Chapter 1261: Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre

Within this area, all of the air would become a part of his body, and he would be virtually unkillable. On top of that, he would be able to maximize the effectiveness of his control abilities.

However, at the same time as he unleashed his domain, Tang Wulin had already turned toward him, and a massive golden dragon projection appeared behind Tang Wulin's body.

This was an enormous and ferocious golden dragon that was far clearer than the golden dragon projections Tang Wulin had conjured up in the past. Its eyes were filled with deranged ferocity, and the air around Tang Wulin was abruptly ignited; there even seemed to be flames erupting out of his eyes.

On top of that, Tang Wulin's original five golden soul rings had suddenly increased to six, and in contrast with the five previous golden soul rings, this one was tinged with a crimson color.

What was even more terrifying was that Tang Wulin's scales and other five soul rings had all been illuminated into the same crimson-golden color by that six soul ring.

As soon as Hua Tao's binding domain attempted to approach his body, it would be incinerated into nothingness.

In the next instant, another thunderous dragon's roar rang out, and all of the beast Soul Master, who were already quite feeble, were all flattened onto the ground.

Even several of the mechas in the air had plummeted out of the sky, and Tang Wulin released a halo of crimson-golden light that encompassed everyone on the battlefield, regardless of whether they were friend or foe.

A crimson-golden world had been created around him, and everyone within this world was also struck by bloodlust and a desire for slaughter. 

The same inexplicable expression appeared in everyone's hearts.

"Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre!"

The golden dragon behind Tang Wulin had become completely crimson in color at this point, and even in his Air form, Hua Tao felt a burst of astonishing killing intent spear directly into his mind. As a Hyper Douluo, he possessed quite a high level of spiritual power, but he was still quite far away from the Spirit Domain realm. In the next instant, he felt as if his entire mind had turned crimson, and the surrounding air no longer heeded his command.

The giant crimson dragon had filled the entirety of everyone's field of view, and it didn't seem to have the ability to discriminate between friend and foe. Thankfully, it's true target was Hua Tao.

A burst of crimson flames erupted into the air, and Hua Tao didn't even get a chance to cry out before he was incinerated into nothingness. Immediately thereafter, a vast expanse of darkness appeared within the crimson flames, and it was as if hell had truly descended upon this world.

The one who was affected the most by this was Yuanen Yehui. In the face of the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, her Titan Giant Ape faded on its own, and she transformed into her Fallen Angel form. 

She was looking at the crimson dragon in the distance with a fanatic look in her eyes, and at this point, Tang Wulin had already completely disappeared.

The giant crimson dragon was the only thing that stood in his place, and it whipped its powerful tail violently through the air, sending it crashing viciously into the Spirit Pagoda building.

Black and crimson patterns spread forth, and the midsection of the Spirit Pagoda suddenly seemed to have become extremely soft. All of the construction materials in that section of the building quickly melted away, and the top half of the Spirit Pagoda slowly began to teeter off to the side.

Everyone had been completely rooted to the spot, even the rest of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, as well as Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng.

Prior to this day, none of them had imagined that Tang Wulin would possess the power to kill a Hyper Douluo on his own, and even destroy an entire Spirit Pagoda branch!

Was he really only a seven-ring Soul Sage?

In the distance, Li Yun was also looking on in a completely flabbergasted manner. Cold sweat began to trickle down his forehead. He knew that he was slightly more powerful than Hua Tao, but due to the special nature of Hua Tao's martial soul, he wouldn't actually be able to do anything to Hua Tao in battle.

However, in the face of the crimson dragon that was Tang Wulin, Hua Tao seemed to be so powerless and vulnerable. It was incredible that a Hyper Douluo and a branch chairman of the Spirit Pagoda had fallen just like that, but the truth was right before his eyes, so he had no choice but to believe it.

The crimson dragon raised its head and let loose another thunderous dragon's roar, sending a burst of crimson light sweeping toward the Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters down below. All of the Soul Masters who came into contact with this light were quickly reduced to puddles of blood.

All of Tang Wulin's companions were at a complete loss for what to do. Prior to this day, Tang Wulin had never killed anyone aside from Evil Soul Masters, and the violent emotions he was displaying finally alerted everyone to the fact that something was wrong. Had he lost control over his own emotions?

It was undoubtedly the case that the near-death condition his father was in had dealt Tang Wulin a massive blow, but even as his closest friends, none of them knew what kind of state Tang Wulin was currently in.

"We can't let him keep killing like this! The more he kills, the more his emotions will run rampant. Sima, let's work together to stop him. Xiaoyan, use your control abilities to restrict him."


Everyone immediately sprang into action, with A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi charging directly toward Tang Wulin, while Xu Xiaoyan raised her staff to release streaks of shimmering starlight toward Tang Wulin in an attempt to control him.

However, her starlight abilities, which had been completely infallible up to this point, didn't affect Tang Wulin at all! He continued on his rampage without any pause or respite, and right at this moment, A'Ruheng's body expanded drastically as he rushed forward and wound his arms around the crimson dragon.

However, the power emanating from the crimson dragon's body was simply far too enormous, and the crimson flames burning over its body made A'Ruheng feel as if even his soul had been set alight. As such, he was only able to hold on for a moment before he was forced to let go with an agonized cry.

Sima Jinchi and the others hadn't even reached Tang Wulin yet, but they could still feel the devastating aura of the crimson dragon crashing down toward them.

At this point, the remaining few Titled Douluos of the Spirit Pagoda had already fled the scene. Even the Air Douluo was no match for this deranged dragon; they naturally had no chance, either.

"What do we do? We have to request assistance from the Tang Sect. Perhaps the Holy Spirit Douluo can control him," Yue Zhengyu said in an urgent voice.

None of them dared to approach Tang Wulin, but they could all sense the overwhelming grief emanating from his body.

Having known Tang Wulin for so long, all of them were naturally aware of the situation regarding Tang Wulin's family. His parents had disappeared when he had only been a small child, and now that he had finally been reunited with them, his father had been pushed to the brink of death. All of the emotions he had repressed for well over a decade had erupted forth at once, and it seemed to have triggered some kind of transformation.

Everyone had always known that Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline was extremely powerful, but they didn't think that he would become this fearsome after undergoing an emotion-fuelled transformation. In the face of the ferocious attacks from the crimson dragon, all of the weaker Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters were killed in less than a minute. After that, the crimson dragon began to attack the Spirit Pagoda building itself, and it was being ravaged like a rag doll. Such a grand and majestic building was quickly being reduced to rubble. Sirens had already rung out across the entire city, and the officials of Spirit Wave City had naturally taken notice of what was going on.

Through some of the advanced surveillance devices in the air, they were able to monitor the situation from afar.

That crimson dragon was far too formidable; even Hua Tao had fallen to it in an instant. There was a Dou Spirit Empire mecha squadron comprised of 100 mechas stationed near the city, but most of them were yellow mechas; they certainly didn't dare to approach such a fearsome being!

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