Chapter 1264: I Lost, But She Didn't Win, Either

"To put it more accurately, we were always the same person. Have you heard of split personalities, Big Brother?" Gu Yuena asked with sorrow in her eyes.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Split personalities?"

Gu Yuena nodded in response. "When I was still very young, I experienced a personality split due to some special reasons, and that was when I split up into two personalities. Gu Yue is my main persona, while Na'er is a subsidiary persona that was born due to that personality split. As a result of this, I lost my memories and became Na'er, and I was picked up by you. Hence, I grew up under the love and care of you, Father, and Mother, completely oblivious to the fact that I was a split persona."

After that, Gu Yue found me and helped me recover my memories, but at that point, my personality had already taken shape, and I had developed a strong sense of independence, which conflicts with my main persona. As a result of that, I almost had a mental breakdown, and in the end, my two personas could only coexist alongside one another, rather than fuse back as one.

"Gu Yue didn't understand why I was so determined. In her eyes, once the main persona awakens, the subsidiary persona should automatically fuse back with the main persona. She tried to make that happen in the past, but during the process, she discovered that a lot of her personality traits were going to be assimilated by Na'er, which would cloud her future judgment and affect her ability to complete her ultimate goal. As such, she was unable to fuse with Na'er in the end.

"As the two personas grew up alongside one another, Na'er became more and more independent, and through some special methods, the two personas became two separate people, which were Na'er and Gu Yue. Gu Yue was very curious about you, and she didn't understand why Na'er was so fond of you. She didn't believe in our relationship, so she made a bet with me. She said that she would adopt an ordinary physical appearance and approach you to try and get you to fall in love with her. If you do, then that proves your feelings toward me are fake. If I lose, I have to give up all resistance and fuse as one with her, whereas if she loses, she has to allow me to fuse with and change the main persona."

Tang Wulin was already completely rooted to the spot. He had always been very curious about just what kind of relationship Gu Yue and Na'er shared, and how they had become Gu Yuena, but never did he think that the answer would be something so far-fetched. To call this story incredible was an understatement; it was like a fairytale!

Gu Yuena continued, "In the end, I lost during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention. Your love for Na'er was only love for a sibling, not a romantic love. It made sense, considering we were only together during our childhood. I didn't want to admit defeat. If I could've constantly lived with you, I was sure that I would've been able to make you fall in love with me, but in the end, I still lost."

She suddenly smiled as she spoke, and it seemed that she wasn't in any pain over the fact that she had lost the bet.

"I lost, but Gu Yue didn't win, either. She made you fall in love with her, but in the process, she fell in love with you as well!"

The smile on Gu Yuena's face gradually became rather bitter at this point. "Only following the conclusion of the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention were we able to truly understand one another. At that point, her main persona and my subsidiary persona no longer opposed each other. At that time, I was content to fuse as one with her as I knew that her love for you wouldn't change, no matter what happened. There was only a single person that the two of us would be able to love.

"At the time, I had thought that I would be destined to disappear, to become a part of her. However, she didn't completely devour my persona. Instead, she kept me in a corner. After saving you and losing her memories, our two personas communicated once again, and only then did I understand why she did that. She was afraid that you would be sad if Na'er disappeared. Her love for you is even deeper than I had imagined."

Tang Wulin's heart trembled upon hearing this. "Then what about her? Where is she now?"

Gu Yuena sighed, "Do you recall that battle in the abyss? In order to save you from that Holy Lord of the abyssal plane, she incinerated her own main persona. Otherwise, there was no way the two of you would've been able to unleash enough power to force back a planar ruler through your Dragon God Transformation. She wanted to sacrifice herself and completely hand over our body to me so I can be with you without any inhibitions. She's such an idiot! We are two parts of the same whole, and just like how there's a part of me in her consciousness, there's a part of her in my consciousness as well.

"Hence, I protected her consciousness, and she went into hibernation to recuperate. She should be able to reawaken once I become a Titled Douluo, but even now, I still don't know how I should face her. She's simply too stubborn in certain areas, and there are some things that we have to face together. That's why we can't be with you."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but ask, "What is she so fixated on? Can't she face those issues with me by her side?"

Na'er took a meaningful glance at Tang Wulin. "So you still love her in the end. I'm so mad, Big Brother!"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this, and he didn't know what to say.

"It's best that you didn't know. Otherwise, you would only be in even more pain. As for how the future is going to pan out, everything will have to wait until she reawakens. However, there's something that I must caution you about right now. Just like how you've always been very curious about my relationship with Gu Yue, we've both been very intrigued by your Golden Dragon King bloodline. According to our observations, that's the true power of the Golden Dragon King, not just some bloodline inheritance. It's just that the Golden Dragon King's power is too enormous, so it's been sealed up within your body in many parts, and gradually gets released as your cultivation rank progresses.

"Hence, it's the reason why you've been able to become so powerful, but it'll also bring you a lot of peril, just like the power of the Silver Dragon King that Gu Yue and I inherited. The past Dragon God led all of the beast gods on a war against the human gods, and this is naturally because humans and soul beasts have always had their difference, but also because of the Dragon God himself. When the Dragon God became a god, he possessed his own godly power, and the godseat that he inherited was that of destruction and creation.

"Those are the most fundamental powers in the universe, and the Dragon God came into contact with some of it by chance. The influence of the godseat that he inherited was relatively minor, but this was still the most fundamental power of the universe, which is why he was so powerful. In terms of pure combat prowess, the Dragon God was more powerful than any of the five godly monarchs. However, the universe is fair, and these enormous powers do not come for free.

"The power of creation is an extraordinary thing. It can create life, and it created the most powerful dragons that once roamed the Douluo Continent. However, at the same time, the power of destruction is extremely fearsome. The conclusion of creation is destruction, and the conclusion of destruction is creation. The two exist alongside one another in a synergistic yet conflicting relationship, and as a result, the Dragon God himself also possesses two personas, just like with me and Gu Yue.

"However, he faced a far more severe issue than me and Gu Yue as his two personas completely opposed one another, and they were just as powerful as each other. The godly power of creation is governed by the Dragon God's wisdom and sense of reason, while the godly power of destruction is governed by a more deranged facet of his personality. To put it in simpler terms, the Dragon God has a wise persona and a deranged persona. Back when the Dragon God was slain and split up into the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King, the latter was allowed to go free, while the former was sealed in the Divine Realm as it's the deranged persona of the Dragon God.

"We have no idea how its power was transferred into your body, and you've constantly been benefiting from it, growing far more powerful than your peers, but in reality, you've never grasped the core of the Golden Dragon King's power, which is insanity! In its insane and deranged state, the Golden Dragon King is a destructive force of nature, and it's virtually invincible."

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