Chapter 1280: An Unintentional Piece of Enlightening Advice

As for the powers he attained from breaking his 12th Golden Dragon King seal and his breakthrough to the Soul Douluo level, cultivating those powers on their own was also an unfeasible option due to one issue or another. The power of the Golden Dragon King was too violent, so he wouldn't be able to unleash it to his heart's content in this submarine. Following some internal assessment, he gained a rough understanding that the sixth Golden Dragon King ability he had attained was most likely the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre that he had unleashed once before. This was a very powerful ability that could enhance all his powers.

As for his eighth soul skill, that had been provided by the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and he had integrated it during the past three days. However, just like the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, he was unable to unleash this soul skill here in the confinement of the submarine.

With that in mind, he slowly opened his eyes with a frustrated look on his face. What could he do? Three days had already passed, and he had only just completed a basic examination of the changes that had taken place within his body. He could sense that the things that Tang San had given him seemed to be able to play a role in fortifying the Golden Dragon King seals, making his last six seals noticeably more stable and resolute.

After that, he tried to assess his own bodily condition, but he simply didn't know where to start.

He jumped down from the bed and did some stretches. At the very least, his body had completely recovered. Continuing to think about this matter would only drive him further into a corner, so it was a good idea to go out for some exercise and for a change of mood. In the worst-case scenario, he would just have to solely cultivate his soul power to consolidate his new cultivation rank. At the same time, he could slowly experience the changes brought to him by his spiritual domain and new abilities. This would be rather slow and inefficient, but at the very least, it would circumvent the possibility of making any errors.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin became slightly more relaxed. He emerged from his cabin, and the first thing that he thought of was naturally to visit the cafeteria.

During his three days in seclusion, he hadn't eaten any food. Even though he was situated in a submarine, the environment around him was still rich with water elements as they were deep in the ocean. Furthermore, he could sense that ever since his Sea God father had appeared before him, his affinity with the ocean had noticeably improved. He didn't know whether this was an actual improvement or merely a placebic change, but he could feel it, nonetheless. With the nourishment from the water elements, he didn't need to eat, but as a veteran foodie, he had never been one to be able to resist the nagging of an empty stomach.

The cafeteria was quite large, but it wasn't yet mealtime, so it was completely empty, and the workers were busy preparing for the next meal.

"Sect Master," someone greeted with a respectful bow as soon as they caught sight of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin smiled and gave the worker a slight not. "Is there anything to eat?"

"What would you like to eat? We'll prepare it for you right away," the worker said in a respectful manner.

Tang Wulin replied, "Anything is fine. I'll have some seafish; don't we have fishing equipment on this submarine? It would be a waste not to have some fresh seafood in a submarine. Prepare some more than you normally would; I have quite a large appetite."

Right at this moment, a boisterous voice sounded. "Make that two portions."

Tang Wulin didn't even have to look to know who it was, and he turned around as he chuckled, "Senior Disciple Brother."

A'Ruheng strode into the cafeteria while rubbing his large bald head, then sat down beside Tang Wulin with a smile on his face. "Looks like you've got a pretty good appetite! Everyone else is so worried about you, but I knew you wouldn't go down so easily. I'll eat with you; how about we have a contest to see who can eat more?"

As the heir of the Body Sect, A'Ruheng was scared of no one when it came to an eating contest.

Tang Wulin chuckled, "I'm not going to compete with you. I don't need to eat too much now, but your stomach is like a bottomless pit, so we'll only be wasting food by having an eating contest. During our return journey, we may not have anything to eat other than sea creatures."

In order to ensure safety, the submarine wasn't going to be stopping at any docks during their journey. This was their all-important backup base, so they couldn't afford for it to be exposed.

A'Ruheng smiled as he said, "You look like you're completely fine now. You were really badass on that day. By the way, have you mastered the congenital secret method as well? The transformation you underwent was kind of similar to that of the integration between the congenital secret method and one's martial soul. Your bloodline power must've also played a role in that as well, right?"

"The congenital secret method?" Tang Wulin faltered momentarily before turning to A'Ruheng, and his eyes slowly lit up.

