Chapter 1285: Golden Belly Silver Backside

There was a distinct cultivation rank disparity between the two; one was a rank 98 Hyper Douluo, while the other was only a Soul Douluo. Rank 80 and rank 98 didn't sound like a huge disparity, but the difference was night and day. The fact that Tang Wulin wasn't even a Titled Douluo immediately attracted some skepticism.

Aside from Hu Jie, no one was aware of Tang Wulin's true age, so they were all rather perplexed by the cultivation rank he was displaying. Now, all they wanted to see was how long their Soul Douluo sect master would last against the Smiling Douluo.

Hu Jie also faltered slightly at the sight of Tang Wulin's soul rings. Greenish-golden? What was that supposed to be?

He wasn't surprised that Tang Wulin had a Great Beast soul spirit. After all, there had to be something extraordinary about him for him to have become the Tang Sect Master at such a young age. However, he had never seen a greenish-golden soul ring before.

It was said that Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao had once possessed a 1,000,000-year-old soul ring, but that was a white-golden soul ring, not a greenish-golden one.

"Here I come, Hall Master Hu." Tang Wulin made a hand gesture toward Hu Jie before instantly launching himself forward amid a resounding boom.

This explosive sound didn't result from a clash between the two of them. Instead, it had erupted as soon as Tang Wulin had taken his first stride. A layer of golden scales quickly appeared over his body, which then swelled at a rapid rate. His giant fists transformed into clenched dragon claws, and he reached Hu Jie almost in the same instant that he had set off.

He had broken the sound barrier as soon as the match had begun! This was a simple and direct, yet devastatingly brutal attack.

Everyone was immediately in awe of Tang Wulin's extraordinary speed. As soon as the sonic boom rang out, Tang Wulin's fist had already reached Hu Jie.

A'Ruheng's eyes immediately lit up. Breaking the sound barrier with an instantaneous exertion of power was a signature skill of the Body Sect. It was something that could only be achieved after enhancing one's body to the extreme, so did that mean that Tang Wulin had already mastered the congenital secret method?

Of course, that wasn't the case; it was just that the terrifying power bestowed upon him by his Golden Dragon King bloodline coupled with the congenital secret method had already produced a far superior effect to just mastering the congenital secret method alone.

"Bam!" A rotund hand stopped Tang Wulin's fist cold in its tracks.

This was a hand that looked as if it had been carved out of white jade. It appeared to be quite plump and harmless, but Tang Wulin felt as if his fist had struck an immovable mountain.

Furthermore, in the instant that his fist had struck Hu Jie's hand, he could feel a peculiar burst of power erupting from Hu Jie's palm that nullified most of the force behind his fist, and even stifled its crushing special effect.

Hu Jie's smile widened as he abruptly thrust his own stomach forward and crashed directly toward Tang Wulin. This was a very simple attack. Tang Wulin's punch had been completely nullified, and before he had a chance to do anything else, Hu Jie's bulging stomach was already upon him.

He only had time to raise his right knee to retaliate against Hu Jie's enormous stomach, and he was immediately sent flying like a cannonball by a burst of devastating power.

Golden Belly Silver Backside; this stomach of Hu Jie's was one of his most powerful weapons.

After sending Tang Wulin flying, Hu Jie suddenly encircled his rotund arms in front of himself to release a burst of tremendous suction force. As Tang Wulin was flying through the air, he was abruptly drawn to a halt by the suction force before flying back toward Hu Jie.

Hu Jie's body then suddenly vanished before reappearing in mid-air as if by instantaneous teleportation, following which he instantly sat downward with his enormous backside.

It was the first time that Shrek’s Seven Monsters had seen his type of strange battle strategy, and they were all feeling rather speechless. In contrast, A'Ruheng was staring intently at the Smiling Douluo. He had naturally already identified this to be the signature fighting style of someone from the Body Sect. Furthermore, this man was even more powerful than his teacher, Body Douluo Mu Ye.

In the instant that Tang Wulin was sent flying by Hu Jie's almighty belly, he immediately fell into a state of dizziness and disorientation. The collision appeared to have been quite straightforward, but an enormous burst of vibrational force had been injected directly into his organs and even his mind, thereby striking him with a sense of paralysis.

