Chapter 127 - The Trio Versus the Crystal Bear

Chapter 127 - The Trio Versus the Crystal Bear

“If this was a real soul beast, then you would have been able to absorb its hundred year soul ring directly, but too bad it’s not,” Xie Xie said as he gave Tang Wulin a thumbs-up.

Tang Wulin said, “It wouldn’t have been this easy if it wasn’t a dragon-type soul beast.”

Suddenly, a delicate voice called out from the side. “It’s not exactly a dragon. Now hurry up and help me!”

A silver light flashed and a delicate figure appeared not too far from Tang Wulin and Xie Xie. With a green light beneath her feet, Gu Yue reached them with lightning speed.

A howl came from behind her, announcing the giant figure as it rushed out of the thicket.

“Damn, that Crystal Bear is huge…” Xie Xie went wide-eyed at the sight of the bear, while Tang Wulin stood stunned.

The thousand year Crystal Bear was practically no different from a bulldozer as it barrelled through the thicket. Any small trees unfortunate enough to stand in its way were simply crystallized, then smashed into fine powder. It was simply overbearing.

The silver light flashed again, and Gu Yue appeared right in front of the two. Her face was pale from exhaustion as she mustered her strength one more time and teleported to hide behind Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin swallowed a gulp. His instincts told him that this bear was far stronger than the hundred year Horned Dragon he had just killed!

Squatting down, Tang Wulin grabbed the stiff Horned Dragon and hefted it up with both arms.

The scales on his right arm began to shine brilliantly when Tang Wulin released a roar and threw the gigantic Horned Dragon corpse at the thousand year Crystal Bear.


“Heavens, his strength is insane!” Long Hengxu’s eyes had widened in shock at the scene of Tang Wulin lifting up the Horned Dragon’s corpse.

At that moment, Wang Jinxi awakened from his slumber, his complexion still deathly pale. He couldn’t help but shudder when he recalled the feeling of the spider’s leg entering his body, and the subsequent chill that had spread throughout him. The residual sensations Wang Jinxi was experiencing were far more severe than what Zhang Yangzi went through.  

When Zhang Yangzi watched Tang Wulin kill the Horned Dragon in a single attack, his eyes had already turned dull, for he knew that even with his powerful martial soul and soul skill, he would never have been able to take out the Horned Dragon in one hit. In fact, he doubted he would even be able to penetrate its defences.

Not to mention that now an even more powerful beast had appeared.

A single attack from Tang Wulin’s claw had killed the hundred year Horned Dragon, so Zhang Yangzi could only imagine the horrifying scene of himself receiving the claw’s attack.

Too terrifying. It was simply too terrifying for him to imagine.

During the tests, Tang Wulin’s power had merely been displayed as numbers, but now, Zhang Yangzi could clearly see just how powerful Tang Wulin was.

He had thrown that giant Horned Dragon’s corpse so casually… It seemed several thousand kilograms worth of strength really was nothing to scoff at.

Will those three really be able to kill a thousand year soul beast? Zhang Yangzi thought nervously to himself. As he watched the three of them face off against such a powerful soul beast, his grudge against the trio cooled off and he began to cheer for them.


“Hou!” The thousand year Crystal bear roared as it grabbed the incoming Horned Dragon’s corpse by the legs. Dark golden crystals formed on the dragon’s legs, creeping up the upper body of the corpse. In but a moment, it covered over half of the dragon’s corpse. The bear lowered its head and threw it down.  

Bang! The lower half of the dragon’s corpse shattered into a shower of countless crystal shards.

“Damn, it’s so ferocious. Just what kind of trouble have you brought us, Gu Yue? Why would you provoke something so powerful…? I think it’s actually one of the strongest thousand year soul beasts in the elementary spirit ascension platform.” Before he finished speaking, Xie Xie had already been flying toward the bear with his Light Dragon Dagger in hand. He had to prepare to launch a sneak attack at any moment.

Gu Yue was panting for breath as she said, “Who provoked it? It was the one that provoked me, okay?”

