Chapter 1286: Time Reversal!

The Smiling Douluo's attacks appeared to be very simple, but all of them were imbued with peerless power; even a Titled Douluo wouldn't be able to oppose his attacks head-on.

That one-two combination that Hu Jie had just used on Tang Wulin was one of his signature attacks. On one occasion, he had used that sequence to send a Titled Douluo flying with his stomach, then sat down on the poor man so hard that every single bone in his body was broken. It took that Titled Douluo an entire year to recover from those injuries.

Hu Jie had proclaimed earlier that he hadn't fought in a long time, but only an idiot would believe that this would truly hamper his combat prowess. For a cultivator of his caliber, his powers wouldn't regress by much even if he didn't fight for several decades on end.

The smile on Hu Jie's face became even more pronounced at the sight of Tang Wulin's Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens, but in the next instant, his expression stiffened slightly as he suddenly sensed that Tang Wulin had slowed down in his flight.

This was his spiritual domain!

Hu Jie had already anticipated that Tang Wulin had already attained a spiritual domain, but he was still caught slightly off guard. If this spiritual domain were powerful enough, then it could turn the tides of this entire battle!

After activating his spiritual domain, Tang Wulin's body had taken on an ethereal and illusionary quality.

Hu Jie suddenly let loose a low cry, and a massive projection appeared behind him. The projection was completely identical to him in appearance, except it wasn't wearing any clothes on its upper body, and was entirely of a shimmering golden color. At the same time, a layer of golden light appeared over his body, and a golden halo lit up behind his head, while piercing purple light flashed within his eyes. This was none other than his Purple Demon Eyes.

At this point, the Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens had already reached Hu Jie, and he thrust his bulging stomach forward again. On this occasion, his movements seemed to have slowed down, but his aura had become far more powerful than before.

There was no resounding boom as anticipated. Instead, in the instant that Hu Jie had thrust his stomach forward, Tang Wulin had abruptly vanished before reappearing around 10 meters away from him. Hence, his attack had fallen upon empty air, and only then did the Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens crash into his body.


Tang Wulin was sent flying again, but for a lesser distance than last time. He performed another somersault in mid-air before sending five massive dark golden claw projections hurtling directly toward Hu Jie.

These were his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws!

The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw were over 15 meters in length and presented an extremely menacing sight to behold. The peerlessly sharp claws were slicing black rifts into space itself, and the Smiling Douluo raised an eyebrow as his entire body swelled drastically in size.

His height swelled to 10 meters in the blink of an eye, and fused as one with the golden projection behind him before meeting the claw projections with his drastically enlarged stomach. At the same time, he swung his hips around, and a ball of silver light abruptly erupted from his rotund backside. The ball of silver light had a diameter of over two meters, and it resembled a more powerful version of an Air Cannon as it instantly arrived before Tang Wulin.

However, instead of being struck by the Golden Dragon Dreadclaws right away, Hu Jie suddenly found himself several meters away from the Golden Dragon Dreadclaws just as he was thrusting his stomach forward, and only then did the claw projections strike his body.

"Time reversal!" The Smiling Douluo's brows finally furrowed slightly upon seeing this.

This spiritual domain of Tang Wulin's was very troublesome! Even a Hyper Douluo at the Spirit Domain realm like him was finding this spiritual domain to be very bothersome; a normal Soul Master would only be impacted even more severely.

He reared back with his upper body and thrust his own belly forward again, and the Golden Dragon Dreadclaws struck his belly with the crisp metallic clang, as if his body were made from uncommon metals rather than flesh and blood.

Tang Wulin's body swayed, and his six golden soul rings transformed into eight soul rings once again. His seventh soul ring lit up, and he transformed into a giant golden dragon before sweeping his tail toward the oncoming silver ball of light.

This was his Dragon King True Body!

With the enhancements from the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon True Body exceeded 20 meters in length, and it pounced toward Hu Jie in a ferocious manner while letting loose a vicious dragon's roar.

The Smiling Douluo descended from above and remained completely still on the spot, keeping Tang Wulin's fierce attacks at bay with his belly and backside. 

From the looks of it, he had been forced onto the back foot. This was simply unavoidable. Tang Wulin's time reversal was far too troublesome an ability to deal with, and Hu Jie was completely unable to judge when Tang Wulin's attacks were going to land. Hu Jie's defensive prowess was extremely powerful, but Tang Wulin's offensive prowess was certainly nothing to be scoffed at, either. After adopting his Golden Dragon True Body, his offensive prowess and strength were already comparable to that of the Smiling Douluo.

In order to not harm Tang Wulin, Hu Jie had been holding back throughout this entire match, but the longer the match progressed, the more stunned he became.

He had thought that as a Soul Douluo, there was no way that Tang Wulin would be able to keep up such a ferocious barrage of attacks for too long. As soon as his power gave out, Hu Jie would deal him a decisive blow to end this battle.

However, there was seemingly no end in sight to Tang Wulin's relentless assault, and Hu Jie was having to expend an enormous amount of energy to withstand these attacks.

Could it be that Tang Wulin possessed limitless stamina?

As ridiculous as that notion was, the Smiling Douluo couldn't help but think that.

Both of them were clearly holding back as neither side had donned their suits of armor, and Hu Jie still hadn't adopted his martial soul true body.

However, he was still a rank 98 Hyper Douluo! A cultivator of his caliber should've been able to brush a Soul Douluo aside with ease.

Tang Wulin was unleashing his Golden Dragon King soul skills with reckless abandon, and his attacks were only growing more and more ferocious while showing no signs of stopping. At the same time, he was also becoming more and more proficient in using time reversal, which allowed him to completely dominate Hu Jie on a spiritual level.

At this point, the entire drill ground had been inundated by golden light, and it was becoming more and more difficult to see Tang Wulin and Hu Jie. The light radiating from Tang Wulin's martial soul true body was as bright as ever, and his offensive prowess had also been raised to its maximal limit. The protective barrier on the ground was no longer sufficient to withstand their attacks, and countless cracks had begun to appear.

"Fantastic! Be careful now, Sect Master." Even after all this time, the Smiling Douluo still couldn't ascertain where Tang Wulin's limits lied, and he finally couldn't hold back any longer.

Golden and silver light radiated from his body before filling the entire drill ground, and the air seemed to have become heavier. A gigantic projection slowly emerged, and the Smiling Douluo's body swelled to 50 meters tall in the blink of an eye. The height of the drill ground was only just over 50 meters, and his enormous stature dwarfed even Tang Wulin's Dragon King True Body.

Even more importantly, Hu Jie's aura had also swelled along with his stature. He spun around on the spot, and both his giant golden belly and massive silver backside swung through the air, instantly creating a golden tornado at the center of the drill ground.

Shrek’s Six Monsters were completely rooted to the spot upon seeing this. What kind of outlandish attack was this?

Tang Wulin could feel a burst of terrifying power intermingled with devastating blood essence fluctuations hurtling toward him, and he was instantly sent flying before crashing into the protective barrier around the drill ground.

Meanwhile, the golden and silver vortex continued to expand, and the repulsive force emanating from it suddenly transformed into suction force that abruptly began to act on Tang Wulin's body.

Tang Wulin knew that if he were to be drawn into that golden and silver vortex, he would most likely be shredded into smithereens. This was the true power of the Smiling Douluo!

Tang Wulin flapped his golden dragon wings vigorously to resist that burst of terrifying suction force.

Of course, it would be a lot easier for him to hold his own if he were to don his suit of battle armor, but if he did that, he would essentially be admitting defeat in this sparring match.

He heaved a faint internal sigh as he came to the realization that he would have to resort to that technique, after all.

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