A'Ruheng was growing rather disgruntled under his intense gaze. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Why didn't I think of that? Thank you, Senior Disciple Brother! I'm going back to my cabin now." Tang Wulin jumped up in an excited manner as he spoke before quickly rushing out of the cafeteria.

"Oi, aren't you going to eat?" A'Ruheng yelled in a flabbergasted manner.

"You can have my portion as well," Tang Wulin said before quickly disappearing from view.

A'Ruheng's words had reminded him that all of his abilities used his body as a basis. The Body Sect's congenital secret method was extremely powerful as it could enhance one's body to its very limits. It could bring out all of one's latent potential, and that naturally also included the refinement of one's mind. To put it more accurately, it involved strengthening one's brain. Once the brain became strengthened, the mind would also be enhanced. This wouldn't result in a direct improvement in one's spiritual power, but it would greatly increase the mind's capacity for spiritual power, and that was exactly what Tang Wulin needed right now.

He had already achieved initial success in his cultivation of the congenital secret method, but that was still far away from A'Ruheng's complete mastery. Tang Wulin had originally intended to take some time to cultivate the congenital secret method, but he had been sidetracked by the Millenium White Clouds that Old Tang had bestowed upon him. Only after hearing what A'Ruheng had just said did Tang Wulin suddenly realize that in his efforts to pursue greater powers, he had forgotten the basics. The most important thing for him was to continue to improve his own body.

If he could master the congenital secret method, then both his physical resistance and mental capacity would be greatly enhanced, and that would benefit him significantly when it came to integrating all of his abilities.

After breaking his 12th Golden Dragon King seal, Tang Wulin's current body was actually already more powerful than that of A'Ruheng. The power one attained from cultivating the congenital secret method largely had to do with the cultivator themselves, and even though it was undoubtedly the case that A'Ruheng was an exceptional talent, there was no way he could match the power of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline. Tang Wulin may not have been nourished by a vast amount of medicines, but the Golden Dragon King bloodline was far more nourishing than any combination of medicine, so it wouldn't be a very difficult task for him to achieve full mastery of the congenital secret method. Furthermore, an enhancement in his body would also benefit him in assessing and integrating his many abilities.

With that in mind, he naturally immediately abandoned the meal and rushed back into his cabin right away to commence his congenital secret method cultivation.

Having achieved initial success in the congenital secret method, his entire body had been refined, yet in order to attain full mastery, he would have to target each important part of his body for minute refinement. This process would start from his heart and internal organs, followed by his meridians, muscles, bones, and skin. The most complex organ, which was the brain, would be saved for last.

This refinement process was just like forging, and it was an extremely lengthy one that had to be treated with extreme caution for normal cultivators; it was very likely that excessive refinement could result in irreversible damage.

However, for Tang Wulin, the process was made a lot simpler due to some of the unique advantages he possessed. Firstly, his spiritual power had already reached the Spirit Domain realm, so his grasp over his own body was naturally far superior to the average cultivator. On top of that, with how powerful his body was, his only concern was that he wouldn't be able to refine it to a severe enough extent.

As he began to cultivate, a powerful heartbeat rang out, and he controlled his dragon core to circulate his blood essence all throughout his body. The blood essence then combined as one with his soul power and surged through his internal organs to commence the refinement process.

Soon, he discovered that there was indeed no need for him to be concerned that his internal organs wouldn't be able to withstand the influx of soul power. His Golden Dragon King bloodline had already enhanced his internal organs to an extreme extent, and with his incredible self-regenerative abilities, there was no need for him to worry about taking things too far.

The heart was the core of the human body; not only was it essential for survival, it was also the source of one's power.

Hence, the first place that Tang Wulin began to refine was none other than the heart.

The sounds of his beating dragon core and heart overlapped and resonated with one another, sending a dull rumbling sound reverberating throughout his entire cabin. Thankfully, this was a special cabin that isolated all sound. Otherwise, someone of a lackluster cultivation rank could easily experience abrupt heart failure or even have their hearts explode when walking past the cabin.

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