Chapter 1265: Confession

"In that last battle, you finally tapped into this core element of the Golden Dragon King's power as you were tipped over the edge by your hatred. Hence, you displayed ultra-powerful combat prowess, and also unleashed the Golden Dragon King's most fearsome domain. Within this domain, all slaughter and destruction would become fuel for the Golden Dragon King, which means that the more it kills and destroys, the more powerful it would become until it laid waste to the entire planet. 

"If you become completely possessed by this insanity, then you'll become the blind killing machine that is the Golden Dragon King, and its will will devour your consciousness. In a sense, you'll be possessed by the Golden Dragon King."

Tang Wulin drew a sharp breath upon hearing this. Gu Yuena's analysis was even more accurate than Old Tang's insights. Never did he think that his fit of rage would've almost resulted in him being possessed by the Golden Dragon King. That was downright terrifying!

Gu Yuena wore a solemn expression as she continued, "The only reason why I was able to awaken you is because you're still not powerful enough, and you'd only just begun your descent into insanity. If you had indulged in destruction for a while longer, or if you were more powerful than you currently are, then even I would be completely powerless. When that time comes, you'll go on a rampage of constant destruction. Without any infusions of the power of creation, you'll destroy the entire planet, and perhaps even the entire universe, until you yourself are destroyed. Destructive power that isn't kept in check by the power of creation is the most fearsome thing imaginable."

Tang Wulin asked, "Then what should I do?"

Gu Yuena replied, "You have to keep your own emotions in check no matter what. Don't let your negative emotions consume you, and don't engage in excessive slaughter. Also, try not to release your Golden Dragon King power anymore. Once you release the entirety of the Golden Dragon King's power, you'll be consumed by insanity no matter how powerful you become, and you'll be possessed by the Golden Dragon King."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly upon hearing this. "The problem is that as time passes, the seals in my body will become undone on their own, and I won't be able to control them."

Gu Yuena nodded in response. "I'm aware of that. Gu Yue and I possess the power of the Silver Dragon King, which is the Dragon God's power of creation. Once we reach a certain level of power, perhaps we'll be able to help you control the seals. However, we're definitely still unable to do that now. Hence, I'll give this to you for now, and I'll discuss the matter further with Gu Yue once she reawakens."

Gu Yuena flicked a wrist as she spoke, and a ball of blue light hovered over to Tang Wulin.

She then made a hand seal, and the silver dragon scale around Tang Wulin's neck immediately lit up. The blue ball of light landed on the silver dragon scale, and bright light instantly began to radiate from the scale, turning it a dazzling platinum color as opposed to its original silver color. An extremely cold sensation surged into Tang Wulin's body, striking him with an indescribable sense of comfort. His rampant blood essence and even the agony he was experiencing all abated significantly, but his body also became slightly stiff from the cold.

"This is an Ice God Bead. After fusing it into my reverse scale, the two will be able to help you keep your emotions in check. Using its glacial power to subdue your violent tendencies will also benefit your cultivation."

Some of the ice in front of Gu Yuena's chest melted as she spoke, and she looked down at the golden scale hanging around her neck as she continued, "I've taken your reverse scale. This reverse scale contains the most potent violent tendencies, and without it, the Golden Dragon King's insanity won't be able to completely awaken."

The rhomboid golden scale was very angular, and there seemed to be a tiny dragon head on its tip. It hung in front of Gu Yuena's fair skin, creating an entrancing sight to behold. Tang Wulin couldn't help but stare, and a blush appeared on Gu Yuena's face as she yelled, "What are you looking at?"

Despite what she was saying, she leaned forward and wound her arms tightly around Tang Wulin. As a result, the icy sensation surging through his chest became even more intense, and a layer of ice and frost appeared over both of their bodies.

As this cold sensation infiltrated his body, Tang Wulin was struck by a strong sense of exhaustion, and he quickly fell into a deep sleep.


Two days had already passed since the incident, and Li Yun was still struggling to come to terms with what had happened. The terrifying image of the giant crimson dragon laying waste to the Spirit Pagoda had become deeply embedded in his mind.

A Hyper Douluo had been erased from existence in that battle, virtually without being able to offer any resistance. Furthermore, less than a third of the people in that Spirit Pagoda branch had managed to survive, and the only ones who did were the people who had run away the fastest.

The destruction of the Spirit Pagoda branch had created a massive stir throughout the entire Dou Spirit Empire, and Spirit Wave City was placed into a state of complete lockdown.

With Li Yun's lofty status in the Dou Spirit Empire, it was naturally an easy task for him to protect Tang Wulin's companions, and nor did he have to worry about being investigated, but the image of the giant crimson dragon continued to loom over his heart like a persistent shadow.

He couldn't forget those deranged and vicious eyes, and just the recollection of the dragon's fearsome aura sent chills running down his spine. Those were clearly all signs that Tang Wulin had completely lost control. In that state, he could've most likely put up a good fight even against a Limit Douluo. It was naturally a good thing for the Tang Sect that the sect master possessed such incredible power, but if he couldn't control that power, then it would become a harbinger of disaster.

It was extremely inconvenient for the Dou Spirit Continent to contact the Douluo Continent. A special device was required, and an extremely large amount of resources had to be expended. Furthermore, this communication could only take place in Heaven Dou City. Li Yun was far too busy dealing with the aftermath of this incident, so he still hadn't had a chance to contact the Amorous Douluo.

What made him even more concerned was that Tang Wulin seemed to have gone missing. He still didn't know exactly what was going on; all he had heard from Tang Wulin's companions was that something seemed to have happened to his parents, and that they had discovered members of the Holy Spirit Cult in the Spirit Pagoda.

The Tang Sect had always suspected that the Spirit Pagoda was colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult, and now, there was finally concrete evidence. It was now beyond a reasonable doubt that the Spirit Pagoda had to have played a hand in the bombing of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters.

However, none of this stunned him as much as that giant crimson dragon did. Not just him, but everyone who had been present to witness that terrifying rampage definitely wouldn't be able to forget that image for as long as they lived.

The Dou Spirit Empire's royal family had initially been very displeased that Tang Wulin hadn't gone to Heaven Dou City right away, and dealing with them had been quite a headache for Li Yun. However, ever since the Spirit Wave City incident, the royal family had fallen completely silent.

Li Yun had told them that the Tang Sect Master had some private matters to attend to in Spirit Wave City, and that he would be paying the royal family a visit after that. Due to how important the Tang Sect was to the Dou Spirit Empire, they accepted this arrangement, even though they were clearly very displeased.

However, after hearing about what had happened to the Spirit Pagoda headquarters in Spirit Wave City, the royal family naturally couldn't help but fear for the worst. After all, there weren't many powers in the entire empire capable of destroying the Spirit Pagoda headquarters!

The Tang Sect Master had only just arrived in Spirit Wave City before this incident took place; no one was going to believe that the Tang Sect had nothing to do with this.

Of course, Li Yun vehemently denied any Tang Sect involvement in the incident, but the royal family had formed their own conclusions and fallen into complete silence. Li Yun didn't know whether this was a good thing or not. He didn't know if they had intimidated the royal family or if the royal family was now wary of them. Everything would have to wait until Tang Wulin returned.

The official statement being released by Spirit Wave City was that they were doing everything they could to track down the perpetrators, and the remaining members of the Spirit Pagoda were busy salvaging whatever they could, but it would be virtually impossible to repair the Spirit Pagoda; the only option would be to rebuild it.

However, all Spirit Pagoda branches of this scale had Spirit Ascension Planes, so the rebuild process would definitely require an astronomical sum of money.

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