Chapter 1276: If He's My Father, Then My Mother...

From Tang San's words, Tang Wulin could sense his love and concern.

He had attempted to contact Old Tang, and sure enough, Old Tang seemed to have completely disappeared along with that strange spiritual plane.

Fatherly love was truly an awe-inspiring thing. If Tang San really were his father, then that would truly be something that he could be proud of.

Tang Wulin was naturally well versed in the history of Tang San; this was a history lesson that almost everyone learned in school, regardless of whether they were in the Douluo Federation, or the Dou Spirit Empire, or the Star Luo Empire.

This was because that man was an irreplaceable legend. He established the Tang Sect, and all of the Tang Sect's incredible abilities, including the Mysterious Heaven Method, Purple Demon Eyes, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Mysterious Jade Hands, and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, had been invented by him.

He had led all of the Soul Masters on a revolution against the Spirit Hall, which had been at the height of its powers at the time. In the end, he had become a god and defeated the Spirit Hall Master, who had also ascended to become a god.

In those legends, he was much more like a god that descended from the heavens than a normal human. Even the legendary Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao couldn't really be said to rank alongside Tang San as the two were simply on different levels.

Furthermore, Tang San had informed him that he had an elder sister by the name of Tang Wutong. Why was it that this name sounded rather familiar? Tang Wutong? Dragon Butterfly Douluo Tang Wutong? 

Tang Wulin immediately sat bolt upright upon making this connection. This name wasn't as renowned as those of Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San and Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao, but she was still a legendary figure in history as she was Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao's wife, as well as one of the Shrek's Seven Monsters. It was said that for a very long time, she had been even more powerful than Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao.

If this were all true, then it would mean that his father had stood at the very pinnacle of the continent 20,000 years ago, while his sister and brother-in-law had founded the Spirit Pagoda 10,000 years ago.

It wasn't that he didn't want to share this information with his friends; it was just that no one would believe him! They'd most likely all diagnose him with some kind of mental disorder developed from the trauma of his parents' passing.

With that in mind, a wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. However, at the same time, the grief in his heart finally completely vanished.

If his birth father were a god, then his foster parents would most likely truly be saved. What could be greater news than that?

All he had to do was become more powerful and await their return. His father had told him that he would definitely bring back the Divine Realm and return to his side. When that time came, he would also be reunited with his mother. He couldn't help but wonder what his mother was like. If his father really were Tang San, then his mother would be Soft Bone Douluo Xiao Wu.  [1]

Tang Wulin's mind suddenly wandered back to the statues that once stood beside the Sea God's Lake of Shrek Academy. One of them had been a statue of his mother, and it had been right beside his father's statue!

Tears began to well up in his eyes at this thought.

In just a short few days, Tang Wulin had experienced a myriad of emotions, and he had evolved as a result. The revelation surrounding his foster parents and birth parents, the uncovering of what was most likely the most incredible secret on the entire Douluo Continent, and his crimson dragon transformation, as well as the improvement in his cultivation rank; all of this had changed him in subtle ways, and he was like a wyrm that was gradually evolving to become a dragon.

Li Yun was seated near Tang Wulin, and his heart was filled with amazement as he looked at the young sect master. Tang Wulin hadn't put on any disguise, but he struck the onlooker with a sense of illusion. Li Yun could clearly see what he looked like, but he felt as if he would forget Tang Wulin's appearance as soon as he looked away.

In the past, he had been able to determine that Tang Wulin's spiritual power was at the Spirit Domain realm, but now, he was completely unable to ascertain the magnitude of Tang Wulin's spiritual power.

His long black hair seemed to be emanating a faint golden sheen even without being illuminated by any light, and he was merely sitting still on his seat, yet the light rays around him seemed to be warping and refracting on their own. What was most jarring to Li Yun was that the current Tang Wulin bore the appearance of an immovable and insurmountable mountain.

Not only had Li Yun discovered these changes, everyone else had also noticed this, particularly Shrek's Six Monsters, who were most familiar with him. Ever since his crimson dragon transformation, Tang Wulin had become rather unfathomable in their eyes.

Spirit Wave City really was very close to Heaven Dou City; after driving for just over an hour, the city walls of Heaven Dou City had already become visible in the distance.

