Chapter 1262: Silver Dragon Bind, Blood Dragon Reawakening

Life was precious, and no one wanted to toss it away for no reason. The situation unfolding in Spirit Wave City had already been reported to the royal family of the Dou Spirit Empire, and everyone was awaiting further instructions from them. At this point in time, no one could do anything about this crimson dragon, and Shrek's Seven Monsters were all feeling extremely flustered and concerned.

All of a sudden, a rift opened up in the air above the crimson dragon, following which a silver figure emerged. The figure had a head of long silver hair that spilled all the way down her back, and a pair of purple eyes that were filled with urgency.

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi's expressions both changed slightly upon seeing this. Could this be a powerful being from the Dou Spirit Empire or Spirit Pagoda?

They were just about to rush forward to face her, when Xu Xiaoyan suddenly exclaimed, "Na'er? Is that Na'er?"

"Who's Na'er?" A'Ruheng asked.

"Wulin's sister."

Just as they were speaking, Gu Yuena had already descended from the sky and spread open her arms. Water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, space; seven types of elements erupted from her body, and it was as if she were the adored child of heaven and earth. Silver scales appeared all over her skin, and her body rapidly expanded in size, transforming into a giant silver dragon in the span of just a few breaths.

The first part of the silver dragon to descend was its tail. It hooked its tail around the crimson dragon's tail, then grabbed onto the crimson dragon's back with its claws. Its tail then continued onward, winding itself tightly around the crimson dragon's body. At the same time, the silver dragon spread its wings before wrapping them around the crimson dragon's wings.

The crimson dragon struggled violently, and the crimson flames burning over its body quickly charred many of the silver dragon's scales black, but the silver dragon was extremely determined and refused to release the crimson dragon no matter what. At the same time, a layer of silver light emanated from its body to envelop both itself and the crimson dragon.

The air above them began to take on a rainbow color, and within this rainbow color, two more colors emerged: gold and platinum.

The silver scale hanging around the crimson dragon's eyes lit up, and at the same time, the light emanating from the giant silver dragon's body became brighter and brighter.

The crimson dragon's struggles gradually became more feeble, and the crimson flames around its body also began to recede. However, its scales were still of a crimson-golden color, and a faint sigh rang out as the giant silver dragon reached out with a set of claws, digging them under a scale situated just under the crimson dragon's neck, then tore off the reverse scale with one powerful motion.

The crimson dragon let loose a furious roar, but the crimson color staining its scales finally receded, and they reverted back to their normal golden color. At the same time, the dragon's body began to quickly shrink, and its deranged and devastating aura faded away thereafter.

The silver dragon raised its head to the heavens and let loose a thunderous roar, instantly destroying all of the surveillance devices in the air above. It then raised its head and turned toward Shrek's Six Monsters with a complex look in its eyes before flapping its wings, vanishing into the spatial rift with the shrinking golden dragon still firmly in its grasp.

Everyone on the scene felt as if they had just witnessed a dream. A'Ruheng wore a blank expression as he mused, "His sister is so powerful; I can't believe she was able to subdue him so easily. The crisis should be averted now, right?"

Meanwhile, Sima Jinchi seemed to be more astonished than everyone else as he focused his gaze on the spot where the silver dragon had just disappeared.

He had already been stunned by Tang Wulin's almighty Golden Dragon King bloodline, yet somehow, he could sense a dragon aura from the woman's body that was no weaker than Tang Wulin's aura! Who was she?

"Let's get out of here first," Ye Xinglan said in a decisive manner.

Tang Wulin had been taken by Gu Yuena, so he wouldn't be in any danger. At this point, the Spirit Pagoda branch had already been reduced to a pile of rubble, so there were definitely going to be hordes of people from all sides arriving on the scene soon. As such, they had to get out of here as quickly as possible. After all, despite how weak the Dou Spirit Empire was, it was still an empire!

