Chapter 1288: I'm Very Glad That They're Still Alive

The man that she had been thinking about day and night really had come to Star Luo Continent; he was still alive, after all! Furthermore, he had become powerful beyond belief! Even the Smiling Douluo could only defeat him after unleashing his martial soul true body, and in the final moments of the battle, it seemed that he had even posed a threat to the Smiling Douluo.

As she looked on at the giant golden dragon that was unleashing one devastating attack after another, there was even a point where she had thought that Tang Wulin would win. Disregarding everything else, just the fact that he had lasted so long against the Smiling Douluo as a Soul Douluo was an extraordinary feat, even if the Smiling Douluo had been holding back.

He really was an exceptional prodigy! Even in the entire empire, there was no one of the same age who could compare with him. As it turned out, her choice had always been right. With that in mind, a hint of pride welled up in her heart. 

Seeing as he was here on her territory, she definitely wasn't going to let him get away from her again. A sly smile appeared on her face as she stood up before quickly departing. A plan was already beginning to hatch in her mind.

The warm sunlight spilled in through the window, basking Tang Wulin in a golden sheen. He slowly opened his eyes, and his pupils seemed to have become clearer and brighter.

The sunlight that was shining on his body seemed to be slightly warped. The change was very minute, but if one were to look closely, they would definitely be able to notice it.

A brief moment later, the warped light returned to normal, and Tang Wulin's aura also reverted back to that of a normal person.

He got out of bed before opening the window to allow some fresh air into the room. He took a deep breath, and everything seemed so wonderful. He had been in a very good mood the past few days, and he found that it was often the case that people merely created their own troubles and concerns.

After coming to terms with the fact that Tang San and Xiao Wu were his birth parents, his mood had been lifted significantly. He was the son of a pair of gods, his birth parents had taken away his foster parents, and with the protection of the gods, they would definitely be fine.

Furthermore, Gu Yuena had also disclosed to him the relationship between Gu Yue and Na'er. Tang Wulin had made a decision to be with her no matter what, even if she possessed two souls. Did he really not have any feelings toward Na'er? Of course he did. This was something that he had realized after hearing Na'er's confession.

His birth father had been able to defeat the Spirit Hall and found the Tang Sect while also forging the glorious legacy of Shrek Academy, so why couldn't he rebuild Shrek Academy?

His top priority was to become more powerful and revive the academy. When that time came, no one would be able to prevent him from being together with Gu Yuena.

After thinking through all of these matters, Tang Wulin's mental state had stabilized significantly, and his cultivation was progressing at a rapid rate. He wasn't in a hurry to make any further breakthroughs. Instead, he was going to spend some time at his current level to consolidate his foundation. In order to do so, he was even going to repress his own soul power cultivation and compress his own soul power so he could learn more things before becoming a Titled Douluo. Doing this would allow him to better his understanding of the paramount laws of heaven and earth.

His encounter with Tang San had prompted him to set a higher goal for himself. Just like those who were in power in the Spirit Pagoda and the Holy Spirit Cult, his objective was also to become a god. Only by achieving that goal would he be able to search for his parents!


"He really did come! I almost thought I was dreaming when I first saw him," Ye Zhi said into her soul communicator.

"Did they all come?" A pleasant male voice sounded from the other end of the line, and the voice was tinged with a hint of surprise, as well as anticipation.

"They did. Tang Wulin is already the Tang Sect Master; I was in shock!"

"Alright, thanks for telling me that. I'll come and find you," the man said as a hint of calmness returned to his voice, but was he really as calm as he sounded?


After cutting off the call, Su Mu slowly closed his eyes. He appeared to have not changed at all compared to several years ago, and the passage of time didn't seem to have left any traces on his body. However, his disposition was now more refined, and he was also more steadfast then in the past.

He once had the nickname of Fox King. Fox King Mu Su had once been the brain of Monster's Eight Kings, and even though he was only ranked third among the eight kings, both the Tiger King and Dragon King had held his opinions and insights in very high regard.

Even to this day, he still couldn't forget that defeat. How powerful were they now?

During these past few years, he hadn't dared to slack off even for a single instant. The defeat he had suffered back then wasn't exactly a disgrace, but it had constantly been spurring him on to advance further and further.

He dialed another number on the soul communicator on the wrist. "Lin San, Shrek's Seven Monsters are here."

After a brief pause, a reply sounded from the other end. "What have they come here for?"

"They're here on behalf of the Tang Sect," Su Mu replied.

"On behalf of the Tang Sect?"


Lin San suddenly burst into laughter. "I'm very glad that they're still alive."

"So am I," Su Mu also chuckled.

Both of them were very excited and elated to hear that their rivals were still alive and well.

Su Mu's eyes lit up as he said, "Call up Teng Teng and come to my place." 

"Sure! Have you informed Boss and the others?"


The morning sun was bright and warm, but wasn't scorching nor overbearing in the slightest. The sight of the rising sun always instilled one with a sense of elation of motivation, and there was currently a woman standing in front of a tall gate under the exuberant morning sun.

She looked up at the large characters above the gate with pursed lips, and was struck by a sense of reminiscence.

She slowly strode in through the gate, and there were all types of plants growing on either side of the long passageway she was walking on. The air here was particularly pure and refreshing, and this place was more like a huge garden than an academy.

Her eyes were extremely bright to begin with, and they lit up even further after coming here.

There were already students entering and exiting the academy, and many of them turned their attention toward her.

Even though it had been a long time since she had last been here, her stunning beauty still made her the center of attention. Furthermore, there were many people here who still recognized her.

Flashes of recognition flashed through the eyes of many people at the sight of her, but none of them approached her; they merely extended curt nods toward her with admiration and respect in their eyes. Only some of the particularly confident students or the teachers here would appraise her as an equal. 

After passing through this lush passageway, she arrived in a wide open area, and the first thing that she saw was a giant pond with a diameter of over 100 meters.

During special occasions, the fountains in the pond would be turned on, releasing geysers up into the air that shimmered with vibrant colors under the light of the sun.

There was no special occasion on this day, so the water in the pond remained as still and smooth as a mirror, reflecting the antiquated academy building on the other side.

This eight-story ring-shaped building was a symbolic building, and the core of the entire academy. Almost all of the prodigies who managed to earn a spot in the academy would receive the best education here. The woman stopped in front of the pond, and her captivating eyes suddenly began to glow as she cast her gaze toward the aforementioned building in the distance.

It seemed that even from this far away, she was able to see into the building.

She dialed a number on her soul communicator. "I'm standing beside the Heavenly Spring Pond right now."

"Oh? Why are you here?" A slightly surprised voice sounded from the other end.

"I'm here to see you, of course. Are you free to come and meet me?" the woman asked.

"Sure." The reply was very simple and concise.

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