Chapter 1269: Blood Demon Curse

Tang Wulin quickly carried the platters upstairs, then opened the door of the room with his foot. "Mother, I'm back. What would you like to eat? I got a bit of every..."

As soon as he entered the room, his voice immediately trailed off as his mother was currently lying on top of his father, seemingly having fallen asleep again. She was clearly still very exhausted from her ordeal.

He gently placed the platters onto the table beside him, and as soon as he did that, his body suddenly stiffened.

There was something wrong! Even in a sleeping state, his mother's aura shouldn't be this feeble!

He instantly rushed over to Lang's side before helping her up. Her body was completely feeble in his arms, and her face was completely devoid of any color. What was even more harrowing was the crimson diagram that had appeared on her forehead. It was the diagram of a ghostly face, and it seemed to be a living creature that was constantly writhing and squirming, creating an extremely sinister sight to behold.

Tang Ziran also had the same pattern on his forehead, and his improved complexion had clearly worsened once again.

"No! No! No!" A suffocating sense of horror instantly welled up in Tang Wulin's heart. His spiritual power erupted forth in a frenzy, and he almost instantly tracked down the Holy Spirit Douluo, who was meditating in her room.

With the span of just two breaths, a burst of white light appeared in the room, and as soon as Yali arrived, she immediately sensed the changes that had taken place in Lang and Tang Ziran's bodies without even requiring an explanation from Tang Wulin. She reached out with both hands, which were enveloped in a layer of gentle white light, then pressed them against Tang Ziran's and Lang's foreheads.

The crimson diagrams on their foreheads immediately opened their sinister mouths, as if they were attempting to chomp down on the Holy Spirit Douluo's hands.

Yali's expression changed drastically, and she exclaimed, "This is a Blood Demon Curse! He's still alive?"

"What is a Blood Demon Curse, Your Majesty? Will my parents be alright?" Tang Wulin asked in an urgent manner.

Yali offered no response. An extremely serious look appeared on her face, and she encircled her arms in front of her own chest, instantly summoning a white domain that encompassed Tang Wulin's entire family.

A layer of pristine holy light appeared over Lang and Tang Ziran, and the white holy light was tinged with a faint golden hue. The light surged forth in ripples, attacking the diagrams on their foreheads while soothing their blood essence at the same time.

Tang Wulin could only look on from the side. He was a complete novice when it came to healing, so he could only pin his hopes on the most powerful healing system Titled Douluo in existence.

The sinister ghostly faces suddenly put on derisive sneers, as if they were mocking the Holy Spirit Douluo for not knowing her limits.

"Argh, argh!"

Lang and Tang Ziran let loose agonized howls in unison, and plumes of blood mist erupted from all of their orifices.

Tang Wulin was greatly alarmed by this, but he was completely powerless to do anything. He would gladly pay any price necessary if it would grant him the ability to help his parents, but there was simply nothing he could do, and the pain of this predicament made him want to tear his own hair out.

"Seal!" the Holy Spirit Douluo yelled, and a massive angelic projection appeared behind her. This projection was rather similar to Yue Zhengyu's, except it had eight wings rather than six. On top of that, this projection was as pristine white as snow, rather than golden in color, and its beautiful features were filled with boundless mercy and grace.

As the angelic projection spread its wings, halos of white light quickly surged into Tang Ziran and Lang's bodies, slowing the rate at which blood was pouring out their orifices.

Right at this moment, both of the ghostly crimson faces spoke in unison.

"Is that you, Yali? Yun Ming is dead, but you're still alive; I've always craved your body and soul. You and Yun Ming destroyed my body all those years ago, and now, you're trying to save these two from me? How laughable! My Blood Demon Curse only requires one drop of my blood to have an irreversible effect. Even if Yun Ming were to be resurrected, there's no way he would be able to stop me! Just you wait; I'm going to make you my blood slave for what you did to me!"

The two ghostly faces then suddenly melted away, and at the same time, Tang Ziran and Lang's bodies both turned bright red. They opened their eyes almost in complete unison, but their pupils were also bright red.

"Father! Mother!" Tang Wulin roared as he held tightly onto his parents' hands.

There was already sweat beading up on the Holy Spirit Douluo's forehead, and the white light being injected into Tang Ziran and Lang's body was becoming brighter and more intense, but it could only just barely repress their worsening condition.

"I can only keep them conscious for a short time! Say what you have to say now!" Yali's eyes were also filled with fury, but it was tinged with pain and resignation.

The Blood Demon Curse was simply too powerful, and most importantly, the one who had cast the curse definitely had samples of Tang Ziran and Lang's blood. Furthermore, that man possessed a superior cultivation rank to her. If Tang Ziran and Lang were a pair of cultivators, perhaps she would be able to save them. After all, Soul Masters possessed far more powerful bodies than normal humans. However, in the current situation, she was powerless to do anything.

"No, Your Majesty, please save them! I'm begging you!" Tang Wulin implored in a trembling voice.

Yali closed her eyes in a pained manner. She was already doing everything within her power. There were naturally more powerful abilities that she could use, but there was no way that Tang Ziran and Lang's bodies could handle such drastic measures.

All of a sudden, a familiar voice rang out. "Don't force Her Majesty, my child; this is all a part of fate."

Tang Wulin raised his head and was greeted by the sight of Tang Ziran's bright red eyes. They created a rather harrowing sight to behold, but they were filled with a warm and gentle light.

Tang Ziran held onto his wife's hand, and a faint smile appeared on his face. "Even a few days prior to the completion of our research, I already sensed that they were most likely going to kill us to keep our research a secret. At that time, I was in complete despair, but the heavens smiled down on us and allowed us to see you again before we pass on. You've grown up, my son. You're taller and more handsome than I was in my youth. Your mother and I are both very, very happy to see how exceptional you've become. These past 12 years must've been very hard for you. 

"Truth be told, back when we were first forced to leave you, I already had a feeling that perhaps we would never be able to see you again. At the time, I left you a message telling you to come and find us only after you became a Soul Sage, and that was actually only to encourage you. Just as I told you all those years ago, there's only one person in this world that you can absolutely trust and rely on, and that's yourself. That has always been the case, and it will continue to be the case in the future, so you must become stronger in order to be able to better protect yourself. The only wish your mother and I have is for you to live a happy life."

"Father!" Tears were streaming uncontrollably down Tang Wulin's face, and his body was trembling violently at the sight of his parents' remarkably calm faces.

The silver dragon scale in front of his chest was releasing a cold aura into his body, but it was unable to repress his overwhelming grief.

"Don't be sad, Wulin. Before we go, there are two things that we must tell you. You have to listen carefully as this is very important." Tang Ziran's voice suddenly became very serious, and in his dying moments, a sense of unprecedented authority began to emanate from his body.

Tang Wulin's grief receded ever so slightly. "Father..."

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