Chapter 1281: Arriving at the Star Luo Empire Again

Thus, Tang Wulin fully immersed himself into his cultivation, his recently increased soul power and bloodline power was also being fused into his body in the process.

Close to 30 days passed by in a flash, and Shrek’s Seven Monsters finally arrived on the Star Luo Continent for the second time.

When everyone reached the shore and stepped onto the soil of the Star Luo Empire for the first time, Xie Xie couldn't help but take a few extra glances at Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin had been cultivating virtually the entire time he was on the submarine, so no one had seen him aside from A'Ruheng.

Upon seeing Tang Wulin again, Xie Xie was struck with the strongest impression. Following the evolution of his martial soul, the twin dragons had combined as one to form the Space Time Dragon. The Space Time Dragon was the adored child of space and time, so he was now able to use the powers of space and time to enhance his own powers.

Ever since Tang Wulin had awakened his spiritual domain, Xie Xie had always felt like he would lose control over space and time in Tang Wulin's presence.

To put it simply, he was merely using the power of space and time, whereas Tang Wulin was controlling that power. This made Xie Xie rather dejected.

Prior to departing from the Dou Spirit Empire, Xie Xie was always struck by a very powerful sense of oppression whenever he saw Tang Wulin. This wasn't because he was fearful of Tang Wulin; it was just that his martial soul was always completely suppressed when he was in Tang Wulin's presence.

However, just as everyone was exiting the submarine together, Xie Xie suddenly realized that Tang Wulin had changed.

Compared to his past self, the current Tang Wulin was more simple and unremarkable. In the past, his lack of control over his own spiritual domain made him appear very mysterious and unfathomable in everyone's eyes, but he seemed to have returned to normal now. 

However, if one were to carefully appraise him, then they would be struck by a sense of blurriness. Furthermore, only someone who had reached the cultivation rank that Xie Xie and the others had would be struck by this feeling. If a normal person were in their place, they wouldn't see anything remarkable about Tang Wulin, but if they were to look at him again, they would find that he was somehow slightly different from last time.

Could it be that Tang Wulin had managed to restrain his own aura in under a month? That was incredible!

Of course, Tang Wulin hadn't actually managed to completely control his newfound powers. No matter how supremely talented he was, a time span of less than a month was simply too short to make any substantial changes.

During his time on the submarine, he had merely completed one cycle of bodily refinement with the congenital secret method, thereby allowing him to just barely restrain his aura from seeping out of his body.

At this rate, it would most likely take him another year before he could fully master the congenital secret method. Of course, when that time came, he would most likely also have to face the issue of making a breakthrough to the Titled Douluo level.

With the improvements in his powers, the fusion of his Golden Dragon King bloodline, the increase in his spiritual power, and the blessings from the plane, cultivation now felt like an extremely smooth process to him. The difference between this and the arduous nature of the initial phase of cultivation journey was simply night and day.

He still had to bear the pressure of his Golden Dragon King bloodline potentially running rampant and causing catastrophic consequences, but in terms of power alone, his rate of improvement had already far exceeded that of his friends.

At this point, he was the member of the Shrek’s Seven Monsters with the highest cultivation rank. Yuanen Yehui came a close second with her rank 79 soul power, which meant that she was only one step away from also becoming a Soul Douluo. This was partially due to the fact that she was slightly older than everyone else, and her twin martial souls also gave her a distinct advantage when it came to soul power cultivation.

As for everyone else, they were all between the ranks 75 and 78. After becoming a Soul Sage, it was inevitable that one's rate of progression would slow down. Shrek’s Six Monsters were already making extremely fast progress, but Tang Wulin had still managed to catch up from behind and was now leading the pack. In terms of combat prowess, the gap between him and Shrek’s Six Monsters was even larger than the disparity in their cultivation ranks.

They had chosen to arrive on the northern part of the Star Luo Empire, and the sea breeze here was quite cold.

Aside from Shrek’s Seven Monsters, A'Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi, the entirety of the Blood Dragon Squad and Holy Spirit Douluo Yali were also in accompaniment. The mecha pilots sent out by the Tang Sect didn't immediately set foot on the continent. They would arrive on the continent later at a different place, then gather in Star Luo City to await further instructions.

There were only three people who had come to greet Tang Wulin and everyone else. The trio was led by a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties. He had a faint smile on his face, and he immediately flew over to welcome everyone.

However, the first thing that Tang Wulin noticed was the two people behind him. The duo consisted of a man and a woman who only appeared to be slightly older than Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Most importantly, all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters recognized these two people. 

"Which one of you is the sect master?" the middle-aged man asked with a smile. He had a rather peculiar figure. To put it in simple terms, his height seemed to be concurrent with the diameter of his waist. That enormous stomach of his presented quite an astonishing sight for everyone.

His eyes weren't very large, so they almost disappeared when he smiled, and he had his hands placed over his giant stomach, presenting a very benevolent and harmless demeanor.

Tang Wulin withdrew his gaze from the duo behind the middle-aged man, and replied, "I am. My name is Tang Wulin."

"You?" the duo behind the middle-aged man exclaimed before he had a chance to reply, and they were both staring at Tang Wulin with incredulity in their eyes.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Do I not look like I fit the role? Long time no see, Hua Lantang, Ye Zhi."

That's right, these were two of the Monster Eight Kings, Wolf King Hua Lantang, and Pagoda King Ye Zhi.

Both of them had left Shrek’s Seven Monsters with strong impressions in the past. In particular, Ye Zhi had inherited the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda martial soul, which was one of the most powerful tool martial souls on the entire Douluo Continent.

After all these years, they had clearly matured a lot, but their physical appearances hadn't changed much. Both of them were currently staring at Tang Wulin with their eyes wide and their mouths gaped open.

They weren't all that surprised to see Shrek’s Seven Monsters come here as representatives of the Tang Sect. After all, they had witnessed just how exceptional Shrek’s Seven Monsters had been in the past.

However, never did they think that this past opponent of theirs, one whom they'd even defeated in the past, would have climbed to such lofty heights since their last encounter. Tang Wulin had become the Tang Sect Master! This was downright absurd!

In their recollection, Tang Wulin had only been able to defeat Long Yue through sheer luck. In their hearts, the Tang Sect Master was supposed to be a peerless being and one of the most powerful cultivators on the entire Douluo Star.

Hence, they were all in complete disbelief. However, Tang Wulin was the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters; even if Shrek Academy didn't exist now, surely Tang Wulin wouldn't make a joke about something like this.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Do I not look like I fit the role?"

"You don't!" Ye Zhi immediately blurted out.

The middle-aged man turned to her with a stern glance before turning back to Tang Wulin and extending a respectful salute. "Supervisor of the Tang Sect's Star Luo Empire branches, Hu Jie, pays his respects to the sect master. Please forgive them for their rudeness; the fact that you were made sect master is strictly confidential information in our sect, so they were completely unaware of this."

Tang Wulin shook his head in a nonchalant manner. "It's alright, we're all old friends. Greetings, Hall Master Hu."

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