Hu Jie's stomach really was as extraordinary as the rumors proclaimed it to be!

After taking a deep breath, a powerful heartbeat suddenly rang out from Tang Wulin's body.

"Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub!" There were two heartbeats that could be heard simultaneously as his dragon core was beating alongside his heart. Both of them were contracting in unison to circulate blood all throughout his body, and his golden dragon scales instantly became more substantial. A low dragon's roar rang out, and only then did Tang Wulin fully recover from his paralysis and dizziness. At this point, the Smiling Douluo was already crashing down from above with mountainous force, and Tang Wulin let loose a thunderous dragon's roar as he thrust both hands up toward the heavens.

Even with the protective barrier over the drill ground, the dragon's roar still rang out across the entire venue, striking everyone with a sense of disorientation. Even the descending Smiling Douluo was impacted by this.

His enormous backside plummeted downward and came into contact with Tang Wulin's hands, only for Tang Wulin to twist around in an agile manner and push the Smiling Douluo away, redirecting him using his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Of course, he was only able to accomplish this with his extraordinary strength acting as a foundation. If a normal Soul Master of his cultivation rank were to attempt the same thing, they would be crushed to a pulp before they could do anything.

"Haha, nice!" the Smiling Douluo chortled as his body suddenly curled up in mid-air. The air instantly became denser, and he abruptly crashed down onto the ground like a giant meatball before bouncing up and flying toward Tang Wulin again.

In the instant that he launched himself through the air, he also broke the sound barrier.

Tang Wulin's eyes lit up as he abruptly stepped forward with his left foot before stomping it heavily onto the ground. Countless giant dragon roars erupted, and it was as if hordes of massive golden dragons had appeared in the drill ground. A golden halo also appeared beneath his feet before proliferating outward; this was none other than his Violent Golden Dragon Domain.

Under the enhancement of the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, a layer of golden light appeared over Tang Wulin's entire body, and his eyes also turned golden while his aura swelled drastically.

"No way! Is he going to become that thing again?" Xu Lizhi murmured in a concerned manner.

Back when Tang Wulin had laid waste to the Spirit Pagoda headquarters in the Dou Spirit Empire, he had unleashed his Violent Golden Dragon Domain before transforming into that crimson dragon.

Now, he was using the domain again, and it seemed to be even more powerful than last time. If he were to lose control and transform into that crimson dragon again, then things would become very problematic.

"Place your trust in him!" The Holy Spirit Douluo's voice rang out beside everyone's ears.

At this moment, the Smiling Douluo had already reached Tang Wulin, and the latter thrust both of his fists forward to unleash Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

An enormous golden dragon abruptly emerged, and with the enhancements from the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, it was as if a real giant golden dragon had appeared on the drill ground. It raised its massive head and opened its cavernous mouth as if it were going to swallow the giant meatball whole, but right at this moment, a peculiar turn of events unfolded.

Hu Jie's body suddenly faltered in mid-air, following which his giant stomach was thrust forward and struck the golden dragon's head with devastating force.

It was impossible to see which of his soul skills he had used, but in the instant that his rotund body crashed into the golden dragon, the latter was instantly destroyed and disintegrated into specks of golden light. The enormous stomach then continued on toward Tang Wulin like a wrecking ball.

A serious look appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes, and he made no attempt to evade the attack as his eight soul rings were switched to six golden soul rings. The fifth golden soul ring lit up, and a dull explosion rang out.

Tang Wulin was blasted backward as a result, but the Smiling Douluo's body was also stopped cold in its tracks.

Tang Wulin performed a somersault in mid-air before releasing a pair of golden dragon wings. Countless Bluesilver Emperor vines then erupted from his body, and on this occasion, he was unleashing his blood soul fusion skill, Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

The entire battle had progressed at a breakneck pace thus far. The Smiling Douluo's attacks had been extremely simple and direct with no intricate technique involved, but for the first time in a long time, Tang Wulin found himself struggling to keep up in a contest of pure strength. However, he had still managed to keep the Smiling Douluo's attacks at bay, and that alone was enough to force the Titled Douluos present to see him through new eyes.

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