Tang Wulin remained silent as the two of them bantered. With Bluesilver Grass attached to his two hammers, he sent them flying toward the bear’s head.

Ah, this big guy is so hard to deal with! It might not be as nimble or as quick as the Horned Dragon, but its attack and defense far exceeded the hundred year Horned Dragon.

This, this is a thousand year soul beast? The thousand year soul beasts that produced purple soul rings in the past!?

Tang Wulin wasn’t scared at all, rather, he was brimming with a desire to battle. After all, this was the spirit ascension platform. They could escape from the battlefield at anytime and there wasn’t anything more satisfying than true combat. He had never encountered a soul beast in the real world, so today could be considered an eye-opener for him.

Bang, bang! The Crystal Bear wasn’t particularly quick as it remained in place and simply blocked the two hammers with a raised arm.

The powerful impact of the two hundred-kilogram hammers knocked into the Crystal Bear, making it stumble back a step. However, the Crystal bear had now become infuriated..  

A yellow light flashed on the Crystal Bear’s body as it charged at Tang Wulin with a roar.

Tang Wulin shouted out, “You two retreat! Xie Xie, what is this thing’s weakness?” Although he had also studied soul beasts, Xie Xie was undoubtedly the most knowledgeable amongst the three. After all, Xie Xie had received a strict education since childhood.

“The Crystal Bear’s skin is as hard as copper and its bones are as hard as iron, but its weak point is its neck. Its neck is the weakest part of its body and all of its nerves are gathered there as well.”

“Got it.” Tang Wulin pulled on a strand of Bluesilver Grass, sending himself soaring into the air and out of the way of the Crystal Bear’s pounce.

It was good that the beast had a weak point since Tang Wulin wasn’t too nimble. And maybe, just maybe, Tang Wulin would manage to defeat it with his Golden Dragon Claw.

In any case, they were in the spirit ascension platform! If they didn’t experiment with things in here, then where would they test the Golden Dragon Claw?

“You two distract it and I’ll look for a chance to give it a fatal blow.” Tang Wulin shouted from the air.

The thousand year Crystal Bear’s attack was met with nothing but air. It was smarter than the Horned Dragon though. It tore a small tree out of the ground and threw it into the air at Tang Wulin.

With his hammers already back in his hands, Tang Wulin smashed the tree apart, but was sent flying in the air afterward.

The bear made a beeline for him with its arms spread wide open.

Pu! An invisible blade of light struck its neck, sending a wave of pain throughout its body. The bear growled in rage as it turned to look at its attacker.

Xie Xie shouted at the top of his lungs, “Come if you dare!” He slashed with his Light Dragon Dagger and sent out another blade of light flying toward the bear.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin quickly stopped falling when a green light covered his body. With another tug on the Bluesilver Grass and the aid of the wind element, he soared back into the air.

Over a dozen icicles flew over to provide Tang Wulin with footholds in the air, allowing him to change directions once again.

A halo appeared underneath him as vine after vine of Bluesilver Grass twined around the Crystal Bear’s legs.

Tang Wulin didn’t expect his Bluesilver Grass to halt and bind the Crystal Bear; he had merely hoped that it would be enough to slow the bear down.

However, a bizarre scene appeared.

The Crystal Bear exerted its strength in an attempt to break free of the Bluesilver Grass twined around his legs. Normally, it would have succeeded, but at that moment, a golden light appeared on the Bluesilver Grass. Although it was for but a split second, it was enough to halt the bear for a second.

It was only a second before the Crystal Bear broke free from the Bluesilver Grass, but that second was all Tang Wulin wished for.

In that second, Tang Wulin’s soul power hadn’t been depleted like previously. In fact, it hadn’t been consumed at all, as his Bluesilver Grass had grown far more tenacious innately after he absorbed the power of the first seal.

Xie Xie took full advantage of the Crystal Bear’s momentary stillness to turn around and retreat. His retreating speed, with the aid of Gu Yue’s wind element, was simply explosive.

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