Chapter 126 - The Golden Dragon Claw's Might

Chapter 126 - The Golden Dragon Claw's Might

Xie Xie’s mouth felt a bit dry after seeing such a ferocious soul beast. He had seen all the soul beasts he had encountered today in books before.

He had an excellent memory and could clearly remember this two-legged Horned Dragon. It was a dragon-type soul beast of the land dragon variety. It possessed tremendous physical strength and was considered among the top ranks of land dragons. Even in the complexity of this forest, it was able to maneuver around at lightning speed with its leaping ability and jerky motions. Although it lacked any ranged attack abilities, it possessed an unstoppable temperament. As long as it had a prey in its sights, it would go to the ends of the earth to kill it.

Just what kind of luck was this to run into a hundred year Horned Dragon? In the past, Agility System Soul Masters feared this type of soul beast the most. Not only was it quick, its attack, defensive power, and endurance were all amazing.

Xie Xie had only just recently obtained his second ring. Even at his peak, his efforts would have been meaningless when faced with such an overbearing opponent, much less to say his current condition. Why is this bastard heading straight for me?

Bang! Just as Xie Xie was feeling panicked, the Horned Dragon had reached him and charged headfirst into the tree Xie Xie was hiding in without the slightest hesitation.

A boom resonated throughout the forest as the tree, thicker than two people’s arms wrapped around it, snapped. Xie Xie hurriedly jumped to another large tree. A doubt arose within him. This guy’s front arms seem weak. It shouldn’t be able to climb up here right?

Hope was a beautiful thing, but reality was cruel. After breaking the first tree, the Horned Dragon immediately turned and charged at the tree Xie Xie had found refuge in once again. This time however, it didn’t run into it headfirst; rather, it jumped. It jumped all the way up to Xie Xie, its gaping maws closing toward him.

A golden blade of light landed on the Horned Dragon’s armor of scales, leaving behind a mere centimeter deep white scar. Xie Xie understood now that he was helpless against this beast, so he could only jump to another tree.

The Horned Dragon was both large and agile. By pushing off of a tree trunk with its powerful legs, it was actually able to continue chasing Xie Xie up in the trees. It was extremely fast and didn’t lose a single inch to Xie Xie.

It truly was worthy of being called the nemesis of Agility System Soul Masters!

Xie Xie did not dare to face it in a direct confrontation as he knew that even with his Light Dragon Storm, he would simply be throwing his life away. This Horned Dragon’s scales was as sturdy as an Armored Dragon, but it was also exceptionally nimble!

He was escaping at full speed, yet the Horned Dragon was actually slowly gaining on him! Meanwhile, Xie Xie’s soul power and stamina was being depleted; he could only run for so long…

Is my only choice left to press the emergency exit button? Xie Xie’s heart was smoldering with his unwillingness; after all, this was his first time in the spirit ascension platform! How could he just let it end in such an unsatisfying way?

“Hou!” The hundred year Horned Dragon’s ear-splitting roar caused Xie Xie to slow down a step as a gale assaulted him from behind.

Xie Xie closed his eyes and moved to slap the button. He didn’t want to relieve the sensation of having his bones broken again.

Right at that moment, he felt something tug at his waist, pulling him to the side. The Horned Dragon crashed into another tree, its attack missing completely.

Xie Xie  secretly rejoiced within his heart; he was familiar with this feeling of being pulled. He stopped himself from pressing the button.

The Horned Dragon was truly stubborn in its pursuit. However, just as it turned to continue chasing Xie Xie, a silver light flew past Xie Xie and whizzed toward the dragon.

“Get lost!”

After that shout, the Horned Dragon’s movements suddenly turned sluggish under the owner of the voice’s aura. Due to its sluggishness the silver light was able to directly smash into its head.

Bang! The Horned Dragon, which stood over three meters tall, was smashed and sent reeling onto the ground. Only after rolling a few times on the ground was it able to stand up once more.

Although it was only one strike, there had been three booms. It shook its head a few times before looking in the direction the silver light had come from.

Tang Wulin pulled Xie Xie back with his Bluesilver Grass and asked, “Are you okay?” Tang Wulin had actually been nearby, and the Horned Dragon’s heavy footsteps had woken him. He had climbed up a tree to survey what was going on when he saw Xie Xie faced with the Horned Dragon’s onslaught.

