Chapter 128 - Comrades!

Chapter 128 - Comrades!

While Xie Xie retreated, a giant fireball exploded on the other side of the Crystal Bear’s head. Gu Yue was starting her assault from the side.

The three of them stood in a triangle formation, with the Crystal Bear in the center. It stomped furiously, unable to decide which of the three to attack.

“Xie Xie, attack its belly. Gu Yue, attack its eyes.” Tang Wulin loudly instructed as he shot a strand of Bluesilver Grass at a tree branch, pulling on it to quickly fling himself  to the Crystal Bear’s rear.

This level of coordination was to be expected after all their time spent cultivating together. Xie Xie didn’t bother to hide himself at this moment. With a flash of his figure, he brandished his Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger, one tangible and the other invisible. He slashed the air, sending a pair of light blades at the Crystal Bear’s belly.

Pu, pu! The Crystal Bear was furious. It may not have known previously which one to target, but now it did.

It immediately took large strides toward Xie Xie.

At that moment, however, blazing fireballs flew into its eyes. Although these fireballs were smaller than the previous ones, the quantity was far greater.

The Crystal Bear raised a paw in front of itself while lowering its head. When it had received those attacks to its belly earlier, it had already begun to lower its stance. Now, it was forced to hunch in on itself even more.

It was then that Tang Wulin chose to sweep in. The hammer in his right hand was held back while the hammer in his left was positioned in a defensive stance in front of his chest. With a golden brilliance, he released his Golden Dragon Claw as his hammer descended on the Crystal Bear’s neck with an earth-shattering force.

Tang Wulin understood that victory or defeat would be decided by this one move. With his current soul power, he only had enough in him for this one attack. He had to bet everything on this attack;if it didn’t kill the bear, then the trio would be forced to escape from the spirit ascension platform.

Tang Wulin’s attack was accompanied by an ear-piercing whistle as a green wind blade cut through the air and struck the Crystal Bear’s belly. Gu Yue had exploded with strength to match Tang Wulin’s gambit and conceal the sound of his attack.

Considering the fact that they were still nine-years-old and didn’t have any powerful soul skills, what they had achieved so far in this battle was already amazing.

He arrived!

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang Wulin swiped at the bear’s nape with his Golden Dragon Claw.

A crunching ‘kaka’ noise came from the bear’s neck as Tang Wulin tightly gripped it using his Golden Dragon Claw’s crushing effect at its full power. The Crystal Bear’s neck had been crushed.

It had to be said that Tang Wulin’s full strength was over a thousand kilograms! And with the added crushing effect, one could only imagine its tremendous might…

However, Tang Wulin discovered that compared to the hundred year Horned Dragon, the Crystal Bear’s skin was exceedingly tough and had actually put up some resistance that prevented him from completely crushing its neck. If he didn’t have such immense strength or didn’t attack the Crystal Bear’s weak point, he feared that the attack likely would have failed.

Is it finished?

Xie Xie stared as the thousand year Crystal Bear fell head first. This sight, in addition to the sound of its neck crunching, were enough to make him jump for joy.

With two soul rings, he had the highest cultivation among them, so the fact that they could actually take down such a powerful soul beast was something to be proud of.

At that moment, a layer of brilliant yellow light suddenly erupted from the Crystal Bear’s body.

The scope of this light wasn’t too far, only about one meter in radius, but it actually enveloped Tang Wulin completely.

“No—” Gu  Yue shrieked as the yellow light immediately crystallized Tang Wulin’s body. His body was frozen in its stance. He gradually began to tip over and fall toward the ground.

Crystal was frail and would fracture into shards upon impact. Tang Wulin was about to be shattered! Although this was the spirit ascension platform, there would still be residual effects after experiencing the trauma of shattering into pieces! In fact, it might even result in permanent injuries!

Gu Yue appeared beside him with a flash of silver light. She hastily extended her arms out to hold up Tang Wulin’s body.

