Chapter 1272: Wait For My Return, My Child

"Your Golden Dragon Spear was given to you by your big sister; our entire family misses you greatly."

Tang Wulin stared blankly at Tang San in a stunned manner. He now finally knew where his Golden Dragon King bloodline had come from. The man standing before him was his father? And this man was a god?

Tang San's body was beginning to fade away, but his eyes were still filled with a multitude of emotions as he appraised Tang Wulin. He raised a hand to try and touch his own son, but his hand merely phased through Tang Wulin's body.

At this point, the grief in Tang Wulin's heart had abated significantly, and he became more and more astonished and in disbelief. Everything had struck him far too abruptly, and he was struggling to keep up.

"I don't have much time left; this type of inter-realm communication requires a vast amount of expenditure. The passing of your foster parents dealt you an extremely heavy blow, and your personality is a lot like mine, so I had to come back in order to ensure you didn't fall into depression. However, as a result, Old Tang will no longer be by your side, and the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud will also break, so you'll have to rely on yourself from now on. I'll do everything in my power to help the Divine Realm return to its former place, but I don't know how long that's going to take.

“We've also encountered many problems on our end; we've clashed with other Divine Realms, and in order to return, we have to borrow their power. Hence, I hope that you can continue to better yourself and find a way to control the energy within the Golden Dragon King seals. The Golden Dragon King essence will undoubtedly bring you extreme peril, but it's also a brilliant opportunity. As long as you can remain true to yourself, you'll be able to forge a path that's different from the one I took. Wait for us; your mother and I will definitely return, and when that time comes, we'll be reunited.

"Alternatively, if you can become powerful enough to create your own Divine Realm someday, then you can come to find us. I'll be leaving the coordinates of the Divine Realm in your mind, and you'll be able to access this information once you break through your limits and become a god. Don't worry about your foster parents; I'll save them, and they'll live here in the Divine Realm. When you reunite with us, you'll also be reunited with them, so don't be depressed; you need to face your future with a brave and resilient heart.

"If I didn't appear today, I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to repress your Golden Dragon King power. Thankfully, the power of the Golden Dragon King will grant you a virtually immortal body, so even if you become contaminated by its power and are driven to insanity, don't give up on yourself. Trust me, we will come back and find you no matter what."

Tang San's voice was filled with absolute confidence as he spoke, and at this point, his body had almost completely faded into nothingness.

"Make sure to work hard in cultivating Millennium White Clouds; that's one of my most powerful abilities. If you can master the secrets of time someday, you'll be able to transcend beyond the Douluo Continent even without the Divine Realm, and create a small world of your own. Aside from Millennium White Clouds, I'll teach you another technique; this one revolves around the secrets of space."

Tang San waved his right hand through the air as he spoke, and the golden trident that he was holding flew directly toward Tang Wulin as a streak of light. A golden trident insignia immediately appeared on Tang Wulin's forehead, and the two seemed to be resonating with one another.

The oncoming golden trident vanished into Tang Wulin's glabella, and he was struck by a sharp pain and a sense of heaviness that made him utter a muffled groan. At the same time, a vast amount of information appeared in his mind.

Tang San's indistinct voice rang out one final time. "Look after yourself and wait for our return, my child. By the way, be wary of the silver..."

His voice abruptly cut off there, and everything disintegrated into darkness.

Tang Wulin felt as if he had been constantly spinning, and a series of golden halos proliferated outward within his mind. The words "Unpredictable Storm" also appeared within his consciousness.

Everything felt so dense and heavy...


"He's awake!" An elated voice rang out, followed by some indistinct chatter.

Tang Wulin opened his eyes with some difficulty, and it took him a moment to focus his gaze. There was currently an empty feeling in his heart, as if something had disappeared.

As his consciousness returned to him, his power also came back, and he could hear the powerful beating of his heart and dragon core.

He reflexively sat up, and was immediately greeted by the sight of several pairs of concerned eyes.

Shrek's Six Monsters were all there, and they were accompanied by Long Yuxue, Sima Jinchi, A'Ruheng, and the others, filling the entire room to the rafters.

"Boss, death is a part of life; you have to look ahead and not allow yourself to wallow in depression," Xie Xie said in a careful manner as he stood beside Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin turned to look at him, then turned to everyone else before asking in a slightly hoarse voice, "Where are my parents?"

"After I used my healing abilities to transform their bodies into jade, a burst of suction force suddenly erupted from your glabella. A strange vortex that was filled with countless specks of starlight then appeared and sucked their bodies away. Do you know why that happened?" the Holy Spirit Douluo asked with furrowed brows.

Tang Wulin shuddered upon hearing this, and he could still feel that sense of heaviness in his mind. At the same time, the memories of what had just transpired quickly returned to him.



Tang San stood up with some difficulty, and his face was slightly pale while his long blue hair was completely dull and devoid of luster, but there was a pleased look in his eyes as he appraised the two jade-statue-like bodies before him.

Standing beside him was a woman in a pink dress with a long ponytail that trailed down her back, and her eyes were filled with urgency. As soon as Tang San stood up, she latched onto his arm to offer him her support, and asked in a gentle voice, "Are you alright, Brother San?"

"I'm fine, I'm just a little weak from overexertion," Tang San replied as he stroked her long hair.

"How's Linlin? What does he look like now?" the woman asked in a trembling voice as tears welled up in her eyes.

"He's great. His eyes are very beautiful and look just like yours, and he's about as tall as I am now. He also holds relationships and bonds in extremely high regard, just like we do. From the fragment of my will that I instilled in him, I've received a lot of information about him; I'll tell you all about it. I've told him that his foster parents will be fine so his heart's been put at ease. Don't worry about him; the Dragon God once possessed an immortal body, which is why we could only seal the Golden Dragon King in the first place.

"Linlin may come under the influence of the Golden Dragon King's will, but its will was severely damaged by my Asura Sword, so as long as he can remain true to himself, he'll be able to retain his own will. The most difficult times are already behind us. When we return, our entire family will be reunited."

Tears began to stream down the woman's face. "But how long is that going to take? I haven't even had a chance to take a good look at him ever since he was born. I miss you so much, Linlin!"

Tang San gently wound his arms around her, and sighed, "I do too. I didn't even get a chance to hear him call me father before I was forced to return due to overexertion."

Xiao Wu abruptly raised her head. "Brother San, the battle of the gods is imminent; will you be ok?"

A proud and confident smile appeared on Tang San's face. "Don't worry, I must win for the sake of my son!"

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