Chapter 1267: Family Reunion

Tang Wulin faltered slightly before immediately empathizing with the Holy Spirit Douluo's words. The collusion between the Spirit Pagoda and Holy Spirit Cult meant that the former had undoubtedly played a role in the destruction of Shrek Academy, as well as the death of Yun Ming.

"Your father's condition is rather troublesome. You really should thank those plant friends of yours; your father's life force had almost been completely sucked away by that Evil Soul Master, and he would've been dead for sure had they not used their auras to stabilize his condition. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made it to me. The injury he suffered has been extremely damaging to his body, so he'll need a long time to rest and recuperate, but his life isn't in any danger now."

Tang Wulin heaved a huge sigh of relief upon hearing this. He could sense that all of the plant system Great Beasts were in the neighboring room. His father was going to live, and his mother was also sleeping soundly. The sight of them filled his heart with warm emotions that completely quelled the more violent facets of his psyche. He thanked the heavens for blessing him with this final result. Even though the process had been extremely perilous, the outcome was ultimately a positive one.

The Holy Spirit Douluo rose to her feet and made her way over to Tang Wulin's side. "Stay with your parents for now; you can come and tell me what happened later."

"Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Your Majesty," Tang Wulin said in a heartfelt manner as he extended a deep bow toward the Holy Spirit Douluo.

Yali sighed, "I've saved countless people in my life, yet I was unable to save him. Why must the heavens be so cruel? Come and see me after your parents recover; I have something I want to speak to you about." A hint of grief and sorrow flashed through her eyes as she spoke, and she opened the door before departing from the room.

Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh. Indeed, the heavens had been extremely cruel to Yali and Yun Ming. The Atlas Douluo had given his life for Shrek Academy, and even his soul had been captured. Tang Wulin could only hope that they would be able to recover Yun Ming's soul as soon as possible.

He made his way over to the side of his father's bed, then knelt down and laid a hand over his father's forehead. Tang Ziran's forehead was slightly cool to the touch, and his aura was clearly far more feeble than that of a normal person, indicating excessive loss of blood essence. Thankfully, his life force was quite stable.

It had been over 10 years since he had last seen his parents, and they had all aged noticeably. There were already wrinkles on his father's forehead, and his brows were tightly furrowed. He had sorely missed them during these past years, but they had also been constantly thinking about him. 

He looked at his father, then turned to his mother before planting a gentle kiss on her cheeks. A wave of emotion washed over him, yet just as tears were about to flow out of his eyes, a cool sensation spread from his chest again, calming his tumultuous emotions.

Tang Wulin didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. This Ice God Bead was indeed an extremely useful asset to him, but at the same time, it had also deprived him of his capacity for emotion.

Tang Wulin sat on the chair beside his father's bed and tried to enter a meditative state, but Na'er's words were constantly echoing within his mind.

She and Gu Yue were two personas of the same person, and Gu Yuena was their true complete form. He loved Gu Yue, but Na'er was his sister! He couldn't bear to part with either of them. Na'er had said that it was very strange that he had inherited the Golden Dragon King Bloodline, but hadn't Gu Yuena also inherited the Silver Dragon King bloodline?

In the end, Na'er had left instead of choosing to stay with him. She had told him many things on that day and answered many of his questions, but at the same time, even more questions had popped up.

For example, just what was holding back Gu Yue? Na'er hadn't revealed this information to him. With Gu Yuena's powers, what could possibly be holding her back from being with him, to the extent that she was actively avoiding him, and even feigned amnesia just to be with him?

Every time this train of thought appeared in Tang Wulin's mind, his heart was filled with a smorgasbord of emotions.

In any case, he had managed to successfully save his parents, and they were both still alive. On top of that, he now understood Na'er and Gu Yue's situation much better, and everything seemed to be progressing toward a positive direction. As the expression went, after hitting rock bottom, the only way to go was up. He had to continue to work hard and become more powerful. During the deranged rampage he had gone on, he had almost completely lost himself, but the experience had also enhanced the power of his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

This seemed to be a purification process that was changing both his bloodline power and aura in a subtle way.

As he circulated his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power and basked in the cool calming sensation provided by the Ice God Bead, he gradually managed to iron out his own tumultuous emotions and enter a meditative state.

One streak of light surged into the room from outside before silently vanishing into Tang Wulin's glabella. After sensing his return, all of the plant system Great Beasts were also returning to their rightful place.

The recent incident had dealt him a very heavy blow and also changed him significantly. He had to spend some time to consolidate all of these changes, and this wasn't a process that could be completed overnight. However, what was undeniable was that he had taken another massive stride. Not only had he advanced significantly in his cultivation rank, the fact that he had broken his 12th Golden Dragon King seal so early meant that the inevitable breakage of the rest of the seals would be delayed. If the Golden Dragon King bloodline really were destined to lead him toward a path of destruction as Gu Yuena had proclaimed, then it was naturally best for him to break the seals as slowly as possible.

The next morning, a faint moan jerked Tang Wulin out of his meditative state, and he reflexively turned to discover that his mother was the one who had uttered the moan. She had already turned over, and she was opening her eyes in a groggy manner. However, she then quickly noticed Tang Wulin sitting beside her, and her eyes gradually widened before glowing with joy.

"Mother!" Tang Wulin did his best to lower his voice as he collapsed onto the side of his mother's bed and held tightly onto her hand.

Tears immediately began to flow down Lang's face, and her lips quivered as she stared at Tang Wulin with elation and incredulity.

On that day, everything had happened so quickly, and she didn't even get a chance to take a good look at her own son.

Looking at him now, he had grown up into an exceptional young man with a unique disposition and a set of extremely handsome features. After hearing his heartfelt cry, how could Lang possibly hold back her own emotions?

For over 10 years, her heart had been tormented by guilt and sorrow. Back when they had been forced to leave, Tang Wulin had only been 10 years old! At such a tender age, he was forced to take care of himself and take on such a heavy burden. Whenever Lang thought about this, she would weep uncontrollably.

She struggled to get up, and Tang Wulin hurriedly helped her up into a sitting position. Lang threw her arms around Tang Wulin, and even though she was already very petite compared to him, she still felt as if she were holding her little boy. In that instant, all of her emotions spilled over, and she burst into loud sobs.

Tang Wulin didn't try to stop her from crying. He merely released a layer of soul power that enshrouded himself and his mother so that her sobs didn't disrupt his father.

Lang was incapable of uttering even a single word. Only through her tears could she express the multitude of emotions surging through her heart. Tang Wulin also had tears flowing down his face. He basked in the familiar aura of his mother, and even the cool sensation emanating from the Ice God Bead wasn't enough to repress his emotions.

Only after a long while did Lang regain control over her emotions, and she slowly stood up before looking up at Tang Wulin through tear-filled eyes. She appraised him in an unblinking manner, as if she were trying to commit every single detail about him to memory.

"Mother," Tang Wulin called out in a gentle voice.

"My son!" Lang caught Tang Wulin in a tight embrace as the floodgates were thrown open once again.

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