Not only did Tang Wulin’s crystalized form increase his weight, but he was also still holding onto his Heavy Silver hammers. One could not guess how much he weighed now…

Gu Yue was pushed onto the ground by the crystal Tang Wulin. The thud rang out and gave her a bout of dizziness, but she relied purely on her physical strength to keep Tang Wulin from falling onto the floor and shattering.

As long as he wasn’t smashed into pieces for a while after the crystallization, the crystals would gradually recede on their own and vanish. It was due to this that the most terrifying time was right after being crystallized by the Crystal Bear.

Tang Wulin’s consciousness was blurring, but he felt a stuffiness and a sharp pain in his chest. He couldn’t perceive his surroundings, but when he looked within himself, he was astonished to find golden thread-like energy that seemed to have emerged from his stifled state to connect throughout his body.  

A dark, yellow energy poured into every corner of his body, but was resisted by the golden threads. He knew that these golden threads were not soul power since he had already consumed all of it when he used his Golden Dragon Claw. He was also certain that the appearance of these golden threads served to alleviate the suffocation he felt.

“Tang Wulin, Gu Yue!” Xie Xie hurriedly rushed over to their side. He carefully lifted Tang Wulin and pulled Gu Yue, who was trapped beneath him, out.

Gu Yue had her eyes closed, her face like a golden sheet of paper and her breathing weak. She had been injured when the crystallized Tang Wulin fell on top of her.

Xie Xie looked around him. He hesitated slightly, before slapping the exit button on the back of Gu Yue’s hand. In an instant, she turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

Tang Wulin was still covered in crystals, so it was impossible for him to hit Tang Wulin’s button.

Suddenly, the surrounding thicket rustled fiercely. It seemed there were a number of beasts approaching them.

What do I do? Tang Wulin is still crystallized, and I can’t send him back. What should I do?

Xie Xie firmly held his Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger as he mulled over his options. He should escape now while he still could, since his soul power was nearly depleted, but if he left, then the crystallized Tang Wulin would remain here all alone.

Faced with such a dilemma, he didn’t hesitate to choose the harder path. He knelt beside Tang Wulin to conserve what little remained of his strength and began to regulate his breathing. His gaze shone with a resolute light.

His comrade was right beside him, so how could he leave him at such a moment? When he was small, his father had told him that a true man could support both heaven and earth!

He had to be a man who could support both heaven and earth!

Men had to be loyal, face danger head-on, and never abandon their comrades, even at the price of their lives!

This was Xie Xie’s first time encountering a situation like this, and despite the fact that he was like a newborn calf, he wasn’t gutless at all. Rather, he felt himself getting fired up.

One dark green figure after another slowly emerged from his surroundings. There were at least ten of them. They were wolves with dark green fur on their backs, their amber eyes filled with ice-cold ruthlessness. Slowly, they advanced in Xie Xie and Tang Wulin’s direction.

Half of them headed for the remaining Horned Dragon’s corpse while the other half continued advancing towards Xie Xie and Tang Wulin, surrounding the two.

Green Wolf, a ten year soul beast. Among the ten year soul beasts, it was considerably powerful, with a violent nature and naturally inclined towards living in packs.

Powerful Green Wolves were able to cultivate to the hundred year level by relying on decaying corpses for food. Frankly speaking, they were scavengers of the forest.

Xie Xie shifted into a defensive stance with his two daggers and watched the slowly advancing wolves. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “You can have the Crystal Bear’s corpse, but if you attack me, then don’t blame me for being rude!” 

He didn’t know whether or not these ten year soul beasts could actually understand his words, but his yelling still made them hesitate for a few moments, and that was enough for him. As long as he could delay them for long enough, Tang Wulin would break free of the crystallization, and then they could escape together.

However, the Green Wolves were clearly far more interested in him than the corpse of the Crystal Bear. They didn’t understand a single word he said and simply continued to tighten their circle around him. Under the gaze of their grim eyes, Xie Xie’s heart couldn’t help but race anxiously.

I can’t hesitate anymore. I have to take initiative and make the first move.

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