At this point, all of the surveillance devices had been destroyed, so no one knew what was happening. The surveillance images had become warped and twisted ever since Gu Yuena first appeared, so the only ones to have witnessed her arrival were Shrek's Six Monsters, as well as A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi. Of course, there was also Li Yun, who was appraising the situation from afar. 

Li Yun had already prepared himself to step in, but even he didn't have any confidence in his ability to control Tang Wulin. After all, that crimson dragon had been far too fearsome! As such, he was very relieved by this turn of events.

If the crimson dragon had been left unchecked, the situation would completely spiral out of control once the Dou Spirit Empire military arrived on the scene. Tang Wulin was the current Tang Sect Master, as well as Shrek Academy's Sea God's Pavilion Master, so his actions here would reflect very badly on both of those organizations. Thankfully, that mysterious woman had managed to take him away, and it seemed that they shared quite a close bond.

In any case, everyone had been stunned by the battle that had just taken place. In the eyes of Li Yun, Tang Wulin had been elevated to a higher level altogether. However, at the same time, he was quite perplexed; just what was that terrifying uncontrollable power? Furthermore, how had the Tang Sect allowed him to become the sect master given the volatile nature of that power?

Unbeknownst to him, the Tang Sect and even Tang Wulin himself hadn't been aware that this power had been lurking within his body.


Kill kill kill!

Tang Wulin's entire spiritual world had taken on a crimson color, and his mind was entirely filled with endless thoughts of slaughter. He felt as if he had entered an ancient battlefield and was surrounded by enemies in all directions.

He had already transformed into a giant dragon and had gone on a killing rampage. Countless demons and devils were rushing toward him from all sides. They had corkscrew horns on their heads and bodies that were covered in scales, and as he tore these creatures apart, his golden scales were being stained by their blood.

This blood made him even more violent and powerful, which fueled him to kill more and more enemies. Thus, he no longer cared that his body was being stained by blood, and he continued to indulge in slaughter and destruction.

The joy of destruction took over his heart and soul, and he felt as if this world of slaughter was the only place where he could truly express himself. His mental state was slowly being warped, and even his mind had taken on a crimson color.

Deep within his heart, there was an urgent voice that was constantly calling out to him, but that voice was far too feeble for him to pay it any heed. The sight of his father's grievous wound had tipped him over the edge, and all of the negative emotions that he had been repressing had erupted forth at once. Only through destruction and slaughter could he assuage these negative emotions. Thus, the voice of reason faded further and further, and a giant golden dragon appeared in Tang Wulin's mind.

The dragon's eyes were completely crimson in color, and were filled with ferocity and tyranny. The dragon possessed unfathomable power, and it was constantly injecting this power directly into Tang Wulin's mind, making him more powerful, but also eroding his sense of reason.

His 12th Golden Dragon King seal had been broken without him even noticing, and the enormous surge of energy from the broken seal combined as one with his desire for destruction. Furthermore, the terrifying giant golden dragon in his mind was directing his power toward the 13th Golden Dragon King seal.

After receiving the enormous influx of energy from the 12th Golden Dragon King seal, the golden dragon within Tang Wulin's mind had already become clearer. A peerlessly overwhelming aura was emanating from its body, and its power was constantly elevating Tang Wulin's aura, allowing him to better destroy and release the pain in his heart with reckless abandon.

This was undoubtedly an extremely exhilarating process, but it also gradually made him lose himself. Just as the 13th seal was about to come undone and Tang Wulin's mind was about to become a sea of crimson, a burst of powerful restrictive force suddenly bound him from all directions, stopping the golden dragon in his mind cold in its tracks.

Immediately thereafter, red, yellow, blue, green, golden, black, and silver light formed seven giant chains that surged directly into his mind to bind the giant golden dragon.

A cold aura surged into glabella, and under its stimulus, Tang Wulin finally awakened slightly from his trance of slaughter and destruction. He was slightly disoriented and reflexively paused, upon which the cold aura instantly spread throughout his body, cleansing it of the violent tendencies it had been corrupted by.

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