It seemed that Xie Xie was actually quite lucky since Tang Wulin was nearby. During Tang Wulin’s meditation, he had grown intimate with the surrounding plants and had been able to clearly detect Xie Xie’s activities from the rejection of the plants. Furthermore, he had been able to vaguely tell that the plants were rejecting a human, which was why he had been able to reach Xie Xie so quickly.

“I’m fine.” Xie Xie said as he gasped for breath. He had faced a life and death situation just moments ago and now his back was already drenched with sweat. “Be careful. The Horned Dragon is very stubborn and won’t stop at anything once it has identified its prey.”

Tang Wulin laughed. “It seems you forgot that dragon-type soul beasts are the least terrifying to me. I’ll just go compare my strength with it.” Golden scales covered his right arm as he spoke while a dragon’s mighty aura began to emanate from him.

Normally, with its tyrannical nature, the Horned Dragon would have already charged at them, but Tang Wulin’s aura caused it to hesitate.

Its claws were dug into the ground, as if it were waiting for something.

The Heavy Silver hammer he had thrown earlier was retrieved with a pull of the Bluesilver Grass connected to it. Now, with a hammer in each of Tang Wulin’s hands, what did he have to fear from the Horned Dragon?

“I’ll harass it from the side so I’ll have to rely on you to face it head on.” Xie Xie turned into a blur and reappeared in the shadows of a nearby tree. This was to be expected since Agility System Soul Masters excelled in backstabbing rather than frontal confrontations.

Despite Tang Wulin’s dragon aura, the Horned Dragon’s instincts were beginning to take over. After only a slight hesitation, it released a dreadful roar before charging at Tang Wulin. The target of its wrath had already shifted to Tang Wulin after that hammer strike.

A brilliant light twinkled within Tang Wulin’s eyes as a strand of Bluesilver Grass shot toward a tree branch and firmly coiled around it. With a pull of his hand, Tang Wulin soared into the air. He somersaulted midair over the Horned Dragon and landed atop its head. With his feet firmly planted, he released a vicious strike with his left arm onto the Horned Dragon.

After experiencing its might once, the Horned Dragon knew just how terrifying this hammer was. It turned its head while raising it, shooting its horn toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin didn’t dare ignore such an attack, and so he released his Golden Dragon Claw and evaded the horn while grabbing the dragon’s head.

For a moment, The Horned Dragon clearly became more sluggish after Tang Wulin released his Golden Dragon Claw. Although it was only a moment, its reaction speed had still slowed down.

Even though Tang Wulin’s soul power and physical strength were great, it was no match for the Horned Dragon. However, this was balanced by the Golden Dragon King’s influence over the Horned Dragon.

Pu! The Horned Dragon’s scale armor was strong and its skull sturdy, but in a split second, it was pierced by Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw like it was rice paper.

The hundred year Horned Dragon’s body lost all its strength. It was unable to even cry out as it collapsed on the spot.

A yellow halo emerged from its body and fused into the little snake, Goldlight, who let out a cry of pleasure as a golden layer of light covered its body after the light merged with it.

Tang Wulin stared at his right hand as it returned to normal. His heart was filled with an unfathomable feeling at the moment. When his Golden Dragon Claw had made contact with the Horned Dragon’s skull, it had felt like tofu to him, unable to put up the slightest resistance to his tyrannical strength. It seemed that dragon-type soul beasts and martial souls made excellent opponents for him. Indeed, his bloodline suppression effect was too formidable. He wouldn’t have had such an easy victory without it!

He made a fist with his left hand and punched the Horned Dragon’s head. A dull thud was heard. The head moved back a bit, but the rebounding force made his fist ache.

Indeed, the Golden Dragon Claw’s crushing effect was extraordinary. He needed to test its effects and limitations further so he could utilise it to its fullest.

In any case, using it for such a short period of time had actually consumed thirty percent of his soul power. This was definitely one of the downsides of using the Golden Dragon Claw. Its consumption rate was simply monstrous. However, without his bloodline power, he likely wouldn’t have been able to unleash an attack of this level.  

“So ferocious!” Xie Xie said as he walked over, his face expressing shock. The Horned Dragon had been chasing him to the gates of heaven, yet, it had been crushed in an instant by Tang Wulin.

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