang Wulin's powers and his status as the Tang Sect Master made him more than worthy of securing Dai Yun'er's hand in marriage.

The Smiling Douluo clearly had no idea about the history between Tang Wulin and Dai Yun'er, which made sense, considering there was no reason for Tang Wulin to have divulged this information to him.

As such, he was initially stunned by this proposal before a smile quickly also appeared on his face.

With his experience and wiles, he was naturally able to see just how smart this decision from Dai Tianling was, and on top of that, this wasn't a bad thing for the Tang Sect, either.

The Tang Sect was being severely suppressed in the federation, so it needed more support as well. If their sect master could marry the princess of the Star Luo Empire, then that would undoubtedly further strengthen the relationship between the sect and the empire. Of course, the potential issue there was that Tang Wulin could make decisions that were beneficial to the Star Luo Empire at the expense of the Tang Sect later on, but his decision wasn't absolute as the two palace masters could still step in when required. As such, this marriage would strengthen the Star Luo Empire's trust in the Tang Sect, it would complete this mission to perfection, and it would also bring the Tang Sect a massive haul of resources.

It really was a win-win situation.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin had only just become the Tang Sect Master; if he could bring such a vast collection of benefits to the Tang Sect, then that would naturally bolster his position as sect master as well.

The Smiling Douluo was very pleased with the direction that everything had taken. He had thought that there would be a heated debate, but it appeared things would conclude in a much smoother fashion than he had expected.

He had observed all of the people who had accompanied Tang Wulin to the Star Luo Empire, and he could tell that Long Yuxue had feelings for Tang Wulin, but it was a completely unrequited love. The six other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were all couples, and only Tang Wulin was presumably still single, which was perfect for this situation.

At this moment, everyone was staring at Tang Wulin, waiting for his answer. If he were to agree to the proposal, then everyone would be happy.

Dai Yun'er had already cast aside her embarrassment and was staring at Tang Wulin with burning anticipation in her eyes. 

She was already prepared to dive right into his arms as soon as he agreed, even though doing so was clearly unbefitting of a princess like her.

Tang Wulin raised his head, yet instead of turning to Dai Tianling, his gaze settled on Dai Yun'er. He rose to his feet, and appraised Dai Yun'er with a complex look in his eyes while everyone looked on in silence.

"Yun'er," Tang Wulin called out in a strained voice.

Dai Yun'er looked into his conflicted guilt-ridden eyes. His eyes were still so beautiful, even more so than the vast majority of women. However, they were no longer clearly visible to her as a film of tears had blurred her vision.

When they had first met, she had played a trick on him and made him a laughing stock.

After that, they had competed against one another over and over again, and in the end, he had led Shrek Academy to victory over what Dai Yun'er had thought to be the invincible Monster Eight Kings.

At the time, he had merely left a strong impression on her. The next time they met was in the Dragon Valley. She had been completely vulnerable and helpless, yet he had protected her time and time again.

Over time, they had formed a seamless duo and advanced onward together. As they spent more time together, the image of him in her heart began to take on a rose-tinted quality.

During that perilous situation, he had sent her out of the Dragon Valley, yet he hadn't made it and disappeared for three years. During those three years, Dai Yun'er felt as if she were nothing more than a soulless husk, and even she didn't know how she managed to make it to the other side.

After that, she received news stating that he was still alive, and that he had returned to Shrek Academy. She had set everything aside to pursue him, and when she finally saw him again, she had courageously confessed to him during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, despite knowing that he and Gu Yue most likely shared a very special relationship. However, what she had received at the time was an apologetic rejection, and the same expression appeared on his face once again.

This was the expression that she least wanted to see. She didn't need his apology or sympathy; that wasn't what she wanted at all!

Tears quickly welled up in her eyes, and even with her Spirit Eyes, her vision had completely blurred.

She felt as if her heart had been wrenched away, leaving an excruciating hole in her chest.

"That's enough, I understand." Dai Yun'er immediately turned before rushing outside.

Tang Wulin reflexively took a step forward and opened his mouth to call out after her, but he couldn't bring himself to do so.

Dai Tianling's smile had completely stiffened, and a look of thunderous fury immediately appeared in his eyes. En Ci's brows furrowed tightly, and Dai Yueyan was clenching his fists as his face became flushed with rage.

In contrast, the Smiling Douluo was rather bemused. It seemed that the princess had been rejected even though Tang Wulin had said nothing more than her name?

The atmosphere in the rear palace immediately became extremely tense and hostile, and the Smiling Douluo knew that this negotiation was most likely going to end in failure now.

Tang Wulin had his own bottom line. For the sake of the sect, he could give up his life, but love was sacred.

His heart had been entirely filled by Gu Yuena, and there was no room in there for anyone else.

Their love was already so brittle, and there were countless hardships ahead of them. He had already worked so hard, yet they still couldn't be together; how could he possibly accept love from someone else?

If there were an alternate universe where he had met Dai Yun'er first, then perhaps everything would've been different. However, even he who possessed the Time Reversal domain couldn't make that into a reality.

Dai Yun'er was a good person, and he truly didn't want to hurt her, but he had no choice.

For a man of his status, polygamy would be more than warranted, but his heart simply wouldn't allow him to love more than one person.

Dai Yun'er, Long Yuxue, Wu Siduo... All he could give them was an apology as he already had Gu Yuena in his heart.

Tang Wulin had already given his suit of three-word battle armor the name "Dragon Moon Song". The three words described his connection to the dragon clan, his love for Gu Yuena, and his first soul spirit. All he wanted was for her to be constantly by his side every single day. They would live together, cook food together, take walks together, whisper into each other's ears...

It was a simple wish, yet it was his greatest wish, and one that he had constantly been striving toward.

Hurting Dai Yun'er once again had further exacerbated his guilt, but there really was no helping the situation. Loving someone was painful, yet what was even more painful was for two people who clearly loved one another to be forced apart by circumstances.

"Sect Master, perhaps she misconstrued your intentions?" the Smiling Douluo asked in a low voice, finally breaking the tense silence.

Tang Wulin turned to Hu Jie, and he knew what answer the Smiling Douluo wanted him to give, but he still shook his head. His voice wasn't very loud, but it was very determined as he said, "I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but I already have someone I love and have lost the right to marry Yun'er."

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