City walls had become redundant on the Douluo Continent long ago, yet they still stood in the Dou Spirit Empire, and the sight of them made everyone feel as if they had been transported back to ancient times. On the Douluo Continent, only in an ancient city like Heaven Dou City could similar constructions be seen. Unfortunately, many of these historical relics had been destroyed by the terrorist attack from the Holy Spirit Cult. At a glance, the Heaven Dou City seemed to be no smaller in area than the Heaven Dou City of the Douluo Continent.

As the capital city of the Dou Spirit Empire, it had a very majestic and imposing appearance.

Vehicles that arrived at the city gate had to undergo an examination before they were granted passage. The examination process for vehicles of the Tang Sect was very simple; the guards standing in front of the city gate merely glanced at the permits adhered to the front of the vehicles before quickly allowing them through.

Tang Wulin noticed that the equipment being used by the Heaven Dou City soldiers were quite modernized. All of them wore modern uniforms and were equipped with weapons like soul lasers, and they didn't seem to be all that different from the soldiers on the Douluo Continent.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin couldn't help but think of Long Yuxue's heavy ion laser gun; that was a true piece of cutting-edge technology! It was extremely effective against both mechas and biological targets, and it was a very good thing that it couldn't be mass-produced yet. Otherwise, there would truly be no hope for the Dou Spirit Empire and Star Luo Empire. 

By the time the two buses arrived in Heaven Dou City, there were already a dozen or so official vehicles of Heaven Dou City waiting for them. The cars surrounded the two buses, and the roads seemed to have been sealed in anticipation of their arrival, so the drive into the city was very smooth. 20 minutes later, they arrived at the Dou Spirit Empire royal palace. There was a red carpet that was 30 meters wide leading all the way from the main gate of the palace right to the two buses. There was a row of guards standing on either side of the red carpet, but in contrast with the guards stationed outside the city gate, these ones were wearing antiquated suits of armor that shimmered under the sun.

All of them were also holding antiquated weapons, and if it weren't for the fact that the immersion had been broken by the soul vehicles present, it would really be as if they had returned to a palace of ancient times.

Standing in front of the red carpet was a middle-aged man in a lavish golden robe with a crown on his head, and standing directly behind him were close to 100 high-ranking Dou Spirit Empire officials.

Li Yun got off the bus first, then stepped away to the side before making a respectful inviting hand gesture. Only then did Tang Wulin emerge from the vehicle.

His long black hair was draped over his shoulders, and his eyes were as bright as stars. He wore an antiquated white robe, and there was a golden mask-like emblem on the front of the robe. The top half of the mask was a crown, and one half of the emblem was solid, while the other half was hollow. This was none other than the symbol of the Tang Sect, and it represented an almighty figure who oversaw the balance of Yin and Yang.

Only the Tang Sect Master and Battle God Hall Master had the right to wear robes with this golden symbol engrave upon them. Tang Wulin was already extremely handsome to begin with, and the dashing white robes only further complemented his exceptional looks.

In the instant that Xue Yuntian caught sight of Tang Wulin, he was suddenly struck by the feeling that he was appraising a tall mountain rather than a human being. Tang Wulin clearly hadn't released any of his aura, but there was somehow still an ethereal and unfathomable air about him.

The powers of a Soul Master could never be judged from their outward appearance and age, so the peculiar disposition that Tang Wulin gave off immediately made Xue Yuntian take him even more seriously. He needed a powerful ally more than anything else, so the more powerful Tang Wulin was, the more reassured he would feel.

Xue Yuntian stepped forward with all of the high-ranking officials behind him, and Li Yun said, "Sect Master, this is His Majesty, the king of the Dou Spirit Empire."

Tang Wulin gave Xue Yuntian a slight nod. "Greetings, Your Majesty, I am Tang Wulin of the Tang Sect."

Xue Yuntian extended a hand toward Tang Wulin with a smile. "I've heard much about you, but it's completely different seeing you in person; you look so young, Sect Master!"

Tang Wulin merely smiled and shook Xue Yuntian's hand. Following his crimson dragon transformation and the awakening of his spiritual domain, it was now impossible for anyone to ascertain his true age from his outward appearance alone. This was the result of a qualitative improvement in power.

"Please come with me, Sect Master." Xue Yuntian made an inviting hand gesture, and all of the officials behind him immediately parted to open up a path.

The situation in the Dou Spirit Empire was very dire, and the king was making no effort to hide his urgency. He didn't introduce any of the high-ranking officials to Tang Wulin, and immediately led him into the royal palace.

[1] [Was gonna go for Soft "Boned" Douluo as concurrent with previous installments of the DD series, but it felt a little too suggestive for comfort LOL]

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