Chapter 1293: Convinced

Tang Wulin said in a grim voice, "I'm sure you understand why I held such an attitude after seeing this heavy ion laser gun. I've come here with a great deal of sincerity. Our Tang Sect does indeed produce all types of soul weapons, but we champion peace as war will only result in the loss of countless innocent lives, and fuel the heinous individuals lurking in the shadows. After meeting you, I discovered that the Star Luo Empire hasn't fully grasped the gravity of this imminent war. The three federal fleets and the Sea God Legion combined may not hold an advantage over the Star Luo Empire in terms of the total number of troops, but in modern warfare, having more troops or even having more Soul Masters is no longer the key to ensuring victory. The key now is technology. If the Star Luo Empire could compete with the federation in technology, then it wouldn't have come to this continent in the first place."

Tang Wulin's words were quite harsh and abrasive, and enraged looks appeared on the faces of all of the Star Luo Empire powerful beings present, but they had to admit that Tang Wulin was right.

The Star Luo Empire was well aware of the disparity in soul technology between them and the Douluo Federation. It was just that during these past years, soul technology had also been advancing rapidly in the Star Luo Empire, and they had made several major breakthroughs and were even threatening to catch up to the Douluo Federation in some areas. Only now, after witnessing this inconceivable heavy ion laser gun, did they realize that there was still an insurmountable gap between the two continents when it came to technology.

It would be much easier to ignore the truth, but that would simply lead the empire to ruin.

"What about the Tang Sect's technology? Can it compare with that of the Douluo Federation?" Dai Yueyan asked in a grim voice.

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "There's no way the power of a sect could compare with that of an entire federation. However, our Tang Sect has been accumulating power for 20,000 years, at the very least, we'll be able to assist the Star Luo Empire to transcend this tribulation. In exchange, we're not asking for much; we merely request that the empire doesn't use these weapons to instigate a war. As for the price, our Tang Sect definitely wouldn't go overboard, and I'm sure you have people who can analyze whether our prices are fair."

Dai Yueyan was naturally aware of this, but even if the Tang Sect didn't charge unfair prices, it would still amount to an astronomical sum. Furthermore, if they were to agree to the Tang Sect's conditions, then that would bind them together with the Tang Sect, which would inevitably make them oppose some other powers.

"Can your Tang Sect get these heavy ion laser guns?" Dai Yueyan asked.

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "We won't be able to get them in bulk, and following our research, we discovered that these weapons are being guarded extremely rigorously by the federation due to their importance; any attempt to disassemble them would result in self-destruction of the weapon. We've only brought one of these weapons here on this occasion, and we won't be able to provide it to the empire. I'm not sure if you heard about what happened in the Dou Spirit Empire not long ago. Our Tang Sect officially declared war on the Spirit Pagoda, and the reason for that is very simple; the Spirit Pagoda has colluded with Evil Soul Masters, and that has erased the final trace of hope we had in them. As such, we had no choice but to turn against them."

Dai Yueyan had naturally already heard of such an astonishing incident. In order to oppose the Douluo Federation, the Star Luo Empire had always kept up good relations with the Dou Spirit Empire, and the Dou Spirit Empire's royal family had informed them of everything, including their decision to collaborate with the Tang Sect.

It was exactly because of this that the Star Luo Empire was even more reluctant to let Tang Wulin continue to take the lead.

"I think I understand what you're trying to say, Sect Master. I'll pass on everything I've seen here to my father, and he'll make the final decision. For now, I'll be taking my leave."

There was no point in staying here any longer. After witnessing the true power of this heavy ion laser gun, he was very keen to return to the imperial palace to discuss what he had seen. Firstly, he had to enquire the imperial research center about whether such a weapon could possibly exist. A weapon that could kill black mecha pilots and even powerful battle armor masters in an instant was enough to turn the tide of an entire war!

The Star Luo Empire had been very confident as they championed power and had a huge population of Soul Masters and Soul Engineers, all of whom received absolute support from the empire. They believed that even if the Star Luo Empire was inferior to the federation in terms of the total number of top-tier powerful beings, the disparity wouldn't be by much. Furthermore, the powerful beings of the federation definitely weren't as united as those of the Star Luo Empire. The advantage of a monarchy was that it gave those in power the ability to bestow upon its officials many things that a federation wouldn't be able to. This naturally made it a lot easier to encourage cohesion and loyalty.

The Smiling Douluo and Tang Wulin accompanied Dai Yueyan and his entourage to the front entrance, and only after they had departed did the Smiling Douluo turn to Tang Wulin with an expression of approval. "That was splendidly done, Sect Master! That was the first time even I have ever seen such a weapon, let alone His Highness. Is this weapon really able to breach the defenses of all black mechas."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "Of course, someone from that entourage of imperial powerful beings would've definitely noticed if we were trying to play tricks on them."

The Smiling Douluo's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "In that case, even if we achieve our objective, the Star Luo Empire may still be unable to withstand an invasion from the federation."

With this type of super weapon at their disposal, the federation was virtually unstoppable! After all, even black mechas were no match for these weapons; what could possibly stand in their way?

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "These heavy ion laser guns are indeed extremely powerful, but they're not as unstoppable as you think. Firstly, it only has an effective range of one kilometer, and a black mecha has to be within a range of 500 meters for the weapon to be effective against it. Most importantly..."

His lips tremored slightly, and only the Smiling Douluo could hear what he said next. Upon hearing Tang Wulin's explanation, a peculiar look immediately appeared on Hu Jie's face.

"I see, you really are something else, Sect Master. Haha, everyone says that I have a sly heart beneath my smiling facade, but I'm no match for you, Sect Master."

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "I merely showed them the truth, and none of what I said was a lie; what more can they ask from me?"

Hu Jie sighed, "It'll all be down to His Majesty's decision tomorrow, then. He's most likely not going to fold so easily; he has a very headstrong personality, and he may not choose to comply even if he's aware of how powerful his enemy is, so the negotiation method you used on His Highness definitely can't be replicated tomorrow. Otherwise, there's a good chance that he'll decide to take a risk rather than comply with our Tang Sect."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. This was a very important point that had just been raised by the Smiling Douluo. In reality, he was also rather concerned about how the king would react to this situation.

It would be best to take care of everything as quickly as possible as no one knew exactly when the war would break out. It had already been four months since they had left the federation, and according to the information they'd received from the Dou Spirit Empire, the military docks near Skysea City have all been placed under complete lockdown, making it impossible for them to see the situation inside. All of the federation's satellites and surveillance devices had also been prohibited from roaming over that area of the ocean.

It was quite clear that even the Boundless Ocean Douluo had been unable to prevent this war from taking place, and everything was still progressing; it seemed to only be a matter of time before the federal army was deployed.

Under these urgent circumstances, he naturally wanted to complete this mission as soon as possible so they would have the most time to prepare, thereby maximizing their chances of avoiding this war.

"Boss, do you think the Monster Eight Kings will challenge us for a rematch? That would be great! I've always been one to hold grudges," Xie Xie said with a sly smile.

They were younger than the Monster Eight Kings, and even though they had secured the final victory during the tournament, they had been reduced to an extremely sorry state. If it weren't for the final miraculous turnaround from Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, they would've lost.

After the passage of so many years, the Monster Eight Kings would've definitely improved, but Shrek’s Seven Monsters were still extremely confident, nonetheless, especially when they had such a powerful captain to lead them.

Tang Wulin shot a glance at him. "We're here to discuss important matters; there's no time for your personal grudges here. Besides, they didn't exactly have a good time during the match, either."

Thinking back, he had almost severed Fox King Su Mu's tails, so there were most likely grudges being held on both sides.

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